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Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

Super Columbine Massacre RPG!, abbreviated SCMRPG!, is a role-playingvideo game created by Danny Office 2016 Professional Plus (Completo) em Português-BR and released in April 2005. The game recreates the 1999 Columbine High School shootings near Littleton, Colorado. Players assume the roles of gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and act out the massacre, with flashbacks relating parts of Harris and Klebold's past experiences. The game begins on the day of the shootings and follows Harris and Klebold after their suicides to fictional adventures in perdition.

Ledonne had spent many years conceptualizing games, but never created one due to his lack of game design and programming knowledge. He was inspired to create a Action Game - Genre of PC Game - Free Download Crack - Hiu Games game about Columbine by his own experience being bullied and the effect the shooting had on his life. The game represents a critique of how traditional media sensationalized the shooting (in particular the role of video games), as well as parodying video games themselves. Super Columbine Massacre was created with ASCII's game development program RPG Maker 2000 and took approximately six months to complete. Ledonne initially published the game anonymously, releasing an artist's statement about the work after his identity was revealed. Super Columbine Massacre was released for free online and attracted little attention until 2006, when widespread media coverage fueled hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Reaction to Super Columbine Massacre was conflicting; the title was criticized as trivializing the actions of two murderers and the lives of the innocent, and lauded as sophisticated and worthy of praise. The game's cartoon presentation and the side-plot into hell were considered by critics as obscuring the game's message, but it received acclaim as a game that transcended the stereotypical associations of the medium as entertainment for kids. Super Columbine Massacre's themes and content led to it being included in discussions as to whether video games cause violence; the title was later listed as one of the possible motivating factors of the shooter after the 2006 Dawson College shootings. Ledonne has become a spokesperson for video games as an emerging art form, and produced a documentary in 2008 called Playing Columbine about his game and its impact.


A screenshot of Super Columbine Massacre's battle screen, with an enemy student, player actions and character health shown.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG! is a role-playing game. Players control the actions of teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; the pair entered Colorado's Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 and killed 13 people before turning their guns on themselves in a library.[2] Much of the game takes place in a third-person view, with players controlling Harris and Klebold from an overhead perspective. The graphics and characters are deliberately reminiscent of a 16-bit-era video game; while the content is violent, the violence is not graphically rendered.[3]

When players engage in battle, the screen changes to a first-person view of the enemy; enemies are named by stereotypes or occupations, such as "Preppy girl", "Janitor", "Math teacher" and "Jock Type".[4] Combat has two options: "auto play", where the game chooses the weapon to Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, or "manual play", in Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games the player decides to use Photolemur Crack Archives hand-to-hand weapon, explosive, gun, or defensive maneuver against foes.[2] Once a battle starts, it is impossible to avoid or escape; the player must kill the enemy or die. Text narrates battle events and actions such as finding a bag or gaining a weapon.[5]

As the game proceeds, flashbacks occur showing events in Harris and Klebolds' lives which may have caused them to commit murder; real life events are compressed into the game's timeframe for narrative purposes.[3] Much of the plot is constructed around the events precisely as they are believed to have occurred; lines of the gunmens' dialogue are often lifted verbatim from their writings or from their own home videos of each other.[3] In contrast to the 16-bit graphics are digitized photographs from the shooting or full voice samples from news reports; photos of the school are used as backdrops during battle scenes.[2][6]


The game begins as Eric Harris' mother wakes him on April 20, 1999. Harris phones Dylan Klebold, and the pair meet in Harris' basement to plot a series of bombings that will precede their planned shooting. The two reminisce about the bullying they experienced at Columbine High and express rage at those they perceive to be their tormentors. Harris and Klebold make a video, apologizing to their parents and asking them not to blame themselves for what will follow. The two boys collect their guns and bombs, pack a duffel bag with weapons, and leave home.

In the next scene Harris and Klebold are standing outside their high school. The player guides them to the cafeteria to plant their timed propane bombs without being detected by security cameras or hall monitors. After the explosives are set, the two stop for a moment on a hill outside the school, discussing their alienation and hostility. After the bombs fail to explode as planned, Harris and Klebold decide to enter the school and murder as many people as they can; the final number killed is up to the player.[7] After roaming around the school shooting innocents, Harris and Klebold commit suicide. A montage of clips showing Harris and Klebold's corpses, students comforting each other, and childhood photos of the gunmen plays.[6]

The game's second half finds Klebold alone in Hell. After combating demons and monsters from the computer game Doom,[2] Klebold reunites with Harris, and they profess their enthusiasm for the opportunity to live out their favorite video game. The pair find themselves at the "Isle of Lost Souls", where they meet fictional characters such as Pikachu, Bart Simpson, Mega Man, Mario and real personalities including J. Robert Oppenheimer, JonBenét Ramsey, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan and John Lennon. Next, they deliver a copy of Ecce Homo to Friedrich Nietzsche[2] before fighting a caricature of Satan. Upon their victory, Satan congratulates them for their deeds.

The game returns to Columbine High School, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, where a press conference addresses the murders.[2] Some of the dialogue appears precisely as it was spoken after the actual event, while other lines caricature the political forces at work in the aftermath of the murders. The conference references gun control advocacy, religious fundamentalism, and the media's implication of Marilyn Manson and video games as culpable in the shooting.[3]


Ledonne became an unwitting spokesman for video games,[8]despite intending Super Columbine Massacreto be the only game he created.

