Autodesk Maya LT 2022 Key Features:

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Autodesk Maya LT 2022 Key Features:

Recommended Hardware for Maya: Processor (CPU) • Video Card (GPU) • Memory (RAM) • Storage (Hard Drives). Like most software developers, Autodesk maintains. Key features of AutoCAD LT 2022. COUNT command. Added the COUNT command, a very useful automation that reduces manual work and reduces the likelihood of errors. The very powerful rendering capabilities allow users to handle large animated scenes as well. Maya 3D Animation Software provides a. Autodesk Maya LT 2022 Key Features:

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Wavefront, Jos Stam shared an Academy Award for Technical Achievement with Edwin Catmull and Tony DeRose for their invention and application of subdivision surfaces.[15]

On February 8, 2008, Duncan Brinsmead, Jos Stam, Julia Pakalns and Martin Werner received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the design and implementation of the Maya Fluid Effects system.[16][17]

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200442700OS_AUTH_6_0FOnsite R642800INVBUN_6_0FInventor Series 642900CIVSER_2004_0FCivil Series 200443100MAP_6_0FMap R643200ARCHDESK_2004_0FArchitectural Desktop 2004 and Pre-Release43300ACDLAND_2004_0FLand Desktop 200443400AMECH_PP_2004_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 200443500INVBUN_7_0FInventor Series 743600MAP_2004_0FMap 200443800OS_AUTH_7_0FOnsite R743900MAPSER_6_0FMap Series 644200ADTRPVS_10_1FCAiCE Visual Survey 10.144200VISPE_10_0F44200VISPE_10_0F44300ADTRPVR_10_1FVisual Roads 10.144300VISPE_10_0F44300VISPE_10_0F44400ADTRPVD_10_1FVisual Drainage 10.144500ADTRPVC_10_1FVisual Construction 10.144600ADTRPVSR_10_1FVisual Survey and Roads 10.144600VISPE_10_0F44600VISPE_10_0F44700ADTRPVB_10_1FVisual Bridge 10.144800ADTRPVL_10_1FVisual Landscape 10.145000BLDSYS_2004_0FBuilding Systems 200445100OS_AUTH_8_0FEnvision R845200MAPSER_2004_0FMap Series 200445300A-SURV_2004_0FAutodesk Survey 200445400A-CIVDES_2004_0FCivil Design 2004455003DSMAX_6_0FAutodesk 3ds max R645600INVPRO_7_0FInventor Professional 745900AMECH_PP_2004DX_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 2004 DX46000INVPRO_8_0FInventor Professional 846100INVBUN_8_0FInventor Series 846300ACD_2005_0FAutoCAD 200546400INVBUN_9_0FInventor Series 946500CIVSER_2005_0FCivil Series 200546600MAP_2005_0FMap 3D 200546700ARCHDESK_2005_0FArchitectural Desktop 200546800ACDLAND_2005_0FLand Desktop 200546900AMECH_PP_2005_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 200547000MAPSER_2005_0FMap Series 200547100BLDSYS_2005_0FBuilding Systems 200547200INVPRO_9_0FInventor Professional 947300ACAD_E_2004_0FAutoCAD Electrical 200447400ACAD_E_2005_0FAutoCAD Electrical 200547600REVITS_1_0FAutoCAD Revit Series R1477003DSMAX_7_0FAutodesk 3ds max R747800VIZ_2005_0FVIZ 200548000A-SURV_2005_0FAutodesk Survey 200548100A-CIVDES_2005_0FCivil Design 200548200ARDES_2005_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 200548300CIV3D_2004_0FAutodesk Civil 3D 200448400CIV3D_2005_0FAutodesk Civil 3D 200548400REVITS_2_0FRevit 6.148500REVITS_2_0FAutoCAD Revit Series R248600GEN_UDS_2005_0FAutodesk Utility Design 200548700REVIT_7_0FRevit 7.048700VIZ_2006_0FVIZ 200648800ACD_2006_0FAutoCAD 200648900INVBUN_10_0FInventor Series 1049000INVPRO_10_0FInventor Professional 1049100ARCHDESK_2006_0FArchitectural Desktop 200649200ACDLAND_2006_0FLand Desktop 200649300MAP_2006_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 200649400AMECH_PP_2006_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 200649500BLDSYS_2006_0FBuilding Systems 200649600ACAD_E_2006_0FAutoCAD Electrical 200649700CIV3D_2006_0FAutodesk Civil 3D 200649800REVITS_7_0FAutoCAD Revit Series 7.049900COMBUST_4_0FCombustion R44DISOGEN - Batch50100REVIT_8_0FRevit Building 8.050200REVITST_1_0FRevit Structural 1.050300REVITS_8_0FAutoCAD Revit