Code Vein multiplayer Archives

Code Vein multiplayer Archives

Code Vein features a cooperative multiplayer feature that let's you play with other players. This guide on How To Play Read More» · Where To Find The Eagle. Bandai Namco has confirmed that their upcoming action RPG Code Vein will indeed feature multiplayer support. So you'll be able to join up with your vampire. The Code Vein demo update will add a new playable zone and the ability to play with others online.

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Code Vein

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Code Vein demo update includes new area and online co-op

The demo for Code Vein will receive new content tomorrow, bringing online co-op along for the ride.

The Code Vein demo update will add a new playable zone and the ability to play with others online.

Depths: Town of Sacrifice is the new zone where players will fight against previously defeated bosses. This will allow you to acquire haze, new weapons and upgrades material.

Enemies appearing in the zone will be more powerful than what you played previously in the demo.

Code Vein was originally slated for a September 2018 release before being pushed into 2019.

It releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One September 27.

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Bandai Namco Announces Multiplayer For Code Vein

Bandai Namco has kept mum on whether or not its upcoming action/RPG in the vein of Dark Souls will have multiplayer. Today, on its official Twitter account, it confirmed that multiplayer will indeed be a part of the experience. 

It seems that feedback requesting the feature caused the team to make it a reality. The tweet doesn't say much regarding what this aspect of the game will entail but does say you can explore the world with other players or send a request if you need help with an area. 

You've been asking for it and we listened! CODE VEIN will have MULTIPLAYER! You can explore the world of VEIN with other players and you can send a request in an area that you need help in! CODE VEIN is coming to X1, PS4, and PC in 2018. Stay tuned for more info!

— Bandai Namco US (@BandaiNamcoUS) February 15, 2018

Code Vein launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. 

For more on the game, you can read our hands-on impressions here.