Super Columbine Massacre was created by Danny Ledonne of Alamosa, Colorado, then a student and independent filmmaker. As a high school student, the Columbine shootings resonated with Ledonne, who said that he himself had once been "a loner", "a misfit" and "a bullied kid" in high school like the shooters. "I was an easy target to be picked on, and that started in kindergarten," he said. "It was the kind of bullying that most kids who were bullied experienced [.] When you get pushed every day, and when you are ostracized not once, not twice, but years in and out, your perception of reality is distorted [.] These things really do warp your understanding and your perception of humanity in some almost irrevocable way," he said.[9]

In 1999, director Stanley Kubrick's death and the Columbine High School massacre occurred within months of each Tiny Robots Recharged Free Download Ledonne credited the two events with changing his life. After seeing A Clockwork Orange, Ledonne discovered that film could comment on culture; after the Columbine shootings, he realized he was headed down the same path as the shooters. "It was a bit scary, once I learned more about these boys, because it was like I was looking in the mirror and I didn't want the same fate for myself," Ledonne said.[9] He began taking martial arts, studying film, and saw a therapist. By the time he graduated Alamosa High School, Ledonne had a 4.0 grade point average and was voted "most likely to succeed" by his peers. He studied film at Emerson College Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games moved back to Colorado to form his own production company, Emberwild Productions, which mostly edits wedding videos.[9]

In November 2004, Ledonne discovered a program called RPG Maker, which allows a developer to add images, text, story and objectives to design a game; RPG Maker creates the necessary programming automatically.[9] Ledonne had always conceptualized video games throughout his childhood but never produced one due to his lack of technical knowledge;[3] with RPG Maker he was able to fulfill his ambition. Ledonne decided to make a game that would explore why the Columbine shootings occurred, as well as refuting pervasive myths about the shooters and the alleged role video games played in the massacre.[10]

The researching, planning, design and programming of the game took about six months and between 200 and 300 hours of work.[2] All the footage and pictures in the game were taken from the internet.[11]Final Fantasy VI influenced the sprite-based design. Many of the songs in the game are MIDI versions of 1990s grunge and alternative bands such as Radiohead, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. Ledonne paid meticulous attention to detail, including giving players access to the exact inventory the gunmen used on their rampage.[12] He watched videos, read newspaper articles and pored over 11,000 pages of documents released by the county government regarding the massacre and the killers.[13]

Ledonne added elements to the game to criticize subjects varying from public reaction to the disaster, to stereotypical role-playing game conventions. Every victory in battle displays the message "another victory for the Trenchcoat Mafia", in reference to the gang that Harris and Klebold were mistakenly affiliated with by the media.[14] Ledonne added the hell segment and populated it with characters from the video game Doom, explaining that "[having the shooters] battle these monsters in an eternal recreation of their favorite videogame was a statement in and of itself." Super Columbine Massacre is the only video game Ledonne has created, and he has no future plans to create another.[13]


Brian Crecente, then a games writer for Rocky Mountain News, helped bring wider attention to Super Columbine Massacre.

The game was made available for download on April 20, 2005, the sixth anniversary of the Columbine massacre.[15] Ledonne sought to remain anonymous at the game's debut to duck any possible controversy,[16] which he would later regret as it created the impression he had something to hide. Under the alias "Columbin", Ledonne regularly engaged gamers and critics alike on a message board he established to discuss the game's depiction of the shooting and the broader implications of the shooting.[3] Ledonne's identity was revealed by Roger Kovacs, a friend of one of the Columbine victims, Rachel Scott.[17] Kovacs found out Ledonne's name by donating to the site via Paypal; after his name and address were posted online, Ledonne stepped forward and was greeted with requests for interviews. "That's when I decided that I had to grow a backbone and stand up for my creation," Ledonne said.[16]

The game is distributed as freeware, with donations in the amount of $1 requested to defray bandwidth costs.[13] Initially, the game attracted little attention, and was downloaded 10,000 times in its first year.[18] In April 2006 Patrick Dugan of web site Gamasutra wrote about the game after meeting its host at Game Developers Conference. Impressed, Dugan sent an email to Georgia Institute of Technology professor Ian Bogost, who blogged about the game. Brian Crecente of gaming news site Kotaku and the Rocky Mountain News subsequently interviewed Bogost, and the Associated Press and mainstream media picked up the story.[19] The increased visibility resulted in increased coverage, controversy, and downloads;[13] in the first half of May 2006 the game was downloaded more than 30,000 times. Ledonne announced in September 2006 that the game was no longer available for download directly through its website, as the title's popularity cost too much to sustain; in a single day in September, he reported 8,000 downloads.[20] By March 2007, the game had been downloaded more than 400,000 times.[19]


Initial reception of Super Columbine Massacre was generally negative amongst the mainstream media and those personally affected by the shootings. Upon revealing Columbin's identity as Ledonne, Kovacs said, "One of the girls who Xfer Serum V3b5 Crack + Keygen Free Download [2021] [in the shootings] was a friend of mine, Rachel. We were in the same church group. Anyone playing this game can kill Rachel over and over again."[13] The father of one victim remarked to the press that the game "disgusts me. You trivialize the actions of two murderers and the lives of the innocent."[21] One victim of the shooting played the game and voiced reserved support, remarking that "It probably sounds a bit odd for someone like me to say, but I appreciate the fact at least to some degree that something like this was made." While he took issue with what he saw as glamorization of the shooters, he also believed it would help open a dialogue about the shooting.[22]