Series 8.050400A-SURV_2006_0FAutodesk Survey 200650500ARDES_2006_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 2006506003DSMAX_8_0FAutodesk 3ds max R850700REVITS_8_1FAutoCAD Revit Series 8.150800UTLDESN_2006_0FAutodesk Utility Design 200650900REVIT_8_1FRevit Building 8.151000REVITST_2_0FRevit Structural 2.051100REVITSYS_0_5FRevit Systems 151200ACD_2007_0FAutoCAD 200751300INVBUN_11_0FInventor Series 1151400INVPRO_11_0FInventor Professional 1151500ARCHDESK_2007_0FArchitectural Desktop 200751600ACDLAND_2007_0FLand Desktop 200751700MAP_2007_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 200751800BLDSYS_2007_0FBuilding Systems 200751900AMECH_PP_2007_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 200752100ACAD_E_2007_0FAutoCAD Electrical 200752200CIV3D_2007_0FAutodesk Civil 3D 200752300UTLDESN_2007_0FAutodesk Utility Design 200752500REVITS_9_0FAutoCAD Revit Series Building 952600REVIT_9_0FRevit Building 952700A-SURV_2007_0FAutodesk Survey 200752800ARDES_2007_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 200752900INVPRORS_11_0FInventor Professional 11 Routed Systems53000INVPROSIM_11_0FInventor Professional 11 Simulation53100REVSYP_1_0FAutoCAD Revit Series - Systems Plus 1533003DSMAX_9_0FAutodesk 3ds max R953400REVITST_3_0FRevit Structure 353500VIZ_2007_0FVIZ 200753700REVSU_3_0FAutoCAD Revit Series - Structure 353900PNID_2007_0FAutoCAD P&ID 200754100REVITS_9_1FAutoCAD Revit Series Building 9.154200REVSU_4_0FAutoCAD Revit Series - Structure 454300REVIT_9_1FRevit Building 9.154500REVSYP_2_0FAutoCAD Revit Series Systems Plus 254600ACD_2008_0FAutoCAD 200854700REVITS_2008_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 200854800REVSU_2008_0FAutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 200854900AMECH_PP_2008_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 200855000INVBUN_2008_0FAutodesk Inventor Suite 200855100INVPRORS_2008_0FAutodesk Inventor Routed Systems Suite 200855200INVPROSIM_2008_0FAutodesk Inventor Simulation Suite 200855300INVPRO_2008_0FInventor Professional 200855400CIV3D_2008_0FAutoCAD Civil 3D 200855500ACDLAND_2008_0FAutoCAD Land Desktop 200855600BLDSYS_2008_0FAutoCAD MEP 200855700REVSYP_2008_0FAutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 200855800ARCHDESK_2008_0FAutoCAD Architecture 200855900MAP_2008_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 200856000ACAD_E_2008_0FAutoCAD Electrical 200856100UTLDESN_2008_0FAutoCAD Utility Design 200856200PNID_2008_0FAutoCAD P&ID 2008568003DSMAX_2008_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 200856900VIZ_2008_0FVIZ 200857000ARDES_2008_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 200857100REVIT_2008_0FRevit Architecture 200857200REVITST_2008_0FRevit Structure 200857600ACD_2009_0FAutoCAD 20095810IDSU_T_FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate Package Term59200AMECH_PP_2009_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 200959300INVBUN_2009_0FAutodesk Inventor Suite 200959400INVPRORS_2009_0FAutodesk Inventor Routed Systems Suite 200959500INVPROSIM_2009_0FAutodesk Inventor Simulation Suite 200959600INVPRO_2009_0FInventor Professional 200959700CIV3D_2009_0FAutoCAD Civil 3D 200959800ACDLAND_2009_0FAutoCAD Land Desktop 200959900BLDSYS_2009_0FAutoCAD MEP 20095DISOGEN - Interactive60000REVSYP_2009_0FAutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 200960100ARCHDESK_2009_0FAutoCAD Architecture 200960200MAP_2009_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 200960300ACAD_E_2009_0FAutoCAD Electrical 200960400UTLDESN_2009_0FAutodesk Utility Design 200960500PNID_2009_0FAutoCAD P&ID 200960800COMBUST_2008_0FAutodesk Combustion60900REVITS_2009_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 200961000REVSU_2009_0FAutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 200961100INVLT_2009_0FAutodesk Inventor LT 2009612003DSMAX_2009_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 