Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress

Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress

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Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress
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Ok, after seeing shit like this (comments) all the time, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress, I’ve decided to write a guide on how to pirate PC games. Read it a couple of times. Keep one very important thing in mind, THIS SHIT IS EASY. EASY LIKE PUNCHING A LITTLE KID AND TAKING THEIR CANDY. Once you’ve successfully pirated a few games and you understand all the conceptual stuff you’ll see what I mean. This guide is filled with a lot of information which, I realize, makes the whole process seem way more complicated than it is, but it’s information that you need to have to do it right to get the games to work. Also keep in mind that you can use this guide as a reference for pirating software, as well. Don’t worry…here we go, sirs.

To start with, before we begin the actual steps, here’s some general information:

First, use bittorrent to get your games, it’s simple, reliable and safe. I reccommend uTorrent. I’m not going to write about how to set up your torrent client properly, thereareplentyofguidesallovertheinternet, googlethatshit. I’m also not going to explain how to download a torrent. If you can’t keep track of where you’re dowloading shit to, sell your computer.

File extentions are the letters after a file name that tell you what type of file you’re dealing with. A file named OHELOTHERE.txt is a text file, its extension is .txt. A file named grossterriblethings.html is an html file, its extention is .html. If you don’t see file extensions when you’ve got a folder open on your computer (meaning if you see a file named something like OHELLOTHERE instead of OHELLOTHERE.txt) XP users follow these steps, Vista users follow these steps. If you’d rather not have file extensions be shown for aesthetic reasons or something, doing all of this will be a little more difficult.

You need some more software. There are two main pieces of software you’re going to need besides a bittorrent client. One is something to handle RAR/ZIP archives. I recomend 7zip, it’s free. You can also use WinRAR, incredibly popular because even though you’re supposed to pay for it, the trial never runs out. I cover how to work with both of them in this tutorial. The next thing you’re going to need is some disc emulation software. I recommend Daemon Tools, the lite version is free and perfectly suitable for our needs. What it does is basically makes your computer think that the Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress you’ve downloaded is actually a CD or DVD that’s been loaded into a drive instead of just some files on your computer.

K, you’ve got your client all set up and now you want to go get a torrent for a game. There are tons of torrent sites, findone.

1. Once you get your game all downloaded, browse to the directory where you downloaded it. You’ll see something like in the image below. If, instead, you only see a few files, skip ahead to the second sentence in step 6.

The directory that your files were downloaded to.

The directory that your files were downloaded to.

2. All of those crazy files are just parts of a few big files that have been split up, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress. This is a RAR archive. RAR archives are a way to take big files and make them a little smaller and a lot easier to transfer. This seems to be one of the biggest problems that people have with downloaded games. K, you need to get some software to unRAR the files Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress lke unzipping, don’t get scared). You can use WinRAR or 7zip, both work great. I’ll be using 7zip for this tutorial. Go and download either one and install it. Leave the default install options as they are. Next step.

3. In the image below, I’ve highlighted certain files. The one highlighted in blue is the file you need to worry about. The ones that are highlighted in red (and files like them), you won’t need to open or anything, don’t worry about them, just leave them be. To stress the point, ALL you need to worry about is the file that ends in .rar. The files with extensions like .r34. r01 .r12…you don’t need to worry about them. You do not need to open them. You do not need to extract any files from them. Leave them alone. I realize that, at first, to a person who isn’t used to dealing with RAR archives, it may seem like you need to do something with all of the files, that not doing anything with them doesn’t make sense. Just do what I say. If you decide to go ahead and mess with them, like so many people want to, then I told you so.

The main RAR file is highlighted in <a href=ZoneAlarm Pro 3.5.169 Final crack serial keygen Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress height="300">

The main RAR file is highlighted in blue.

4. Go ahead and double-click on the file with the extension .rar. A window will open that is similar to the one in the image Tag: mixcraft 8 registration code and id free. This shows the contents of the entire RAR archive, not just the .rar file. That’s why I stressed not messing with the .r04. r21 etc. files. Go ahead and close the window and go back to looking at the main RAR file in the directory that the game was downloaded to (first image in this guide). Right-click on the .rar file. Refer to the next image. Once you right-click the .rar file, you will see a similar context menu. I’ve highlighted two areas of the context menu. The upper-right red area is what you’ll want to pay attention to if you installed 7zip, while the other red area is what you’ll want to pay attention to if you installed WinRAR. Click whichever highlighted “Extract to” option is available.

The 7zip window. The WinRAR window is very similar.

The 7zip window. The WinRAR window is very similar.

The context menu.

The context menu.

