OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives

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OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives

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Glossary of chess

Glossary of common chess terminology

This glossary of chess explains commonly used terms in chess, in alphabetical order. Some of these terms have their own pages, like fork and pin. For a list of unorthodox chess pieces, see Fairy chess piece; for a list of terms specific to chess problems, see Glossary of chess problems; for a list of named opening lines, see List of chess openings; for a list of chess-related games, see List of chess variants.


A pin against the king is called absolute since the pinned piece cannot legally move out of the line of attack (as moving it would expose the king to check).[1] Cf. relative pin.
Describes a piece that threatens a number of squares, or that has a number of squares available for its next move. It may also describe an aggressive style of play.[2] Antonym: passive.
Suspension of a chess game with the intention to finish it later. It was once very common in high-level competition, often occurring soon after the first time control, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives, but has been mostly abandoned due to the advent of computer analysis.[3] See also sealed move.
A way to decide the result of an unfinished game. A tournament director, or an impartial and strong player, will evaluate the final position and assign a win, draw, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives, or loss assuming best play by both players.[4]
See Touch-move rule. OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives adjust the position of a piece on its square without being required to move it. A player may do this only on their turn, and must first say "I adjust", or the French equivalent J'adoube.[5]
A pawn that is on the opponent's half of the board (the fifth rank or higher). An advanced pawn may be weak if it is overextended, lacking support and difficult to defend, or strong if it cramps the enemy by limiting mobility. An advanced passed pawn that threatens to promote can be especially strong.[6]
A better position with the chance of winning the game. Evaluation factors can include space, time, material, and threats.[2]
A special form of battery in which a queen backs up two rooks on the same file.[7]
The standard way to record the moves of a chess game, using alphanumeric coordinates for the squares.[8]
Any player whose main occupation is not chess.[9] The distinction between professional and amateur is not very important in chess as amateurs may win prizes, accept appearance fees, and earn any title, including World Champion.[9][10] In the 19th century, "Amateur" was sometimes used in published game scores to conceal the name of the losing player in a Master vs. Amateur contest. It was thought to be impolite to use a player's name without permission, and the professional did not want to risk losing a customer.[10] See also NN.
The study of a game or a position, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives, in order to evaluate the quality of the moves and various other aspects of the game or position. At the end of a game, the players will often do an analysis of the video editing software free Archives. Cf. post-mortem.[2]
Written commentary on a game or a position using words, chess symbols or notation.[2]
A practice, common in the 19th century, whereby a player would announce a sequence of moves, believed by them to constitute best play by both sides, that led to a forced checkmate for the announcing player in a specified number of moves (for example, "mate in five").[11]
A move or a plan that is not in accordance with the principles of positional play.[12] Antipositional is used to describe moves that are part of an incorrect plan rather than a mistake made when trying to follow a correct plan. Antipositional moves are often pawn moves; since pawns cannot move backwards to return to squares they have OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives, their advance can create irreparable weaknesses.[13]
An openingvariation that White uses against the Sicilian Defense (1.e4 c5) other than the most common plan of 2.Nf3 followed by 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 (the Open Sicilian). Some Anti-Sicilians include the Alapin Variation (2.c3), Moscow Variation (2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+), Rossolimo Variation (2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5), Grand Prix Attack (2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4 g6 4.Nf3 Bg7 and now 5.Bc4 or 5.Bb5), Closed Sicilian (2.Nc3 followed by g3 and Bg2), Smith–Morra Gambit (2.d4 cxd4 3.c3), and Wing Gambit (2.b4).[14]
A checkmate that occurs when the knight and rook trap the opposing king in a corner.[15]
See International Arbiter.
A game that is guaranteed to produce a decisive result, because if there is a draw it is ruled a victory for Black. In compensation for this White is given more time on the clock. Often White is given five minutes, and Black four. This format is typically used in playoff tiebreakers when shorter blitz games have not resolved the tie.[16]
Refers to a maneuver of several separate moves by the king and by a rook where they end up as if they had castled. Also known as castling by hand.[17]
An aggressive action on a part of the chessboard, or to threaten the capture of a piece or pawn.[18] See also counterattack, discovered attack, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives attack, mating attack, and minority attack. Antonym: defense.

Example of attraction

White wins with 1.Rd7+! The black king is attracted away from the defense of the black queen with a skewer.