200961300ARDES_2009_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 200961400MAPGE_2009_0FAutodesk MapGuide Enterprise 200961500PLNT3D_2009_0FAutoCAD Plant 3D 200961700INVMFG_2009_0FAutoCAD Inventor Tooling Suite 200962100REVIT_2009_0FRevit Architecture 200962200REVITST_2009_0FRevit Structure 200962700NAVREV_2009_0FAutodesk NavisWorks Review 200962800NAVSIM_2009_0FAutodesk NavisWorks Simulate 200962900NAVMAN_2009_0FAutodesk NavisWorks Manage 200964300ACD_FAutoCAD Package64300ACD_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Package Term64400AMECH_PP_FAutoCAD Mechanical Package64400AMECH_PP_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Mechanical Package Term64500INVBUN_FInventor Series Package64600INVPRORS_FAutodesk Inventor Routed Systems Suite Package64700INVPROSIM_FAutodesk Inventor Simulation Suite Package64800INVPRO_FInventor Professional Package64801INVPROSA_FAutodesk Inventor Professional Package64801INVPROSA_T_FAutodesk Inventor Professional Package Term64900CIV3D_FAutodesk Civil 3D Package64900CIV3D_T_FAutodesk 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Term6624MBXPRO_2017_0FAutodesk Mudbox 201766300ARDES_FAutoCAD Raster Design Package66300ARDES_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Raster Design Package Term66400MAPGE_FAutodesk MapGuide Enterprise Package66500PCPRO_FAutodesk Productstream Professional Package66600PCEASY_FAutodesk Productstream Professional Easy Package66700PCOFFI_FAutodesk 360 Vault Office Package66700PCOFFI_T_FAutodesk Vault Office Package Term66800REVIT_FRevit Architecture Package66900REVITST_FAutodesk Revit Structure Package67000MAYACP_FAutodesk Maya Complete Package67100MAYAUL_FAutodesk Maya Unlimited Package67200TOXIK_FAutodesk Toxik Package67300TOPOBSWEB_FAutodesk Topobase Web Package67400NAVREV_FAutodesk NavisWorks Review Package67500NAVSIM_FAutodesk NavisWorks Simulate Package67600NAVMAN_FAutodesk Navisworks Manage Package67600NAVMAN_T_FAutodesk Navisworks Manage Package Term67700PNID_FAutoCAD P&ID Package67700PNID_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD P&ID Package Term67800RVTMPJ_2009_0FAutodesk Revit MEP 200968300T1MF_2_0FPackage: T1 Enterprise Multi-Flex 268600AQTO_2010_0FAutodesk Quantity Takeoff 201068800CIVIL_2009_0FAutoCAD Civil 200968900NAVREV_2009_1FAutodesk NavisWorks Review 2009.168900NAVREV_2009_1PAutodesk NavisWorks Review 2009.1 Pre-Release69000NAVSIM_2009_1FAutodesk NavisWorks Simulate 2009.169000NAVSIM_2009_1PAutodesk NavisWorks Simulate 2009.1 Pre-Release69100NAVMAN_2009_1FAutodesk NavisWorks Manage 2009.169100NAVMAN_2009_1PAutodesk NavisWorks Manage 2009.1 Pre-Release69200CIVIL_FAutoCAD Civil Package69300RSA_2009_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis 200969400RSAPRO_2009_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 200969500RSA_FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Package69600RSAPRO_FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional Package69600RSAPRO_T_FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional Package Term69800MB_FAutodesk MotionBuilder Package69800MB_T_FAutodesk MotionBuilder Term699003DSMAX_2010_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 201070000MAXDES_2010_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Design 201070100MAXDES_FAutodesk 3ds Max Design Package70200MBXPRO_2009_0FAutodesk Mudbox 200970300MBXPRO_FAutodesk Mudbox Package70300MBXPRO_T_FAutodesk Mudbox Term70400INVBUN_2010_0FAutoCAD Inventor Suite 201070500INVPRO_2010_0FAutoCAD Inventor Professional Suite 201070600INVPRORS_2010_0FAutoCAD Inventor Routed Systems Suite 201070700INVPROSIM_2010_0FAutoCAD Inventor Simulation Suite 201070800VLTM_2010_0FAutodesk Vault Manufacturing 201071200ACD_2010_0FAutoCAD 201071400NAVMAN_2010_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manage 201071500NAVSIM_2010_0FAutodesk Navisworks Simulate 201071600NAVREV_2010_0FAutodesk Navisworks