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Icon Name Description T Archives010 UI.pngAwakening (Part 1) As you awaken, you are under the attentive watch of a mysterious young woman. Your memory is blank, and the pangs of thirst gnaw at you, but with the girl's guidance, you begin to walk through a ruined city. T Archives079 UI.pngAwakening (Part 2) Racked with pain, you reach your destination: a dried-up spring. Your blood causes it to flow again, and the miasma nearby fades. You now know that you have a unique power. T Archives011 UI.pngThralldom You are captured by revenants that take you underground. They are on a mission to collect blood beads. Your companion is taken hostage, and you set off to find her along with a fellow captive named Oliver. T Archives012 UI.pngMad Thrall During the search for blood beads, an attack by a Lost revenant destroyed Oliver's purifier mask. Too wounded to continue, he gives you directions and you press on by yourself. T Archives013 UI.pngBloodspring As the mysterious young woman showed you in the ruins, you give your own blood to a dry spring, bringing it back to life. It produces a single blood bead. T Archives014 UI.pngOliver Lost Your prize in hand, you rush back to the revenants, only to find them wiped out. Oliver succumbed to bloodthirst, became one of the Lost, and killed them all. The gravity of the situation stuns you, but a stranger arrives to offer help. T Archives015 UI.pngVestiges (Part 1) With the aid of your unnamed ally, you defeat Oliver and are reunited with the young woman. Afterward, you discover a strange stone called a Vestige that calls out to you. T Archives080 UI.pngVestiges (Part 2) As though bewitched by the voice, your hand reaches out to the Vestige and all of you are engulfed in a blinding light. T Archives016 UI.pngUnprecedented Talent After experiencing Oliver's memories through the Vestige together, the man introduces himself as Louis and takes you and the young woman to his home base. T Archives017 UI.pngGaol of the Mists After arriving at home base, you look from a balcony and watch the Red Mist that cloaks the land while Louis tells you about the bleak state of the world. T Archives018 UI.pngInvestigating Bloodsprings In his research into blood beads, Louis has discovered that the bloodsprings share a common source located somewhere in the area. He asks for your help in clearing the miasma that was blocking his efforts to find it. You agree, and Louis's friend Yakumo sets out with you in search of the Source. T Archives081 UI.pngMiasma Dispelled You successfully activate the mistle at the city's entrance, clearing the miasma blocking the road forward. Upon witnessing this, Louis and Yakumo again request your aid. T Archives019 UI.pngBloodstains While combing through the city, you find a bloodstain left by a human. You meet a revenant looking for an escaped human. Wanting to ensure their safety, you join in the search. T Archives020 UI.pngHunted When you arrive, the human you seek is about to be captured by a revenant. Just as you are about to attempt a rescue, a local Lost creature known as the Butterfly of Delirium awakens and attacks. T Archives021 UI.pngEscapee When the revenant revives, Louis says he will take the human. The revenant strongly objects, and Louis offers a number of blood beads in exchange. Once the deal is complete, the party heads out in the direction the human fled. T Archives022 UI.pngHumans and Revenants The human presses a knife against her own throat and demands to be set free. Louis gives her a map that will take her to a protective shelter, believing that the world should be a safer place. T Archives023 UI.pngFragment of Memory As the party reaches the dried-up trenches, the view that greets them demonstrates the vastness of the damage caused in the Great Collapse. In this place, Louis finds a Vestige of himself. T Archives024 UI.pngLouis's Thoughts After viewing his own lost memory, Louis is instilled with a renewed desire to find the Source and atone for his past sins. T Archives082 UI.pngDespot Arise In search of the source of all bloodsprings, the party reaches the dried-up trenches. Little did they know that the Insatiable Despot is waiting ahead. T Archives026 UI.pngA Haunting Melody Investigating the activated bloodspring's flow reveals that the Source lies back along the path you took from the city. As the party contemplates this puzzle, you hear a strange song and see a great, lattice-like barrier dissolve. T Archives027 UI.pngThe Hunter Beyond the dissolved lattice, you spot the Hunter with an unknown woman. Nearby a revenant lies dead, but as you move to confront the pair, they suddenly escape. T Archives028 UI.pngHumanity During a rest at the mistle in the Howling Pit, seeing Yakumo with his cheeks stuffed full of onigiri raises eyebrows, so he explains what this cuisine means to him. T Archives029 UI.pngWandering Siblings The flow from the Howling Pit's activated bloodspring leads back toward the city you came from. As you make your way to return, a young woman accosts you, demanding blood beads. She needs them to save her younger brother Nicola from frenzy. T Archives030 UI.pngStolen Life The party hurries toward the sound of a scream, and finds Mia, her head down, next to the Hunter with his blade drawn. Her gaze is locked on a heap of ashes that were once Nicola, but concerns about Mia are swept aside by an attack by the Invading Executioner. T Archives031 UI.pngBereaved Mia tries to gather Nicola's ashes in her hands. As they slip through her fingers, a Vestige suddenly appears. She reflexively grabs the stone and falls unconscious, and the party is pulled into recorded memory. T Archives032 UI.pngFractured Heart The party is bewildered by the memory carved into the Vestige, but there is little time to digest what has been witnessed with Mia beginning to suffer from loss. You rush her back to your home base for treatment. T Archives033 UI.pngMia's Dream Asleep in a room at the base, Mia dreams of the Hunter walking with Nicola on a snowy mountain. T Archives034 UI.pngNew Destination Awakened from her dream, Mia slips out of her room with Nicola's hat in hand. While examining a map, she sees a photograph that depicts a landscape similar to the one she had just seen. T Archives035 UI.pngFresh Clues The bloodvein research was finished, but the party was unsure of what to do next when Mia arrived with information that shed new light on the situation. She joins you with the goal of finding the