Super Columbine Massacre was largely condemned by the press. Betty Nguyen of CNN labeled the game as an example of a subculture that worships terrorists.[23] Newspapers called the game "exploitive" and a "monstrosity".[24][25]PC World declared the game #2 on its list of "The 10 Worst Games of All Time."[26] Even critics who were supportive of Ledonne's intent found the game hard to play; Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica said that he left the game "shaken", Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, but that as an easily-misunderstood game "the people who are most likely to gain anything from it will never play it."[4] Crecente felt that the message of the game was obscured by the cartoon graphics of the medium.[27] Reviewers for web site Gameology felt that while the hell segment was a well-executed parody, it did not further the game's message among those who were quick to judge the game.[28] Ledonne has refused to alter the game as it represents his thoughts on the subject at a particular point in time, but has encouraged others to rework the game themselves.[3]

The most positive reviews of Super Columbine Massacre came from critics who accepted Ledonne's intended message. Wired magazine writer Clive Thompson appreciated the game's attention to narrative detail, writing that "the upshot [of the game] is that Ledonne has done a surprisingly good job of painting the emotional landscape of [the gunmen]—whipsawing from self-pity to pompous grandiosity and blinding rage, then back again."[29] Thompson called the game subtle, including jabs at the participants and gaming culture by using the language of games as a way to think about the killings.[30] Paul Syvret's advice to those who found the game controversial and in bad taste was to "lighten up".[31] Bogost summed up his review of the game by writing "this game is not fun, it is challenging, and difficult to play—not technically difficult, but conceptually difficult, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. We need more of that."[32] David Kociemba, a professor at Emerson College, agreed with Bogost and commented that "the controversy should be that there aren’t more games like Super Columbine Massacre RPG! that are as demanding and as artistically innovative."[5] Dugan responded to common criticisms of the game, including that the game was made in bad taste, by writing a scathing rebuttal on his blog:

I think everyone who disses the Columbine RPG is gutless. Most haven't played the game, or have played it with such preconceptions that they're blinded to the genuis [sic], the honesty, the beauty of its social commentary. Super Columbine Massacre RPG is riddled with design flaws and has mediocre graphics by 1995, the maker of the game admits this, but it regardless is a work of art. It puts you in the mindset of the killers and provides a very clear suggestion of why they did what they did; they were enacting an ideological demonstration through a terrorist act, and the game shines light on this as an indictment of the American dream and way of life painfully close to the main nerve.[32]

After the Dawson College shooting in September 2006, when gunman Kimveer Gill killed Anastasia De Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games and injured 19 students,[33] the Toronto Sun wrote that Kimveer had self-reported playing Columbine Massacre on a web site.[34] The story was picked up by media and reported widely.[19][29][35] Upon hearing media reports of a link to the game one of the shooting victims at Dawson College contacted Ledonne and told him that "I just suffered multiple gunshot wounds and I think you should take this game down."[36] Ledonne expressed his reaction to the shooting and renewed media attention towards his game in an interview a week later:

If one is interested in making something for the public to view—be it a painting, a book, an album, a film, or a video game, should the POSSIBLE harm that may come out of this work be grounds for its suppression from society? This is, in a sense, pre-crime. If you believe in what you're doing and Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games want to express yourself, the expression should be primary and any interpretations that come after must always remain of secondary importance to the creation of the work itself. On another level, the entire correlation between the Dawson College shooting and my game is unfounded. [.] What else did Kimveer like? Black clothes? Goth music? Pizza? [.] If anything, the Dawson College shooting is proof positive that games like [Super Columbine Massacre] should be made; until video games are no longer among the "usual suspects" for homicidal rampages, the public needs to more carefully consider why interactive electronic media is somehow the manufacturer of Manchurian Candidates.[37]

Developer Ryan Lambourn created a flash game called V-Tech Rampage in 2007, which allows players to control the actions of gunman Cho Seung-Hui in the Virginia Tech massacre. Lambourn professed empathy for Seung-Hui, and said that he was a target of bullying in high school. "No one listens to you unless you've got something sensational to do. And that's why I feel sympathy for Cho Seung-Hui. He had to go that far," Lambourn stated.[38] On the V-Tech Rampage site, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, Lambourn posted a statement that he would take the game off of Newgrounds if donations reached $1000; at $2000 in donations he would take the game down from Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games main site and for another $1000 he would apologize for creating it.[3] Ledonne posted a comment on Lambourn's website after V-Tech Rampage drew comparisons to Super Columbine Massacre, calling Lambourn's statement tantamount to a "hostage note", and asking bloggers to consider "not whether a game about the Virginia Tech shooting SHOULD be made but how we might go about making a game that accomplishes more than V-Tech Rampage does with the subject matter."[39] Ledonne stated that he emailed Lambourn sympathetically, but that the creator responded to his emails with profanity; he reiterated that the two games had different motivations and were not easily comparable in content.[3]

Slamgate and legacy

In October 2006, Sam Roberts, the Guerilla Gamemaker Competition director Driver Genius Pro Crack With License Code For Mac/Windows the Slamdance festival, emailed Ledonne encouraging him to submit the game to the contest, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. Ledonne looked at the selection of the game as one of the competition's finalists in December as evidence that "all forms of art can be valid tools for societal exploration (even painful topics like school shootings)".[16] The event's organizer, Peter Baxter, announced the removal of the game from the festival's "Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition" after its selection as a finalist. Several reasons for the change of mind were given, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, including threatened sponsor withdrawal, possible lawsuits, and "moral grounds";[40] Baxter denied that sponsor pressure caused the drop, instead affirming that "the shootings are still a very touchy subject, and rightly so. We have to be sensitive to [victims and their families'] feelings."[41] An additional consideration reported was that unnamed parties might sue for copyright violations in the game itself.[42] The announcement marked the first time the festival had pulled jury-selected content from the contest;[43] the incident was dubbed "Slamgate" by the gaming press.[44][45]

Independent game developers like Jonathan Blowdefended Super Columbine Massacre RPG!after it was removed from the Slamdance competition.