Review 201071700ACAD_E_2010_0FAutoCAD Electrical 201071800AMECH_PP_2010_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 201071900PCEASY_2010_0FAutodesk Productstream Professional Easy 201172000PCOFFI_2010_0FAutodesk Productstream Professional 2010 Office72100PCPRO_2010_0FAutodesk Productstream Professional 201172200ARCHDESK_2010_0FAutoCAD Architecture 201072300PLNT3D_2010_0FAutoCAD Plant 3D 201072400VLTM_FVault Professional Package72400VLTM_T_FAutodesk Vault Professional Package Term72500MAP_2010_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 201072600ARDES_2010_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 201072700MAPGE_2010_0FAutodesk MapGuide Enterprise 201072800TOPOBSCLNT_2010_0FAutodesk Topobase Client 201072900TOPOBSWEB_2010_0FAutodesk Topobase Web 201073000BLDSYS_2010_0FAutoCAD MEP 201073100REVSYP_2010_0FAutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 201073200INVMFG_2010_0FAutoCAD Inventor Tooling Suite 201073400PNID_2010_0FAutodesk Plant P&ID 201073500UTLDESN_2010_0FAutodesk Utility Design 201073700CIV3D_2010_0FAutoCAD Civil 3D 201073800RVTMPJ_2010_0FAutodesk Revit MEP 201073900REVITST_2010_0FAutodesk Revit Structure 201074000REVSU_2010_0FAutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 201074100REVIT_2010_0FAutodesk Revit Architecture 201074200REVITS_2010_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 201074300CIVIL_2010_0FAutoCAD Civil 201074400INVAS_2010_0FAutodesk Inventor Automation Professional 201074500VLTC_2010_0FAutodesk Vault Collaboration 201074600VLTC_FAutodesk 360 Vault Collaboration 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Synergy 201077800MFS_FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Synergy Package77800MFS_T_FAutodesk Moldflow Synergy Package Term77900RSTR_FAutoCAD Raster Package78000ECOA_2010_0FAutodesk Ecotect Analysis 201078100ECOA_FAutodesk Ecotect Analysis Package78200RAV-S_2009_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Visualization Suite 200978300RAV-S_FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Visualization Suite Package78500ACDDS_FAutoCAD Visualization Suite Package78600SFTIM_7_5FAutodesk Softimage 7.578700SFTIM_FAutodesk Softimage Package78800SFTIMA_7_5FAutodesk Softimage Advanced 7.578800SFTIMASIB1_7_5FAutodesk Softimage Advanced 7.5 SIBatch178800SFTIMASIB2_7_5FAutodesk Softimage Advanced 7.5 SIBatch278800SFTIMASIB3_7_5FAutodesk Softimage Advanced 7.5 SIBatch378800SFTIMASIB4_7_5FAutodesk Softimage Advanced 7.5 SIBatch478800SFTIMASIB5_7_5FAutodesk Softimage Advanced 7.5 SIBatch578900SFTIMA_FAutodesk Softimage Advanced Package79000SFTIMASIB1_FAutodesk Softimage SIBatch1 Package79100SFTIMASIB1_FAutodesk Softimage SIBatch1 Package79100SFTIMASIB2_FAutodesk Softimage SIBatch2 Package79200SFTIMASIB3_FAutodesk Softimage SIBatch3 Package79300SFTIMASIB4_FAutodesk Softimage SIBatch4 Package79400SFTIMASIB5_FAutodesk Softimage SIBatch5 Package79500MOBPRO_2010_0FAutodesk MotionBuilder 201079600EMS_2010_0FAutodesk Education Master Suite 201079700EMS_FAutodesk Education Master Suite Package79800ESAE_2010_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Architecture and Engineering 201079900ESAE_FAutodesk Education Suite for Architecture and Engineering Package80000ACDDS_2010_0FAutoCAD Visualization Suite 201080100ACDDS_FAutoCAD Visualization Suite Package80200DES_ACA_2010_0FAutodesk Design Academy 201080300DES_ACA_FAutodesk Design Academy Package80400ESID_2010_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Industrial Design 201080500ESID_FAutodesk Education Suite for Industrial Design Package80700ESME_2010_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Mechanical Engineering 201080800ESME_FAutodesk Product Design Suite for Education Package80900ESCSE_2010_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Civil and Structural Engineering 201081000ESCSE_FAutodesk Education Suite for Civil and Structural