mountain from her dream. T Archives036 UI.pngA Cheerier Home With the addition of Mia to the group, home base grows livelier. Yakumo reveals that he is looking for his old comrades, and Louis's heart is moved by seeing his companions engage in friendly chatter. T Archives037 UI.pngThe Correct Path With new knowledge provided by Mia, you continue to explore the city and at last find an undiscovered spring. You walk in the direction that the bloodvein flows from, certain it will lead you to the Source. T Archives001 UI.pngThe Infirmary Revenants are able to regenerate any damage as long as their hearts remain intact. However, reviving in this way can cause them to suffer memory loss. Anyone recovering in this way has their memory checked. T Archives002 UI.pngYour Form Moments after you regain consciousness, you are called back to battle. You put on a purifier mask to ward off miasma, and Karen wishes you luck as you leave the infirmary. T Archives086 UI.pngInto the Final Fray The enemy's line cracks, and the Queen's evil influence is slowly but surely pushed back. You are partnered with the veteran revenant Jack and make for the center of the battle. T Archives005 UI.pngBrief Respite On the way, you and Jack come across some withered mistle. He instructs you to apply medicine made from the Queen's blood to it. When you do, it becomes active. He explains that the Queen was once an ordinary revenant like the two of you. T Archives006 UI.pngWaylaid As you search for the Queen, a Lost giant suddenly blocks your path. It is the Queen's Knight, a grim example of the rot she brings. T Archives007 UI.pngThe Queen Arrives After somehow managing to defeat the Queen's Knight, before you can even catch your breath, the Queen herself appears before you. T Archives008 UI.pngConclusion With the aid of Silva, the Queen is forced back. However, an unexpected attack knocks away your purifier mask. You inhale a lungful of thirst-accelerating miasma, but are able to stab your Blood Veil into your nemesis with your last ounce of strength. T Archives085 UI.pngBlood Commingled As the Queen's blood mixes with your own, your entire body goes through rejection. Jack, wanting to spare his partner from the torment of frenzy, delivers a coup de grace aimed at your heart. T Archives038 UI.pngThreads of Memory Deep within the cathedral, you meet a woman who bears a resemblance to Io. She says, "Please, I beg of you, use your power now" before handing you a Vestige. T Archives039 UI.pngGuardian of the Gate A massive gate bars the party's progress, but gesturing the way the woman taught you causes it to slowly open. Beyond the portal, as though standing watch, is a giant foe. T Archives040 UI.pngOminious Crystal Though you defeat the enemy that blocks your way, a massive Vestige appears as it disperses, knitting it back together instantly. The party readies for battle again, this time with the goal of destroying the Vestige. T Archives041 UI.pngCorruption and Resonance You attempt to destroy the huge Vestige, but none of your attacks can even mar its surface. Suddenly, your mind flashes back into the past, and your hand moves toward the crystal as though being pulled by an invisible string. T Archives042 UI.pngMeeting Aurora In the memory within the Vestige, you meet Aurora before she frenzied, and she reveals to you new facts about the Source and the true nature of the world. T Archives046 UI.pngAurora's Revival With her memory echo returned, Aurora makes a miraculous recovery. Though her body remains in its Lost shape, her human awareness is restored. The party's next destination is the Source, so you start moving toward the gate Aurora has watched over. T Archives043 UI.pngBeyond the Gate* When the party returns from Aurora's memory echo, Louis finally understands what the Source really is and walks with conviction toward the gate that Aurora guarded for so long. T Archives044 UI.pngThe Source of Blood Beads Past the gateway is Louis's older sister, Karen, who has root-like tendrils growing from her. Louis is astonished at his sister's sacrifice. The party sets out in search of the Successors in order to put an end to the disaster caused by the Queen. T Archives045 UI.pngCarrier of the Blood As the party makes their way back, they are attacked by the Hunter. He learns he has found the Successor of the Blood, who holds the power to suppress frenzy caused by relics, a power he thought lost to time. He desires this, but leaves to tend to his ally after a sudden change befalls her. T Archives083 UI.pngIo's Determination With Leda's Vestige, Io restored her power back. What could be the propose of life for being an Attendant? To find the answer, she asked to join the fight. T Archives047 UI.pngNicola's Ghost The party arrives at the place Mia saw in her dream, and you are met by the ghost of Nicola. He vanishes without a word, and Mia discovers a Vestige where he was. T Archives048 UI.pngThe Real Nicola The Vestige reveals that Nicola was a Successor. The Nicola who turned to ash was a copy created by the original when he took up that mantle. Learning this, Mia has to know the entire truth and goes deeper inside. T Archives049 UI.pngHalting Frenzy When the party arrives at the Successor's Crypt, you witness copies of Nicola trying to hold you off as the true Nicola draws ever close to frenzy. You draw your weapons, ready to set the boy free. T Archives050 UI.pngLiberation As with Aurora, when the Successor disperses, the relic appears. Mia reaches out for it, and a blinding light envelops the party, drawing you all into the memory stored inside. T Archives051 UI.pngMeeting Nicola Mia and Nicola are reunited in memory, where they can at last say the words they longed to tell each other. When this is done, Nicola is reduced to a mere statue. T Archives053 UI.pngNicola's Revival With the memory echo returned to Nicola, his human awareness is restored. Mia says that her journey is over and shakes your hand in farewell. However, a new flame lights within her and she decides to continue traveling with you. T Archives052 UI.pngGratitude* When you take in the relic, ashes are all that remains of Nicola. Mia says that her journey is over and shakes your hand in farewell. However, a new flame lights within her and she decides to continue traveling with you. T Archives077 UI.pngA Call for Help After you return to home base, Eva arrives, wounded and asking for aid. You learn of the burden and purpose she and the Hunter share, and the party sets out to rescue Jack. When