Following the announcement, USC Interactive Media Division withdrew its sponsorship of the festival.[46] Seven of the fourteen finalist games were removed from the contest by their developers in protest: Braid, flOw, Once Upon A Time, Toblo, Everyday Shooter, Book and Volume and Castle Crashers (Toblo was later reinstated by the DigiPen Institute of Technology, who owns the rights to the game).[47] Developer Jonathan Blow of Braid stated: "[Super Columbine Massacre] lacks compassion, and I find the Artist’s Statement disingenuous, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. But despite this, the game does have redeeming value. It does provoke important thoughts, and it does push the boundaries of what games are about. It is composed with more of an eye toward art than most games. Clearly, it belongs at the festival."[48] Blow and the other developers sent an open letter to the festival, encouraging the reinstatement of the game as keeping with the festival's "trailblazing" efforts.[49] Despite protests, Baxter refused to change his mind, citing consideration for the shooting's victims and their families. Ledonne told the other finalists that he planned to go to the festival anyway and distribute copies of the game.[50] Acknowledging that the withdrawal of six finalists compromised the competition, Roberts let the attendees vote on whether any prizes would be awarded; they decided not to.[47]

Brian Flemming, director of The God Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games Wasn't There, saw Ledonne's demo of Super Columbine Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games outside the festival, and convinced two fellow Slamdance film jurors to award the game a "Special Jury Prize" for Best Documentary, an unofficial award not endorsed by Slamdance itself. The jurors intended to present the special prize alongside the award for best documentary. Shortly before the ceremony, Baxter informed Flemming that he couldn't present the award due to "music clearance issues", and refused to allow it despite Flemming's protests. According to Ledonne, Flemming tried to hold his ground, but eventually gave in to Baxter's request.[51]

Ledonne produced a documentary film based on his experiences after the release of Super Columbine Massacre. Titled Playing Columbine, the documentary uses the controversy surrounding the game to investigate the large issues facing video games as a medium for artistic expression.[52] The film premiered at AFI Fest in Los Angeles, California on November 7, 2008. Thirteen minutes of preview footage were released online,[53] and a limited edition DVD is posted for Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games on the web.

As a result of the controversy of his game, Ledonne became an unwitting spokesman for the games industry, facing the medium's opponents in debates and forums. The furor resulting from Slamgate was called out by Ledonne and others in the media as a sign that video games had not yet outgrown the traditional stereotype of children's games.[3] Keith Stuart of The Guardian wrote that despite being confused and tawdry, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, Super Columbine Massacre "symbolizes a growing understanding that videogames have more to say than 'shoot the enemies and pick up health.'"[54] Authors Andreas Jahn-Sudmann and Ralf Stockmann consider controversial video games such as Super Columbine Massacre and the Grand Theft Auto "Hot coffee mod" evidence of sociopolitical tensions present between gamers and older generations.[55] The Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games and others like it continue to be at the center of the video games as art debate,[5] and Gamasutra credited Super Columbine Massacre and Slamgate as having two highly positive and far-reaching effects; first, forcing print game journalism to focus on the issue; and secondly, the "evangelization of the notion that games can be as meaningful and important as other media, even if the example is offensive to the sensibilities of most Americans [.] To win is to lose, but to play is to experience an enrichment that cannot be scored."[45]


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In Search of the Lost Future

Japanese adult visual novel by Trumple

Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete game cover.jpg

In Search of the Lost Future original visual novel cover

GenreDrama, Romance, Science fiction
GenreEroge, Visual novel
ReleasedNovember 26, 2010
Written byTrumple
Atelier High Key
Illustrated bySasayuki
Published byKadokawa Shoten
MagazineComp Ace
Original runNovember 2011 – October 2012
Directed byNaoto Hosoda
Written byRie Kawamata
Music byFūga Hatori
Licensed by
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, CTC, tvk, TV Saitama, KBS, Sun TV, TV Aichi, BS11
English network
Original run October 4, 2014 – December 20, 2014
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
Written byTrumple
Atelier High Key
Illustrated byTakeshi Kagura
Published byMedia Factory
MagazineMonthly Comic Alive
Original runDecember 2014 – present
Directed byNaoto Hosoda
Licensed by
ReleasedAugust 29, 2015
Runtime24 minutes
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In Search of the Lost Future (失われた未来を求めて, Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete), subtitled À la recherche du futur perdu ("In search of the lost future" in French), sometimes abbreviated as Waremete (われめて), is a Japanese adultvisual novel developed by Trumple and released Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games Windows on November 26, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, 2010. The title is derived from In Search of Lost Time, a French novel written by Marcel Proust. Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games have been two manga adaptations published by Kadokawa Shoten and Media Factory. A 12-episode anime adaptation, produced by Feel and directed by Naoto Hosoda, aired in Japan between October and December 2014.


Average dialogue and narrative in In Search of the Lost Futuredepicting the main character Sō talking to Nagisa, Airi and Yui (respectively).

In Search of the Lost Future is a romancevisual novel in which the player assumes the role of Sō Akiyama. Much of its gameplay is spent on reading the story's narrative and dialogue. The text in the game is accompanied Tales Of Arise Free Download character sprites, which represent who Sō is talking to, over background art. Throughout the game, the player encounters CG artwork at certain points in the story, which take the place of the background art and character sprites. In Search of the Lost Future follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, the plot will progress in a Download FIFA 21 Crack Archives direction.