Engineering Package81200ESSISD_FEducation Solution Set Civil & Geospatial Package81400ESSMFG_FEducation Solution Set Mechanical Engineering Package81500RAVS_2010_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Visualization Suite 201081600RAVS_FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Visualization Suite Package81700MAYACP_2010_0FAutodesk Maya Complete 201081700MAYACPMR_2010_0FAutodesk Maya Complete 2010 Mental Ray81800MAYAUL_2010_0FAutodesk Maya Unlimited 201081800MAYAULFS_2010_0FAutodesk Maya Unlimited 2010 Fluid Simulation81800MAYAULMR_2010_0FAutodesk Maya Unlimited 2010 Mental Ray81900ACDLTC_FAutoCAD LT Civil Suite Package81900ACDLTC_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD LT Civil Suite Package Term82000BDFBS_2010_0FAutodesk Building Fabrication Suite 201082100BDFBS_FAutodesk Building Fabrication Suite Package82200STRDET_2010_0FAutoCAD Structural Detailing 201082300STRDET_FAutoCAD Structural Detailing Package82400RVTMPB_2010_0FAutodesk Revit MEP-B 201082500RVTMPB_FAutodesk Revit MEP-B Package82700NWMMAN_2010_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manufacturing Manage 201082800NWMMAN_FAutodesk Navisworks Manufacturing Manage Package82900NWMSIM_2010_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manufacturing Simulate 201083000NWMSIM_FAutodesk Navisworks Manufacturing Simulate Package83100NWMREV_2010_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manufacturing Review 201083200NWMREV_FAutodesk Navisworks Manufacturing Review Package83300INVAR_2010_0FAutodesk Inventor Automation Runtime 201083400T1MF_2010_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex 201083600INVAR_FAutodesk Inventor Automation Runtime Package83800HKMF_FArchitecture Multi-flex Package83900MBXPRO_2010_0FAutodesk Mudbox 201084000SFTIM_2010_0FAutodesk Softimage 201084100SFTIMASIB1_2010_0FAutodesk Softimage 2010 SIBatch184100SFTIMASIB2_2010_0FAutodesk Softimage 2010 SIBatch284100SFTIMASIB3_2010_0FAutodesk Softimage 2010 SIBatch384100SFTIMASIB4_2010_0FAutodesk Softimage 2010 SIBatch484100SFTIMASIB5_2010_0FAutodesk Softimage 2010 SIBatch584300FRDES_FAutodesk Face Robot Designer Package84500FRANIM_FAutodesk Face Robot Animator Package84600ACDLT_2010_0FAutoCAD LT 201084700ACDLT_FAutoCAD LT Package84700ACDLT_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD LT Package Term84800AUTOST_2011_0FAutodesk Alias Automotive 201184900AUTOST_FAutodesk Alias Automotive Package85000DESNST_2011_0FAutodesk Alias Design 201185100DESNST_FAutodesk Alias Design Package85100DESNST_T_FAutodesk Alias Design Package Term85200SURFST_2011_0FAutodesk Alias Surface 201185300SURFST_FAutodesk Alias Surface Package85300SURFST_T_FAutodesk Alias Surface Package Term85400MAYA_2010_0FMaya 201085400MAYAMFS_2010_0FAutodesk Maya 2010 Fluid Simulation85400MAYAMMR_2010_0FAutodesk Maya 2010 Mental Ray 85400MAYAMMR1_2010_0FAutodesk Maya 2010 Mental Ray 185400MAYAMMR2_2010_0FAutodesk Maya 2010 Mental Ray 285400MAYAMMR3_2010_0FAutodesk Maya 2010 Mental Ray 385400MAYAMMR4_2010_0FAutodesk Maya 2010 Mental Ray 485400MAYAMMR5_2010_0FAutodesk Maya 2010 Mental Ray 585500MXECS_2010_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite 2010855013DSMAX_2011_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 2011855023DSMAX_FAutodesk 3ds Max Package85503MAXDES_2011_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Design 201185504MAXDES_FAutodesk 3ds Max Design Package85507ASMES_2010_0FAutodesk Algor Simulation MES 201085508ASPRO_2010_0FAutodesk Algor Simulation Professional 201085510MYRTAS_FAutodesk Maya Real-Time Animation Suite Package85511MYECS_2010_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 201085512MYECS_FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard85512MYECS_T_FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard Package Term85514MXRTAS_FAutodesk 3ds Max Real-Time Animation Suite Package85516SIRTAS_FAutodesk Softimage