A type of decoy involving a sacrifice of a minor or major piece on a square next to the enemy king, forcing the king to abandon the defense of another square. For example (see diagram), the black queen has interposed to block a check from the white queen, and White can check the king from the opposite direction to win the queen.[19]
An automaton is a self-operating machine. In chess, it refers to chess-playing machines that were in fact hoaxes and under the control of hidden human players. Automatons stirred up great interest in the 18th and 19th centuries and inspired early thoughts of the possibility of artificial intelligence. By far, the most famous chess-playing "automaton" was The Turk, whose secret of human control was kept for a very long time. The first true automaton El Ajedrecista was created by Leonardo Torres y Quevedo.


Symbol used for the bishop when recording chess moves in English.[20]
A player's first rank (the one on which the pieces stand in the starting position); White's back rank is Black's eighth rank, and vice versa.[21] Also called first rank or home rank.
A checkmate delivered by a rook or queen along a back rank from which the mated king is unable to move because it is blocked by friendly pieces (usually pawns) or squares under attack on the second rank.[21] Also called back-row mate.
A situation in which a player is under threat of a back-rank mate and, having no time/option to create an escape for the king, must constantly watch and defend against that threat, for example by keeping a rook on the back rank.[21]
A pawn that is behind a pawn of the same color on an adjacent file and that cannot be advanced with the support of another pawn.[22]

White has a bad bishop, Black has a good bishop (Evans & 1967:66) harvcol error: no target: CITEREFEvans1967:66 (help).

A bishop that is hemmed in by the player's own pawns.[23] See also good bishop.
A position in which a king is the only man of its color on the board.[24]
A chess competition in which the players simultaneously play each other two games on two boards, each playing White on one and Black on the other, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives. There is a clock at both boards. It removes the bonus in mini-matches of playing White first. Basque chess was first played in the 2012 Donostia Chess Festival in the Basque Country, Spain.[25] Also called Basque System.

A pair of white rooks are aligned along their battery, ready to do some action.

To double rooks on a file, or to place a bishop and a queen on a diagonal.[18] In chess problems, battery refers to an arrangement of two pieces in line with the enemy king on a rank, file, or diagonal so that if the middle piece moves a discovered check (or a threat other than a check) will be delivered.[26]
British Chess Federation, the former name of the English Chess Federation.[27] See ECF.
An abbreviation for the British Chess Magazine.[28]
An abbreviation for the 1982 openings reference book Batsford Chess Openings, by Raymond Keene and Garry Kasparov. The second edition (1989) is often called BCO-2.[29] Cf. ECO and MCO.
The theoretical absolute and ideal best moves from any given position.[30]

Charousek vs. Maroczy, 1895

Example of a "big pawn": the white bishop is doing the work of a pawn and has no bigger prospects.

A bad bishop stuck behind its own pawns and defending them—effectively doing the work of a pawn.[31]
A strong grip or stranglehold on a position that is difficult for the opponent to break. A bind is usually an advantage in space created by advanced pawns. The Maróczy Bind is a well-known example.[32] See also squeeze.
Chess bishop icon.png
The player with two bishops is said OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives have the bishop pair. Two bishops are able to control the diagonals of both colors. In open positions, two bishops are considered to have an advantage over two knights, or a knight and a bishop.[18] Also called the two bishops.
Or bishop's pawn. A pawn on the bishop's file, i.e. the c-file or f-file. Sometimes abbreviated "BP".[33]
Or bishops of opposite colors. A situation in which one player has only a light-square bishop remaining while the other has only a dark-square bishop remaining. In endgames, this often results in a draw if there are no other pieces than pawns, even if one side has a material advantage of one, two or even three pawns, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives, since the bishops control different squares (see Opposite-colored bishops endgame). In the middlegame, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives, however, the presence of opposite-colored bishops imbalances the game and can lead to mating attacks, since each bishop attacks squares that cannot be covered by the other.[34]
The dark-colored squares on the chessboard are often referred to as "the black squares" even though they ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7.0.302.000 crack serial keygen OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives some other dark color. Similarly, "the black pieces" are sometimes actually some other (usually dark) color.[35] See also white.
The designation for the player who moves second, even though the pieces ("the black pieces") are sometimes actually some other (usually dark) color.[36] See also White and first-move advantage.
See Kriegspiel.
A form of chess in which one or both players are not allowed to see the board.[37]
A pair of rooks on the opponent's second rank are referred to as "pigs" as they tend to devour pawns TunesKit Spotify Converter Crack [Latest 2021] Free pieces, and "blind pigs" if they cannot find the mate.[38]
[from German: Blitz, "lightning"] A fast form of chess with a very short time limit, usually three or five minutes per player for the entire game. With the advent of electronic chess clocks, the time remaining is often incremented by one or two seconds per move.[39]
A blitzkrieg is sometimes used to describe a quick attack on the f7- or f2-square early in the game.[40][41]

Black has a solid light-square blockade, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives. White's bishop cannot challenge Black's minor pieces.