There are four main plot lines that the player will have the chance to experience, one for each heroine. Throughout gameplay, the player is given multiple options to choose from, and text progression pauses at these points until a choice is made. Some decisions can lead the game to end prematurely, which offer an alternative ending to the plot. To view all plot lines in their entirety, the player will have to replay the game multiple times and choose different choices to Bartender v6.0 crack serial keygen the plot to an alternate direction. Throughout gameplay, there are scenes with sexual CGs depicting Sō and a given heroine having sex.


In Search of the Lost Future is set in Uchihama Academy (内浜学園, Uchihama Gakuen) and with the number of new students at the school increasing every year, a new school building is constructed. Before they move to the new building, the school will hold one last General Club Festival at the old building before it is closed down. Each of the clubs decide to give it their all to make it a success. The student executive committee asks the renowned Astronomy Club to calm the uneasiness among the students in regard to mysterious incidents at the old building. Sō Akiyama, a member of the Astronomy Club, inspects the central of a three-dimensional quake and stumbles upon a quiet girl, Yui Furukawa, who appears to know Sō, and transfers late into the school year, the gears of fate slowly begin to move.


Main characters[edit]

The six main characters are students in the Astronomy Club at Uchihama Academy.

Sō Akiyama (秋山 奏, Akiyama Sō)
Voiced by: Takuma Terashima (anime), Yurika Aizawa (7 years old)
He is a second-year student in class B and a member of the Astronomy Club at Uchihama Academy. Both his father and mother are scientists and are authorities on mechanical engineering. He lives in his childhood friend's house as his parents work overseas. He is interested in astronomy, and plans build a planetarium for the school festival. Due to Kaori's fate, he is strongly motivated in studying medical treatment and Quantum Turing, hoping to achieve a brighter future. In the anime, Sō chooses Yui over Kaori.
Kaori Sasaki (佐々木 佳織, Sasaki Kaori)
Voiced by: Miyabi Arisugawa (game), Hatsumi Takada (anime)
Sō's childhood friend. She is a second-year student in class B. She is Sō's classmate and the vice-president of the Astronomy Club. She is kindhearted and is good at cooking, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. She lives with her mother and Sō in a house; Sō's room is in a building detached from the main house. Kaori is in love with Sō and later confesses her feelings to him. At the beginning of the series, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, Kaori gets hit by a bus and falls into a coma. This prompts Sō to study science and medicine in order to save her. As Kaori was saved in the past, she wakes up from her coma in the present time where Sō was finally able to return her feelings.
Yui Furukawa (古川 ゆい, Furukawa Yui)
Voiced by: Yukari Aoyama (game), Akane Tomonaga (anime)
A first-year student in class A and primary heroine who has transferred into Uchihama Academy recently. She joins in the Astronomy Club after she meets Sō. Yui is an artificial intelligence created from an AI Unit research project, sent Matlab 2021 crack + License Key Free Download 2021 the past (October 1) multiple times by Sō to save Kaori from an impending accident at the beginning of the series. She falls Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games love with future Sō and manages to confess her feelings to past Sō before disappearing after successfully saving Kaori. This gives Sō a new purpose to recreate Yui shown in the epilogue.
Airi Hasekura (支倉 愛理, Hasekura Airi)
Voiced by: Rino Kawashima (game), Kei Mizusawa (anime)
Kaori's close friend. She is a second-year student in class A and is the president of the Astronomy Club. She is wise and plays a leading part in the club. She learns aikido and is much stronger than Sō. She mainly uses kicks while fighting against others. In the future, she becomes an assistant scientist for Sō. She has feelings for Sō but hides it knowing that Kaori loves him.
Nagisa Hanamiya (華宮 凪沙, Hanamiya Nagisa)
Voiced by: Tomoe Tamiyasu
A third-year student in class C and is a member of the astronomy club. She comes from a good family, where her father expects great things from her. She is the host of Hanamiya Society (華宮会, Hanamiya-kai), an intelligence agency based on her fan club in the school. She is clever, but is a bit mean. She often reads a book in the clubroom, and possess a mysterious black box related to Yui's essence. In the future, Nagisa constructs the Hanamiya General Research Laboratory to pursue her goal and provide hope, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. Nagisa's great-grandmother, who was a War Plant researcher, founded Uchihama Academy after she met Yui through a time-loop via the black box.
Kenny Eitarō Osafune (長船・KENNY(ケニー)・英太郎, Osafune Kenī Eitarō)
Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi
A second-year student in class C. He is a member of the Astronomy Club and is Sō's close friend. He is an exchange student from the United States. He is not that wise, but is very kind to his friends. He has a stout girlfriend named Jennifer, who lives in the U.S. His name is written as "Osafune Kenny Eitarou" in the game's opening movie. In the future, he delivered the theory on possible time-traveling to Sō.