you are told that a Successor named Mido rests on your path, Yakumo quivers with barely-contained rage. T Archives054 UI.pngDark Omen Inside a cavern, the party finds Jack, who is waiting for word from Eva. When he learns that Mido, who should be asleep, attacked her and stole her relics, he heads off alone to take them back. Spurred by unease, the party decides to hunt Mido as well. T Archives084 UI.pngDemonic Deeds Miguel's memory reveals that the scientist Mido is still performing experiments. You vow to put an end to them and prevent further suffering. T Archives055 UI.pngMournful Cry Yakumo is shocked when a Vestige shows him that Mido turned Emily into a Successor. The party hurries toward her Crypt to help her. T Archives056 UI.pngYakumo's Determination Your search for the Successor carries the party to the far reaches of the City of Falling Flame, where you find a transformed Emily. Hoping to free her from her torment, Yakumo confronts her. T Archives057 UI.pngQuieting a Relic After Emily disperses, the relic she carried appears. Yakumo asks for your help, and when you reach for it, you are enveloped by a blinding light and drawn into a memory inside the relic. T Archives058 UI.pngMeeting Emily Within the memory, Yakumo and Emily can finally see each other again. Emily enjoys onigiri Yakumo made himself, and after this miraculous reunion, Emily turns into a statue. T Archives060 UI.pngEmily's Revival When the memory echo is returned to Emily, her human awareness is restored once more. She and Yakumo exchange a childish but meaningful promise. When they are done talking, Yakumo looks up again with clear, steady eyes. T Archives059 UI.pngHidden Tears* When you take in the relic, ashes are all that remains of Emily. Yakumo stands perfectly still, staring at all that is left of his friend. Surprising even himself, Louis consoles Yakumo, who looks up again with clear, steady eyes. T Archives061 UI.pngMido's Treachery Mido swaggers in front of the party with friends in tow. Jack strikes at him in vain, and the party is overwhelmed by Mido's terrifying might. He mockingly informs you that Eva's relic is frenzying, and the party hurries after her. T Archives062 UI.pngResolution Jack hesitates, but eventually moves to end the life of Eva, who once soothed frenzy with her voice. However, she grabs the blade that is about to pierce her heart, and Jack confronts his frenzied comrade. T Archives063 UI.pngOnce More Once the frenzied Eva disperses, the relics she carried appear. Wanting Jack to see her one more time, you reach for them and are engulfed in blinding light as you and your friends are pulled into her memory. T Archives064 UI.pngMeeting Eva Jack and Eva reunite inside her memory. They share their true feelings, and Eva sings a gentle song at Jack's request. At last, Eva becomes a quiet statue. T Archives066 UI.pngEva's Revival Perhaps due to the swiftness of your actions, Eva is restored to her former self when you return her memory to her. Jack reveals that the Red Mist is a lattice made by Silva, and he and Eva join you in your mission to stop Mido's plot to resurrect the Queen. T Archives065 UI.pngDuty* You absorb Eva's relics, and nothing is left of her but ash. Jack reveals that the Red Mist is a lattice made by Silva, and he joins you in your mission to stop Mido's plot to resurrect the Queen. T Archives067 UI.pngDistorted Life The party moves through the Crypt Spire, at last catching up to Mido, but your progress is blocked by two Lost created by the madman. He sneers back at you before he opens the gate and disappears. T Archives068 UI.pngTrue Purpose The party confronts Mido, determined to put an end to his plot, but his actual aim was not the resurrection of the Queen after all. He kills his minions, and the relics they carried fly away. Monitors nearby display the Red Mist and provisional government buildings. T Archives069 UI.pngSilva's Frenzy One after another, the relics released by Mido stab into Silva. Unable to withstand the corruption, his body begins to change shape. The Red Mist that covers the world loses its color and finally fades away entirely. T Archives087 UI.pngThe Red Mist With the Red Mist gone, revenants shout with joy at their newfound freedom. However, this cheer is cut short by the arrival of vicious horrors. Powerless to stop the creatures, it looks like the bitter end, but the Red Mist returns, saving the revenants' lives. T Archives071 UI.pngFated Showdown Heroically fighting off corruption, Silva restores the Red Mist. As the party turns to confront Mido and stop him from ending the world, he begins to explain the truth behind the Red Mist and what he intends to do. T Archives072 UI.pngSteel Will After a titanic battle, Mido is turned to ash and a grave threat to the world removed. However, it is only a matter of time before Silva frenzies. Resolved, the party rushes to meet him. T Archives073 UI.pngThe Final Battle When the party arrives in the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood in the heart of the provisional government, Silva is waiting, already past the brink of madness. The last battle begins as his roar echoes and you draw your weapons. T Archives078 UI.pngHeirs* In order to carry on Silva's duty, you take all of the relics from his body. Unable to withstand the corruption, you begin to transform into the Queen. Louis stops her resurrection by ending your life. The Gaol of the Mists sleeps once more, thanks to your sacrifice. T Archives074 UI.pngTo Eternity* Silva's relics frenzy, drawing in relics from across the land and transforming him into the Queen. The fight against her is hard, but you are victorious. You take the relics into your own body so that you can maintain the Red Mist as Silva had, and the Gaol of the Mists sleeps unchanged. T Archives075 UI.pngHopes Entwined Silva frenzies, turning into the Queen. You win the hard battle against her, and as you move to absorb the relics to maintain the Red Mist, Io takes them on instead, turning into the Weeping Tree, budding with blood beads and leaving a single amber blood bead in farewell. T Archives076 UI.pngDweller in the Dark You say goodbye to Io, the Weeping Tree, and wanting to reduce human suffering, start off alone toward the outside world, ready to help anyone. However, Louis and your friends have followed you. Your bonds are inseparable, and you travel together to a new world.
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Review: Code Vein (PS4 Pro)Review: Code Vein (PS4 Pro)