Real-Time Animation Suite Package85518SIECS_FAutodesk Softimage Entertainment Creation Suite Standard Package85520ESEC_FAutodesk Education Suite for Entertainment Creation Package85522AAA_FAutodesk Animation Academy Package85523ALGSIM_FAutodesk Simulation Mechanical Express Package85524ASCFD_FAutodesk Algor Simulation CFD Package85525ASMES_FAutodesk Algor Simulation MES Package85526ASPRO_FAutodesk Algor Simulation Professional Package85527MAYA_FAutodesk Maya Package85527MAYA_T_FAutodesk Maya Term85529MAYAMFS_FAutodesk Maya Fluid Simulation Package85530MAYAMMR_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray Package85531MAYAMMR1_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 1 Package85536ACD_2011_0FAutoCAD 201185536ACD_2011_0PAutoCAD 2011 Pre-Release85537MAYA_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 201185537MAYAMFS_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 2011 Fluid Simulation85537MAYAMFS_FAutodesk Maya Fluid Simulation85537MAYAMMR_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 2011 Mental Ray85537MAYAMMR_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray Package85537MAYAMMR1_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 2011 Mental Ray 185537MAYAMMR1_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 1 Package85537MAYAMMR2_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 2011 Mental Ray 285537MAYAMMR2_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 2 Package85537MAYAMMR3_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 2011 Mental Ray 385537MAYAMMR3_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 3 Package85537MAYAMMR4_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 2011 Mental Ray 485537MAYAMMR4_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 4 Package85537MAYAMMR5_2011_0FAutodesk Maya 2011 Mental Ray 585537MAYAMMR5_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 5 Package85538ACAD_E_2011_0FAutoCAD Electrical 201185541RVTMPB_2011_0FAutodesk Revit MEP-B 201185543REVITST_2011_0FAutodesk Revit Structure 201185545AMECH_PP_2011_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 201185550PCOFFI_2011_0FAutodesk Productstream Professional Office 201185552MAPGE_2011_0FAutodesk MapGuide Enterprise 201185554MOBPRO_2011_0FAutodesk MotionBuilder 201185555ACDLT_2011_0FAutoCAD LT 201185557MAP_2011_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 201185559TOPOBSCLNT_2011_0FAutodesk Topobase Client 201185560TOPOBSWEB_2011_0FAutodesk Topobase Web 201185561ARCHDESK_2011_0FAutoCAD Architecture 201185562BLDSYS_2011_0FAutoCAD MEP 201185563SFTIM_2011_0FAutodesk Softimage 201185563SFTIMSIB1_2011_0FAutodesk Softimage 2011 SIBatch185563SFTIMSIB2_2011_0FAutodesk Softimage 2011 SIBatch285563SFTIMSIB3_2011_0FAutodesk Softimage 2011 SIBatch385563SFTIMSIB4_2011_0FAutodesk Softimage 2011 SIBatch485563SFTIMSIB5_2011_0FAutodesk Softimage 2011 SIBatch585567INVPRO_2011_0FAutoCAD Inventor Professional Suite 201185569INVPRORS_2011_0FAutoCAD Inventor Routed Systems Suite 201185571INVPROSIM_2011_0FAutoCAD Inventor Simulation Suite 201185573INVBUN_2011_0FAutoCAD Inventor Suite 201185575INVMFG_2011_0FAutoCAD Inventor Tooling Suite 201185576INVMFG_FAutoCAD Inventor Tooling Suite Package85577INVNTOR_2010_0FAutodesk Inventor 201085578INVNTOR_FAutodesk Inventor Package85578INVNTOR_T_FAutodesk Inventor Package Term85579INVNTOR_2011_0FAutodesk Inventor 201185580MBXPRO_2011_0FAutodesk Mudbox 201185581ECSCAD_2011_0FAutoCAD ecscad 201185583LDXSP_2011_0FAutodesk LandXplorer Studio Professional 201185584LDXSP_FAutodesk Infrastructure Modeler Package85585RSA_2011_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis 201185586RSAPRO_2011_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 201185587REVIT_2011_0FAutodesk Revit Architecture 201185588VLTM_2011_0FAutodesk Vault Professional 201185589VLTM_FAutodesk Vault Professional Package85590ALGSIM_2011_0FAutodesk Algor Simulation 