Other characters[edit]

President (会長, Kaichō)
Voiced by: Hayato (game), Hayato Nakata (anime)
A third-year student in class C and is the president of the student Torchlight crack serial keygen executive. His real name is unknown. He puts the Astronomy Club in charge of maintaining calmness among the school until the festival.
Neko Yamaga (山賀 寧子, Yamaga Neko)
Voiced by: Kotone Kagami (game), Mia Naruse (anime)
A second-year student in class B who wears glasses. She is the vice-president of the student council executive, and is a classmate of Sō and Kaori. She is normally referred to as "vice-president" (副会長, fuku-kaichō) in the game.
Sakunoshin Honjō (本城 作之進, Honjō Sakunoshin)
Voiced by: Sōichi Yamanaka (game), Akio Ōtsuka (anime)[2]
An elderly steward to the Hanamiya family and is Nagisa's bodyguard. He has some experience in Mongolian wrestling.
Mitsunori Ogawa (小川 光憲, Ogawa Mitsunori)
Voiced by: Cubase Pro 11 Crack Archives (game), Kenichi Ogata (anime)
An old teacher at Uchihama Academy. He is the adviser at the Astronomy Club and is the school library's manager. He seldom turns up at the club.
Shiori Sasaki (佐々木 詩織, Sasaki Shiori)
Voiced by: Mina Motoyama (game), Yūko Gotō (anime)
Kaori's mother and is a researcher at the National Institute of Science. Her husband is also a researcher and works with Sō's parents. She immersed herself in studying the human brain.
Yaeko Azuma (東 八重子, Azuma Yaeko)
Voiced by: Aiko Tomato (game), Atsumi Tanezaki (anime)
A third-year student in class C and a classmate of Nagisa, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. She is in the Literary Club at Uchihama Academy. She encounters a ghost in the school and tells the Astronomy Club's members about that experience. She is shy and is out of luck by nature.
Boss (ボス, Bosu)
Voiced Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games Kikutarō Namerikawa (game), Takuo Kawamura (anime)
The president of the Judo Club at Uchihama Academy. His real name is unknown. He is very rough and lacks flexibility. In the original universe, he shoves Kaori during a confrontation, injuring her leg. During the General festival, the Judo and Karate Club have a friendly match.
Karin Fukazawa (深沢 花梨, Fukazawa Karin)
Voiced by: Satomi Satō (anime)
A first-year student and a classmate of Yui. She becomes friends with Yui as she sits next to Yui in the classroom. She is an idol and often appears in television. She is an original character for the anime television series.

Development and release[edit]

In Search of the Lost Future is the sole title developed by the visual novel studio Trumple. Originally, the design team were developing the game under the visual novel developer Abhar, but following Abhar's dissolution, the team working on the game formed the studio Trumple.[3] The game's scenario was written by three people: Ryo Ohta, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, Kenji Saitō, and Masaki Sawa, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. Character design and art direction for the game was split between three artists: Kurehito Misaki, who drew Kaori Sasaki, Airi Hasekura, Shiori Sasaki, and designs for male characters; Shinobu Kuroya, who drew Yui Furukawa, Nagisa Hanamiya, and the designs for the female characters (not including those drawn by Misaki); and Mia Naruse, who provided super deformed illustrations. The game's music was solely composed by Fūga Hatori.[4]In Search of the Lost Future was released on November 26, 2010 as a limited edition version, playable as a DVD on a WindowsPC.[4] The regular edition of In Search of the Lost Future was released on February 25, 2011.[5] After the game's release, Trumple announced the suspension of their activity on July 27, 2012.[6]

Related media[edit]

Print media[edit]

A manga adaptation illustrated by Sasayuki was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace magazine between the November 2011 and October 2012 issues.[7][8] Two tankōbon volumes were released: the first on February 23, 2012 and the second on November 17, 2012.[9][10] A second manga, illustrated by Takeshi Kagura, began serialization in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine with the December 2014 issue sold on October 27, 2014.[11]Enterbrain published a 128-page guidebook for the game titled Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete Visual Fanbook on May 27, 2011.[12]


A 12-episode anime television series adaptation, produced by Feel[13][14] and directed by Naoto Hosoda, aired in Japan between October 4 and December 20, 2014, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. The scripts are written by Sadayuki Murai, Tatsuya Takahashi, and Satoko Shinozuka, and the series composition is by Rie Kawamata. The music is composed by Fūga Hatori, and Satoshi Motoyama serves as the sound director.[15] The anime has been licensed for streaming in North America by Funimation,[16] and in Southeast Asia by Muse Communication.[17] There is a French sentence, "Nous dépassons beaucoup d'aujourd'hui, et changerons le destin quelque jour" (literally translated as "We pass many today, and change the destiny someday", and interpreted as "We pass by much today, and someday will change our fate"), at the bottom of the anime's title logo.[18]