5. The archive will begin decompressing. If you installed 7zip, you’ll see something similar to the next image. If you installed WinRAR you’ll see something similar to the image after that.

The 7zip extract dialog.

The 7zip extract dialog.

The WinRAR extract dialog.

The WinRAR extract dialog.

6. Let the extraction process finish. Once it’s done and the dialog is gone, go back to the directory that your game was downloaded to. You’ll see a new folder in there, which is where the game is. Double-click on that folder.

7. Now you’re looking at the actual game disc images, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress. Whatever the format, be it mds/mdf, bin/cue, iso, they’re all different formats of the same thing: a CD/DVD on your hard drive. That’s FabFilter Pro-Q3 Crack + License Key (mac) vst frree download you’re actually downloading, images of game discs. It is all the data on a CD/DVD, exactly copied to a hard drive. Now, we’ve got to make your computer think those files are ACTUAL discs that have been loaded into a physical CD/DVD drive. This is where Daemon Tools comes in. If you haven’t installed Daemon Tools (or some other disc emulation software, there’re lots) then shame on you for being slow, go install Daemon Tools. You may have to restart after installation so, see you in a bit. Welcome back. Open Daemon Tools.

8. With Daemon Tools opened, you won’t see a window or anything, just an icon in the system tray (bottom-right corner of your screen) like in the image below. The Daemon Tools icon is the red, non-blurry one on the left. Der. Go ahead and right-click on that icon.

The Daemon Tools icon in the system tray.

The Daemon Tools icon in the system tray.

9. You’ll see 5 options when you right-click on the Daemon Tools icon: Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, Emulation, Options, Help and Exit. Click on Options. In the Options submenu, make sure Secure Mode, Automount and InUse Check are checked, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress, you do that by clicking on them if they aren’t checked. You can check the other two if you want, but I prefer not to just because I don’t like a bunch of shit opening when Windows starts. Next, click on Emulation. In the Emulation submenu, click All options ON. The tray icon will turn green. With all of the emulation options on, basically…your game won’t be interfered with by stupid DRM bullshit like Securom that is designed to keep pirated games from running. Now we need to look at the Virtual CD/DVD-Rom submenu. Click on that and you’ll see something like the image below. The Device 0, Device 1, etc. options are where you’re going to set up your virtual drives. The Unmount all drives option will, shocker, unmount any virtual drives that you’ve set up. The Set number of devices should be self-explanatory. You don’t need to worry about it right now.

The CD/DVD-ROM submenu.

The CD/DVD-ROM submenu.

10. In the Virtual CD/DVD-ROM submenu, click on the first device at the top of the list and in its submenu, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress, click Mount Image. A dialog window will open titled “Select new image file.” Browse to where you extracted the .rar archive to. It’s the folder inside the folder where you downloaded the torrent to…if you’ve been following instructions. Now here is another part where people get confused. You may see two files or just one file. If there are two, select either one, Daemon Tools is intuitive enough to figure shit out. If there’s one file…well, select the one file. Now go open My computer. You’ll see that you have a new CD drive that wasn’t there before. You’ve sucessfully tricked your computer into thinking that the stuff you downloaded is an inserted game disc rather than just some files on your computer. Go ahead and right-click on the new CD drive in the My Computer window and click AutoPlay. Whatever game you downloaded, it’s install/go/wtf ever dialog will open.

11. Install the game and take note of the directory where the game is installed. Once the game is installed, do not start the game. Now we move on to another part of pirating games that a lot of people have a fucking fuckload problems with: cracking.

12. There are a few different ways that games are cracked, the main two being a NO-CD crack and, the other, a mini-image crack. The first one, a NO-CD crack is an .exe file that is placed in the games installed-to directory, overwriting an original .exe. This method allows you to play the game without having a CD inserted, as many games require an inserted game CD to play. The other way of cracking a game, a mini-image, is using a disc emulation application like Daemon Tools to mount a very small disc image with just enough information in it to make the game think that the correct game CD has been inserted.

13. The NO-CD method. First you need to find the NO-CD .exe. It’s usually included either in a folder with the original .rar. r01, blah blah files that you downloaded. So let’s say the game I downloaded was originally downloaded to D:\downloaded\Silent.Hill.3\. I would browse to that folder and look for a folder with either the release team name (like RELOADED, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress, Paradox or Deviance) in it or the word crack in it. Another common location for the crack is within the actual disc images, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress. Go back to My Computer and right-click on the drive that we emulated in step 10 and click Explore. Now you’re looking at the contents of the emulated disc. Look for a folder with the word crack or a release team name (like RELOADED, Paradox or Deviance) in it. In the game that I downloaded, Silent Hill 3, the crack is Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress in a folder titled Deviance within the disc image. The file inside that folder is titled sh3.exe. This is the NO-CD crack. If the game you’ve downloaded comes with a mini-image crack, all you’ve got to do is find the mdf/mds, bin/cue or iso files (just like the NO-CD method, usually in a folder with crack or a release team name in the title) and mount them with Daemon Tools. Pow.