Review: Code Vein (PS4 Pro)

In the same vein as Souls games, but different.

Charlie Small

Game releases for September 2019 – with predictions!Game releases for September 2019 – with predictions!

Game releases for September 2019 – with predictions!


Looting, vreeming and anime vampires. These are the games of September.

Marko Swanepoel

Code Vein gets a September release dateCode Vein gets a September release date

Code Vein gets a September release date


Get ready to step into a dark and hostile world

Charlie Small

Code Vein delayed to 2019 to ‘exceed expectations’Code Vein delayed to 2019 to ‘exceed expectations’
Code Vein will get a release date on the 5th of JuneCode Vein will get a release date on the 5th of June

Code Vein will get a release date on the 5th of June


You read that right, it is an announcement of an announcement for a vampire anime game. Get hyped.

Marko Swanepoel

Multiplayer mechanics detailed for Code VeinMultiplayer mechanics detailed for Code Vein

Multiplayer mechanics detailed for Code Vein


You will be able to request assistance from others to ensure your efforts aren't in vein.

Ashwar Jacobs

New screenshots and characters shown off from Code VeinNew screenshots and characters shown off from Code Vein

New screenshots and characters shown off from Code Vein


Without a doubt, Code Vein is looking absolutely delicious.

Ashwar Jacobs

Code Vein gets a slick announcement trailer and a couple of pretty screenshotsCode Vein gets a slick announcement trailer and a couple of pretty screenshots

Code Vein is the new vampire JRPG from Bandai Namco


Bandai Namco, publisher of the Souls series as well as many popular Japanese titles, has officially revealed their new game titled Code Vein. We received a stylish teaser trailer a little while ago that showed a pretty dark and broody aesthetic coupled with anime people that seemed to have fangs. Check out the trailer if you need a refresher: We now know that game is Code Vein and it has been desc...

Marko Swanepoel

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Opinion you: Code Vein multiplayer Archives

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Code Vein multiplayer Archives

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