The placement of a piece directly in front of an enemy pawn, where it obstructs the pawn's advance, and hinders the movements of the other enemy pieces. The enemy pawn provides some shelter to the piece that is blocking it, thereby protecting it from attacks by enemy pieces. A blockade is most effective against passed or isolated pawns. The ideal piece to use as a blockader is the knight. This strategy was famously formulated by Aron Nimzowitsch in 1924.[42][43]
A position where both sides are constrained from making progress, typically by interlocking pawn chain(s) dividing the available space into two camps.[44] See also closed game.
A very bad move, an oversight (indicated by "??" in notation).[18]
1.  See chessboard.
2.  An assignment in team chess, e.g. first board, second board, etc.
See first board.
Boden's Mate, named for Samuel Boden, is a checkmate pattern in which the king, usually having castled queenside, is checkmated by two crisscrossing bishops. Immediately prior to delivering the mate, the winning side typically plays a queen sacrifice on c3 or c6 to set up the mating position.[45]
An endgame position known to be a draw with perfect play. Historically this was established by reference to chess endgame literature, but in simplified positions computer analysis in an endgame tablebase can be used.[46]
An opening move found in standard reference books on opening theory. A game is said to be "in book" when both players are playing moves found in the opening references. A game is said to be "out of book" when the players have reached the end of the variations analyzed in the opening books, or if one of the players deviates with a novelty (or a blunder).[47]
An endgame position known to be nck qualcomm crack Archives win with perfect play. Historically this was established by reference to chess endgame literature, but in simplified positions (currently seven pieces or fewer) computer analysis in an endgame tablebase can be used.[48]
A humorous reference to accidentally losing Serial number adobe photoshop 2021serial key queen. Despite called a gambit, it is not intentional and has no prospect of compensation.[49][50] Named after the Botez sisters who are prominent chess streamers.
A move that gains space and therefore freedom of movement, or the opening of a blocked position by the advance or capture of a pawn.[51]
Penetration of the opponent's position, or destruction of the defense, often by means of a sacrifice.[18]
[chiefly British] See miniature.
A game that contains a spectacular, deep and beautiful strategic idea, combination, or original plan.[51]
A prize awarded at some tournaments for the best brilliancy played in the tournament.[52]
A time control method with time delay, invented by David Bronstein. When it becomes a player's turn to move, the clock waits for the delay period before starting to subtract from the player's remaining time.[53]
A popular chess variant played with teams of two or more.[54]
Making a path for a king in the endgame by providing protective cover against checks from line pieces. A well-known example is the Lucena position.[55]
Each side has one minute to make all their moves.[56]
A refutation of an opening, an opening line, a tactic, or a previously published analysis.[57][58]
A tournament round in which a player does not have a game, usually because there are an odd number of players. A bye is OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives scored as a win (1 point), although in some tournaments a player is permitted to choose to take a bye (usually in the first or last round) and score it as a draw (½ point).[58]