14. Now that I’ve found the crack, all I’ve got to do is copy the crack to the installed game directory. The game that I’ve downloaded and installed, Silent Hill 3, was installed to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\SILENT HILL 3\ and the file that I need to replace with the crack is right in that directory. So now, in two separate folders, you’re looking at two files with the same name. One is in the directory that the game was installed to and the other is in whatever directory the cracked .exe is in. Click the .exe file in the crack directory and copy it, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress. Switch back to the games install directory and right-click on the game file (sh3.exe, in this case) and click Rename. We’re doing this just to be safe, in case the crack doesn’t work. I’ll rename it to sh3.exebackup. I don’t leave them named as Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress files like this just in case the game you’re cracking looks for the original file to see if it’s been renamed. Now paste the cracked .exe into that directory. The game is cracked. You can play now.

More information.

Sometimes cracks that you download along with a game won’t work. Not to worry, if you’ve followed instructions you still have the original installed files as backups. To get a working crack, there are lots of sites that offer them, the two largest being GameCopyWorld and GameBurnWorld. Go get a crack from one of those sites and go to step 14 for a NO-CD and step 13 for a mini-image.

nfo files. Games that are worth arcade vst crack Archives shit from release teams that are worth a shit will have an .nfo file included somewhere. You can right-click on these files, click “Open With” and click Notepad. These files are just text files with a different extension. They contain lots of information concerning the release like specific install instructions, serial numbers, stuff like that. Always read the .nfo. Also, if you don’t associate .nfo files with a text editor like Notepad, Windows will try and open them with the System Information utility, which will get you nowhere as far as pirating a game goes.

Finding the right directory when cracking a game. Let’s use the game from the tutorial as an example. The game was installed to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\SILENT HILL 3\ and the .exe file (or other files) that I needed to replace was right there. Some games, like Spore, don’t have the .exe right in the topmost install directory like that. The file you need to replace to get Spore cracked is in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin. That’s the directory you would copy the cracked .exe to, not C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\.

Keygens. Often times games with come with .exe files called key generators that will generate a CD key using the same algorithm that the company who released the game uses to generate keys so you can use the shit when you install a game. They’re usually in the same directory as the cracked .exe or in a directory with the name of a release team. Anti-virus software often reports keygens as trojans but, if whatever you downloaded came from a reputable team, then you’ll be fine with ignoring any alerts concerning the keygen.

Fucking SecuROM. I’ve had my computer infected with SecuROM before and I used this guide to help me remove it. That guide is specifically for the BioShock demo, but can be applied to just about any SecuROM infection. If you find that guide to be too complicated or nonsensical, post a comment and I’ll get around to writing a simpler guide to SecuROM removal. I’m lazy.

Feel free to comment with questions/suggestions concerning anything I might have left out of the guide or…whatever. If you ask a question, don’t forget to check back for an answer, heh. Have fun and good luck 😉

Like this:


Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]



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Yandere Simulator is still in development, but you can download a demo build to get a sense of what the final version will be like. Before playing the demo, please keep the following information in mind:

  • Some features are currently missing or unfinished.
  • The demo uses placeholder graphics and animations; the final game will have much better graphics and animations.
  • Yandere Simulator does not contain pornographic content, but it is intended to be played by adults. This game is not appropriate for children.

If your download stops halfway, you only have two options: try re-downloading it, or wait until I have a better method for delivering the game to you.

Please visit this page to learn Winrar product key keygen,serial,crack,generator,unlock to download Yandere Simulator:


If the launcher doesn’t work, there are a couple of alternatives you could try…

Direct download from the official website, last updated on November 18th, 3:50 AM:


Mediafire link from November 18th, 3:50 AM:


Mega link for the build from November 18th, 3:50 AM:


Softpedia Mirror:


MadDownload Mirror:


Archives of old builds:



Like this:


Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]

Tools required for Direct downloading

Are you a hardcore gamer, but doesn’t want to spend money on PC gaming. Well, many people prefer to play pirated games. Since it is free and cracked. Most of the pirated PC games are available on torrent. But torrent sucks for larger file download, because it is slower.

NOTE: This is only for Direct Download Cracked PC Games. If you want more sites, you should check Best Sites to Download Cracked PC Games.

bet sites to direct download pc games

So what if there is a Direct Download option to download PC cracked games. It gives you full speed according to your internet speed. Pretty cool right, Well I have gathered a list of sites that support Direct downloading for PC games.