No.Title[19]Original air date
1"The Lost Future"
Transcription: "Ushinawareta Mirai" (Japanese: 失われた未来)
October 4, 2014 (2014-10-04)
Sō Akiyama is living with his childhood friend Kaori Sasaki, both attending Uchihama Academy and are members of the Astronomy Club. Along with fellow club members Nagisa Hanamiya, Airi Hasekura and Kenny Osafune, they deal issues of other clubs. After she confessed her true feelings to Sō, Kaori gets involved in an accident when a bus lost its control. In the credits scene, the Astronomy Club room experiences a earthquake-like shake while Nagisa's black box suddenly illuminates. Sō then checks the floor above and finds an unconscious girl.
2"Proving the Existence of Her and the Ghost"
Transcription: "Kanojo to Rei no Sonzai Shōmei" (Japanese: 彼女と霊の存在証明)
October 11, 2014 (2014-10-11)
The girl found in the previous episode introduces herself as Yui Furukawa and has an amnesia despite knowing Sō's name, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. With the help of Nagisa, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, Yui becomes a student of Uchihama Academy. The Astronomy Club, along with Yui as a provisional member, prepares for the upcoming school festival. The student council seeks help from the club to investigate rumors of ghost sightings in the academy. Yui retrieves her hat in the club room and accidentally activates the black box. She then vaguely tells Nagisa about her mission in coming to the school, seemingly regaining her memories.
3"The President Dreams with Sparkling Eyes"
Transcription: "Kaichō wa Kirameku Hitomi de Yume o Miru" (Japanese: 会長はきらめく瞳で夢を見る)
October 18, 2014 (2014-10-18)
Airi reminisces meeting Kaori and Sō for the first time, with her hidden feelings for him. The Astronomy Club members meet up to investigate further the ghost sightings, when student council's vice president Neko Yamaga asked for assistance about the issue between Judo and Karate clubs. Yui senses that Kaori would have an ankle injury due to her involvement with the scuffle (as seen on the first episode) so she pulls her out of the scene immediately. As the Astronomy Club members continue with their investigation, the librarian tells Nagisa and Kenny about the ghost's presence on the roof while Kaori and Yui find it in the cafeteria. It turns out to be a setup made by the Film Society. As the club members head home, Yui looks back at the school. The final scene shows the appearance of a ghost on the roof.
4"All Things Are in a State of Flux"
Transcription: "Banbutsu wa Ruten Suru" (Japanese: 万物は流転する)
October 25, 2014 (2014-10-25)
Sō receives a camera from Nagisa after she obtained it from the Film Society. He starts to take pictures of his schoolmates and some Astronomy Club members. They decide to ditch the afternoon class for visiting Lighthouse Park. They miss the bus stop for the park so they arrive at Hoshigaoka Ravine instead. Kaori reminisces going to the ravine with Sō in the past. Kaori gets hurt when a snake showed up, losing her shoe on the river. As Kaori attempts to help Sō retrieve the shoe, Yui intervenes instead as she is concerned for her safety. The Astronomy Club members take a group photo using Sō's camera.
5"The Way of the Quantum Cat and the Droplet"
Transcription: "Ryōshi Neko to Shizuku no Yukue" (Japanese: 量子猫と雫の行方)
November 1, 2014 (2014-11-01)
During their class, Sō, Kaori, and Airi listen as their teacher explains the concept of Schrödinger's cat and the many-worlds interpretation. Afterwards, the Astronomy Club deals another club issue when some Girls Survival Game Club members caused Airi to stumble on Neko, destroying the latter's laptop. Sō, Airi, Nagisa, and Kenny visit the Computer Club to get a replacement. Kaori and Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games stay in the club room, and discuss the latter's relationship to Sō. Nagisa beats the AI programming created by Computer Club members using the liar paradox. At night, Kaori talks with Sō in his room.
6"Career Counseling for a Bird in a Cage"
Transcription: "Kago no Tori no Shinro Sōdan" (Japanese: 籠の鳥の進路相談)
November 8, 2014 (2014-11-08)
The Astronomy Club members discuss their career plan once graduated from high school. Airi gives Yui a club badge. Nagisa accompanies Sō in getting the developed photos. They meet Nagisa's fiancé named Hikaru Reito but she introduces Sō to him as her "boyfriend". They arrive at an arcade center to play bowling and arcade games.
7"Waiting 2.39 Million Light-years"
Transcription: "Nihyaku-sanjū-kyū-man Kōnen no Omoi" (Japanese: 239万光年の想い)
November 15, 2014 (2014-11-15)
With the exception of Nagisa, the Astronomy Club visits Kaori's house to bake some pastries while working on a miniature planetarium in preparation for the upcoming school festival, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. Yui sneaks in Nagisa's room to steal her bear-like keychain attached on her bag and promises to return it. They go grocery shopping with Yui's urgency for Kaori to buy tea powder since its supply ran short in the club room. Upon returning home, Yui helps Sō in building the miniature planetarium. While Sō lectures Yui about stars, she remembers a similar scene with a man that looked like him. Nagisa arrives later that day and the complete Astronomy Club watches in awe the Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games planetarium. Sō calls Yui by her first name, causing Kaori's to become jealous.
8"Shooting Stars Passing in the Night"
Transcription: "Surechigau Ryūsei" (Japanese: すれ違う流星)
November 22, 2014 (2014-11-22)
Kaori acts strange to Sō because of jealousy. The Astronomy Club meets up at the Lighthouse Park later night to stargaze. Kaori then confesses her true feelings to Sō. The following day, Sō avoids Kaori as he has not answered her confession yet. Yui becomes restless as she wants to make sure of Kaori's safety during that day. Kaori then ditches Yui, but she changes her mind and goes back to the club room. Nagisa tells Kaori that Winsnap crack Archives - Patch Cracks followed her to the school gate. Yui reaches the bus stop but Kaori is not there yet. Finally, Yui sees Kaori approaching the bus stop but she is too late to save her as the bus begins losing its control. The Astronomy Club waits in the hospital room with Kaori's mother Shiori. The final scene shows Yui in a futuristic tube machine while a man says her name.
9"Gateway to the Past"
Transcription: "Kako e no Tobira" (Japanese: 過去への扉)
November 29, 2014 (2014-11-29)
Kaori falls in coma. This leads Sō in pursuing medicine to save her. In the near future, Nagisa constructs Hanamiya General Research Laboratory at Uchihama Academy. Inside the laboratory, Sō and Airi meet Shiori as part of the research team that planned on recreating a synthetic body similar to Yui since Nagisa found out that she was an artificial human being. The team will then transfers the consciousness of the original Kaori to the synthetic body but the experiment ends up in failure. As he studies methods of saving Kaori, Sō stumbles on Kenny's research paper about time travel and decides to send Yui back in the past instead.
10"The Time Remaining"
Transcription: "Nokosareta Jikan" (Japanese: 残された時間)
December 6, 2014 (2014-12-06)
Yui is successfully sent back in time (on October 1) prior Kaori's accident (on October 14). It is revealed that she was sent back in the past multiple times since previous attempts in saving Kaori ended up failing. This causes the ghost sightings and the Uchihama syndrome that put a person in a deep sleep upon contact with it. While in Sasaki's residence to bake some pastries, Kaori confronts Yui about her feelings to Sō. This leads Yui to run away but she is chased by Sō, Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games. She asks him to love Kaori back so that he will not regret it in the future.
11"I'll See You Again Tomorrow, Right?"
Transcription: "Ashita Mata, Aeru yo ne?" (Japanese: 明日また, 会えるよね?)
December 13, 2014 (2014-12-13)
Yui runs away from school and is found by Sō near the beach. They stroll around Uchihama and head to Lighthouse Park for stargazing. Yui tells Sō to keep Kaori inside the club room Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games and respond her confession. The next day, Yui says goodbye to Airi after she made sure that both Kaori and Sō were inside the club room. Kaori confesses her love to Sō but he rejects her because he chooses Yui over her. Sō chases after Yui when the bus began losing its control. The two avoid the incident but Yui begins to fade away since Kaori was kept safe. They both confess their feelings and kiss each other. As the accident is being handled by authorities, the Astronomy Club members find Sō but they show no recollection of Yui. The final scene shows a photo of the club with five of them without her.
12"The Future That Has You"
Transcription: "Kimi no Iru Mirai" (Japanese: 君のいる未来)
December 20, 2014 (2014-12-20)
The following day, Airi tells Kaori and Sō about the sudden wake of individuals who experienced Uchihama Syndrome. In the near future, Airi and Sō discuss the possibility of merging timelines if Yui is able to save Kaori. Back to the present, the Astronomy Club experiences déjà vu about a missing member. The club hosts their caferia-themed planetarium during the school festival while Kaori wins Miss Uchihama contest. Yui's classmate named Karin Fukazawa visits the club to discuss about someone whom she could not recall. While he cleans the club room, Sō picks up Yui's photo of the club when the black box suddenly glowed. He then hears her voice calling his name and begins to cry. Back to the near future, Kaori wakes up from coma and is greeted by Sō, both hugging each other in tears.
OVA"In Search of the Lost Summer Break"
Transcription: "Ushinawareta Natsuyasumi o Motomete" (Japanese: 失われた夏休みを求めて)
August 29, 2015 (2015-08-29)
In a deviated timeline, Yui is sent back to July 13 instead. She joins the Astronomy Club during summer vacation in Nagisa's villa and enjoys hot spring with them. The Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games day, a storm hits while they enjoy the beach, leading them to take shelter in a war plant. As they explore the plant, the club members encounter a wandering ghost that put Sō in a sleep, and frightened Airi and Kaori. The ghost is found by Yui then she uses the black box to temporarily merge their timelines. The ghost turns out to be Nagisa's great-grandmother, whose timeline was during the war. After they briefly conversed, Yui rejoins other club members as they find a wine cellar exit that would bring them back to villa. Nagisa shows a photo of her great-grandmother to her family's elder steward named Sakunoshin Honjō, who revealed about the latter's role as the founder of Uchihama Academy because of her meeting with a certain girl from the future. Back to the near future, Airi and Sō see a smiling Yui inside the tube machine, with him stating that she was having a good dream.