Known OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives the goddess or muse of chess, whose name is taken from a nymph in a OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives poem, Caïssa or The Game at Chess, by Sir William Jones.[59]
To plan mentally a series of moves and consider possible responses, without actually moving the pieces.[18]
A chess title ranking below FIDE Master.[60] Abbr. CM.
A move that seems good upon initial observation of the position, and that warrants further analysis.[61]
A knockout match in the Candidates Tournament.[62]
A tournament organised by the FIDE, the third and last qualifying cycle of the World Chess Championship. The participants are the top players of the Interzonal tournament plus possibly other players selected on the basis of rating or performance in the previous candidates tournament. The top ranking player(s) qualify(ies) for the world championship.[63]
The plan of attacking a kingside, sometimes a fianchetto position, by advancing the h-pawn with the intention of opening a file near the defender's king.[64]
A particular piece with which one player attempts to deliver checkmate. The requirement to checkmate with the capped piece constitutes a handicap. When the capped piece is a pawn, it is called a pion coiffé [from French, "capped pawn"].[65]
A move by a pawn or piece that removes from the board the opponent's pawn or piece. The capturing piece then occupies the square of the captured piece (except in the case of a capture that is done en passant).[66]
A move in which the king and a rook are moved at the same time. It moves the king from the center to a flank where it usually Avira Internet Security Suite 2021 15.0.2104.2083 License Key Free Download safer, and it develops the rook, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives. It is the only time two pieces are moved in a turn. Castling can be done on either the kingside (notated 0-0) or the queenside (0-0-0). Castling cannot be done in reply to a check, nor if Tag: deskscapes 10.02 crack king were to cross or land on a square which is under attack by the opponent, nor if either the king or the rook involved has already moved.[67][68]
A situation where one side castles and a result is that the king is in more danger at the destination than on the initial square, either immediately or because lines and diagonals can be more readily opened against it.[69]
Castlingqueenside; in chess notation: 0-0-0.[67]
Castlingkingside; in chess notation: 0-0.[67]
See friendly game.
The category of a tournament is a measure of its strength based on the average FIDE rating of the participants. The category is calculated by rounding up the number: (average rating − 2250) ÷ 25. So each category covers a 25-point rating range, starting with Category 1 which spans ratings between 2251 and 2275. A Category OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives tournament has an average rating between 2676 and 2700.[70]
An OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives sometimes used for correspondence chess.

The center squares are marked "×", OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives.