Also Read:

You can use your chrome downloader or whatever browser downloader you have, but they are not reliable. If once the download paused or cancelled, it might not gonna resume, you have to download from the beginning. Hence use these tools for better download management.


It is a free and opensource tool. It supports multiple downloads simultaneously and also supports link grabber, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress, which comes in handy when downloading games. Features like auto-extract archives, password enabler, scheduler, etc.



  • Link grappler.
  • Download several files at once.
  • Plugins available.


Yeah, most of you know this already. But it is not just a downloader, Fall guys ultimate knockout keygen,serial,crack,generator also supports link grabbing and many other features like the JDownloader. Batch downloading is the technique required most of the times when downloading larger games.



  • One click download.
  • Controls download speed.
  • Batch downloading.
  • Multiple link downloader.

IDM Downloader

Here is the list of sites that I personally tested and used for a while. If the game you looking for is not available in one site you can just go to another site that has the game.

NOTE: Get the game as soon as possible when it released, because some older game links can be expired or deleted.

1. Cracked-games

cracked games

Completely free and best site to download cracked pc games. Very simple user interface and also it does not contains ad, that is the main reason it is the best recommended website, Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress. You can just go to any games you want and scroll down to bottom for downloading options. Directly download from Mega site and also torrent link is present if you wish.


2. World of PC Games


Another best and free website to download cracked pc games. Most of the games even older games are updated regularly. Also you can download console games and pc apps for free in this site. Highly compressed games are available and below 5gb collection is available.

World of PC Games

3. Cpy-crack

cpy crack

This site is updated each and every day. The pc cracked games are available very soon in this website. And the unique feature is that it provides only direct download options. All you have to do is just download the installer for the game, then open the installer it will automatically download the full cracked pc games. Very easy to use.


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4. Skidrow & Reloaded

skidrow reloaded

Great 2 repack sites are combined to make a better place to download cracked PC games for free. Skidrow and Reloaded provide pretty much all AAA games to download. You can easily go for any games you like then download it. Multiple direct download links available.

Skidrow & Reloaded

5. IGG Games

igg games

Igg games Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress really a good amount of games. Because it has tons of games already and keep uploading the newer games as well. It provides multiple download link, even one link failed there are almost 5-7 links available to download cracked pc games.

IGG Games

6. FitGirl Repack

firgirl repack

One of my favorite, and I use this site most of the time. Because it highly compresses the game to the lowest possible size. And also provides multiple torrent links along with direct download links. Even the torrent links are faster in Fitgirl repacks. Selective downloads available to even lower the game size by only installing english voice.

FitGirl Repacks

7. New games box


Very simple interface to download. And it also does not contains ads. Latest cracked games are available to download at full speed. Easily search via category or genre you wish.

New Games Box

8. RG-Mechanics

rg mechanics repack

Yes, you heard that right,it’s rg mechanics repack, the god of the pirated games once and for all. But it is not the official since, it only provides torrent links. This rg mechanics replica provides Direct download option for the pc game cracked by RG mechanics.

RG Mechanics Games

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9. Dz Repack

dz repack team

Another great repack provided by dz team. They also highly compressed and also multiple links Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress provided. You can easily just copy the links and paste in the link grappler in Jsdownloader. Then it automatically starts downloading.

DZ Repackteam


These Log In ‹ Crack Pc games rar — WordPress the best sites to download cracked pc games directly without torrent. Don,t forgot to use the downloading tools that I mentioned above for seamless experience. Also this is only for direct download, so you can check best sites to download cracked pc games. I hope you found the game you want and enjoy playing it.

Justin B J

This is Justin! Feel free to ping me out if you have any queries regarding about TECH STUFFS.

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]

download free game of chess

Download games for PC now! No payments, no registration required, get 100 full version downloadable games. Trusted and safe download. Windows 8 crack serial keygen Chess Titans 1.0. A fun, 3D-chess video game from Oberon Games. Get the Chess app for your mobile device and play chess games with friends around the world! IWin offers the best PC games, with download games added daily. Find over 2500 relaxing and challenging games across a variety of genres, including hidden object games, puzzle games, match-3 games, time management and tycoon games, solitaire games and mahjong games. Download games for today at iWin! Chess Game. Chess will help to improve your chess skills and become a better tournament or casual chess player. Download Chess for ! Download PC games now! All games are 100no payments, no registration required. Download Puzzle, Racing, Match 3, Hidden Objects games. ChessZone – the unique chess school online. chess books, games, chess software.


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