The visual novel In Search of the Lost Future has three theme songs sung by Miyuki Hashimoto: the opening theme "Mugen Mirai" (∞未来, "Infinite Future"), the insert song "Ray of Memories", Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games, and BlueCoat K9 Web Protection crack serial keygen ending theme "Salut.soleil!" ("Bye! Sun."). A single containing all three songs was released by Lantis on October 27, 2010.[20]

The anime's opening theme song is "Le jour" ("The Day") sung by Satomi Satō, and the ending theme song is "Ashita Mata Aeru yo ne" (明日また会えるよね, "We'll Meet Again Tomorrow, Right?"), with three different variations sung by Kaori Sasaki (Hatsumi Takada), Yui Furukawa (Akane Tomonaga), and them both. Both singles were released on October 22, 2014.[21][22]


From September to November 2010, In Search of the Lost Future ranked twice in the top ten in national PC game pre-orders in Japan. The rankings were at No. 3 from September to October, and No. 1 from October to November.[23]In Search of the Lost Future ranked first in Eroge Genre - PC Games - Hiu Games of national sales of PC games in Japan in November 2010.[24] The game ranked twice more at No. 43 for both December 2010 and February 2011.[24]


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Time flies and never comes back. But with an incredible 1-million-word script and 100+ original CGs, this game will take you back to when you were young, simple and pure. Go and get the love of your life back, start something new, or end everything in flame, that’s for you to decide!​

Last update: : 2019-11-08
Released: : 2019-11-08
Developer/Publisher: HL-Galgame/SakuraGame
Censorship: No Sexual Content
Version: 1.1F95
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voice Language: Chinese
Title: San Se △ Hui Lian -Tricolour Lovestory-
Original Title: 三色△?恋 -Tricolour Lovestory-
Aliases: A Story of a Boy Who Doesn’t Know How to Draw Out the True Love and Two Girls Who Want to Do So, 三色?恋
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)

2dcg, male protagonist, no sexual content, dating sim, romance, school setting, voiced

Install instructions: :

1 – Extract
2 – Run SmartSteamLoader

Note: False positive in AV/Malware.

Win: – – –

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