Or centre. The four squares in the middle of the board.[71] See also expanded center. Sometimes short for pawn center. A king "in the center" can refer to an uncastled king on a center file.
Or centre file. The king's file (e-file) or queen's file (d-file).
Or centre pawn. A pawn on the king's ?orel x4 crack serial keygen (e-file) or queen's file (d-file).[72]
See center file.
Moving a piece or pieces toward the center of the board, where they will not only control the center, but their influence will extend to other areas. Pieces are best placed near the center of the board, because they increase their power and maneuverability, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives. Knights in particular benefit from being centralized.[73] Antonym: decentralization.[74]
See center pawn.
Slang for a primitive trap, often set in the hope of swindling a win or a draw from a lost position.[75] Also called cheap shot.
A direct attack on the king by an enemy man. The attacked king is said to be in check. There are only three possible immediate responses to a check: capturing the attacking piece, moving the king to an unattacked square, or interposing a piece between the attacker and the king, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives. In casual games a player usually announces "check", however this is not a requirement in tournament games.[76]
A position in which a player's king is in check and the player has no legal move (i.e. cannot move out of or escape the Grabber 32-bit 2.0.10 crack serial keygen. A player whose king is checkmated loses the game.[77] Often shortened to mate.
The failure of a player to see a good move or danger that should normally be considered obvious. The term was coined by Siegbert Tarrasch. Similar to Kotov syndrome.[78]
The chequered board used in chess, consisting of 64 squares (eight rows by eight columns) arranged in two alternating colors, light and dark.[79]
A device made up of two adjacent clocks and buttons, keeping track of the total time each player takes for their moves. Immediately after moving, the player hits their button, which simultaneously stops their clock and starts their opponent's. The picture shown displays an analogue clock where the term flag fall originates. Modern clocks are digital.[80]
The movable figures placed on the board in a game of chess. Includes both pieces and pawns.[81] Singular: chessman.
See notation.
See opening.
Also called .
The thirty-two pieces required for a game, plus a chessboard.
A chess-like game played using a board, pieces, or rules different from standard chess.[82]
Chess960 (also known as Fischer Random Chess) is a variation of the game invented and advocated by Bobby Fischer. The pieces and pawns have their normal moves, but the setup of pieces on the first rank is random, except that two rules must be followed: the king must be placed on a square between the rooks, and the bishops are placed on squares of opposite color. Black's pieces are placed opposite White's. The random setup can be established by dice toss, computer program, playing cards, or other methods. Castling may be done; the special Chess960 rules governing castling incorporate the normal castling in classic chess.[84][85]
Slang for capturing or exchanging pieces.[86] See also wood.
1.  An opening system geared towards forming a full pawn center. Classical ideas were challenged by hypermodern ideas.[71]
2.  A game using a longer time control such as 40/2; the opposite of fast chess categories such as rapid, blitz or bullet.[87]
See Greek gift sacrifice.
Removal of piece from a square, OctoPlus Box v2.9.6 without box Archives, rank, file or diagonal so that another piece may use it. It often involves sacrificing the piece that unblocked the position.[88] See Clearance sacrifice.
In a game played clock move, a move is considered completed only after the clock is pressed. For example, one could touch a piece, then move a different piece—as long as the player has not pressed their clock button. This way of playing is uncommon but can be seen in casual games or Adobe Photoshop CS6 FINAL (2014) crack serial keygen games.[89]
Time (consumed or remaining) on the chess clock, in a tournament game.[90]
A file on which White and Black each have a pawn.[91]
A closed game has few open lines (files or diagonals). It is generally characterized by interlocking pawn chains, cramped positions with few opportunities to exchange, and extensive maneuvering behind lines. Such a game may evolve and later become an open game.[92] See also positional play.
A Closed Game is a particular opening that begins with the moves 1.d4 d5. It is also known as a Double Queen's Pawn Opening or Double Queen's Pawn Game.[93] See also Open Game and Semi-Open Game.
A tournament in which only invited or qualifying players may participate, as opposed to an open tournament. Also called invitational tournament.
An abbreviation for the Candidate Master title.
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SilkBlaze シルクブレイズ 30系ヴェルファイアZ/ZA/ZRグレード前期(ハイブリッド対応)フロントリップスポイラー Type-Sコットンナイロンストレッチツイルスカートマルチストライプドレスシャツ / 103213 018U【海外限定】【送料無料】 アンダーアーマー オクタン サングラス 野球 メンズ スポーツサングラス 軽量 Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglassesフロステッドネックレス片持カーボン噴口·中持カーボン噴口専用 カーボン延長1頭口 BR(キリナシ除草) ヤマホ工業(YAMAHO) 除草用【受注生産品】【中古】 ラルース新カクテル事典 /フェルナンド·カステロン(著者),花崎一夫(著者) 【中古】afb剣道 竹刀袋 剣道具竹刀袋(3本入り) 峰龍うぐいす(底合皮·黒) ■小室久美子1975 TOKYO(1975 トーキョー) 'EVERYTHING'裏起毛パーカースタッドレスタイヤ 4本セット その他 ノキアン アーバンウインター SUV4 ランフラット 225/60R18インチ 送料無料sumikaneko water ピアスNNQ32077W パナソニック レール用スポットライト LED(温白色)Carrera 30775 Digital 132 Slot Car Racing Vehicle - Ferrari 365 P2 No. 01 Kyalami 9H - (1:32 Scale) 並行輸入品『定形外郵便送料無料』『機能性表示食品』プロテオールG 90粒x3個セット 【smtb-s】2本針4本糸ウェーブロックミシン 【ベビ·ロックミシン】baby-lock (ジューキ) 糸取物語 【BL-69WJ】◆ポイント5倍◆ケンコー·トキナー COMBOフィルムスキャナー KFS-14CB【ふるさと納税】北海道伊達【つるや】特製·北の童(わらんべ)もち 【お菓子·スイーツ】Speedo(スピード) REFINED_GTHR_SEPA (SFW22001) [色 : ナイト] [サイズ : M]【smtb-s】相棒 Season 15 ブルーレイBOX (6枚組) (Blu-ray)取付対象 TOYO (トーヨー) OBSERVE GSi-5 (オブザーブ) 285/70R17 285/70-17 2018年製 送料無料 スタッドレス 冬タイヤ 1本価格 17インチRed Fleece コットンシャンブレー プルオーバー カジュアルシャツbern(バーン) ヘルメット【NINO(男の子) :XSサイズ/Sサイズ(48~51.5cm) /グロス イエロー グリーン】 バイザー/ ストライダー 自転車 子供用 キッズ【新品】東芝 レグザHDDレコーダー D-4KWH209 (D4KWH209)純金箔名刺 「スクリーン印刷/2色·50枚」帝賜の構造 唐代財政史研究 支出編北海道稲倉鉱山のロードクロサイト〔lo-rc-024] ルー ス インカローズ 天然石 パワーストーン レディース メンズ銅線 1kg巻 #10 ×約13.5m×5巻セット メール便 可 田舎道具 針金 正銅ワイヤー DIY針金 銅線 10 番 針金線径 3.2 mm 約13.5m×5巻 銅針金 銅針金 銅筋金 正銅針金 CU線 copper wireフロアマット デリカD:5 ゴムマット 国産ラバーマットこたつ布団 200×250cm TWEED CHECK #01-BR 掛布団 のみ 長方形 省スペース 薄手 薄掛け ブラウン チェック 掛け布団 おしゃれ 国産 送料無料中国語対訳版 外国人労働者のわかりやすい労災保険給付のあらまし 中古書籍 古本タイトルとurlをコピーしました

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]
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