201185591ASCFD_2011_0FAutodesk Algor Simulation CFD 201185592ASMES_2011_0FAutodesk Algor Simulation MES 201185593ASPRO_2011_0FAutodesk Algor Simulation Professional 201185594REVSU_2011_0FAutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 201185595STRDET_2011_0FAutoCAD Structural Detailing 201185596VLTWG_2011_0FAutodesk Vault Workgroup 201185597VLTWG_FAutodesk Vault Workgroup Package85598VLTC_2011_0FAutodesk Vault Collaboration 201185599VLTC_FAutodesk Vault Collaboration Package85600MXECS_FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Standard Package85600MXECS_T_FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Standard Package Term85600NAVMAN_2011_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manage 201185601NAVSIM_2011_0FAutodesk Navisworks Simulate 201185602PLNT3D_2011_0FAutoCAD Plant 3D 201185603PNID_2011_0FAutoCAD P&ID 201185604CIV3D_2011_0FAutoCAD Civil 3D 201185606SHOWPRO_2011_0FAutodesk Showcase Professional 201185607SHOWCASE_2011_0FAutodesk Showcase 201185608SHCSPR_2011_0FAutodesk Showcase Presenter 201185609DC_JT_2011_0FAutodesk DirectConnect JT 201185610DC_JT_FAutodesk DirectConnect JT Package85611DC_UG_2011_0FAutodesk DirectConnect NX 201185612DC_UG_FAutodesk DirectConnect NX Package85614RVTMPJ_2011_0FAutodesk Revit MEP 201185615ALSK_2011_0FAutodesk Alias Sketch 201185617MXECS_2011_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite 201185618AAA_2011_0FAutodesk Animation Academy 201185619ESEC_2011_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Entertainment Creation 201185620MYECS_2011_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 201185621SIECS_2011_0FAutodesk Softimage Entertainment Creation Suite 201185622INVLTS_FAutoCAD Inventor LT Suite Package85622INVLTS_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite Package Term85623REVITS_2011_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 201185624REVSYP_2011_0FAutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 201185625DES_ACA_2011_0FAutodesk Design Academy 201185626EMS_2011_0FAutodesk Education Master Suite 201185627ESAE_2011_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Architecture and Engineering 201185628ESCSE_2011_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Civil and Structural Engineering 201185629ESID_2011_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Industrial Design 201185630ESME_2011_0FAutodesk Education Suite for Mechanical Engineering 201185631INVFPR_2011_0FAutodesk Inventor Factory Premium 201185632INVFAD_2011_0FAutodesk Inventor Factory Advanced 201185633NWFPR_2011_0FAutodesk Navisworks Factory Premium 201185634NWFAD_2011_0FAutodesk Navisworks Factory Advanced 201185635FDSPRM_2011_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 201185636FDSADV_2011_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Advanced 201185637MFAA_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Adviser Advanced 201185638MFAD_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Adviser Design 201185639MFAM_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Adviser Manufacturing 201185640MFCD_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow CAD Doctor 201185641MFDLC_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Design Link for CATIA V5 201185642MFDLP_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Design Link for Parasolid 201185643MFDLPE_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Design Link for Pro/ENGINEER 201185644MFIA_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced 201185645MFIB_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Insight Basic 201185646MFIP_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Insight Performance 201185647MFS_2011_0FAutodesk Moldflow Synergy 201185648INVRT_2011_0FAutodesk Inventor Runtime 201185649INVLT_2011_0FAutodesk Inventor LT 201185650INVLTS_2011_0FAutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 201185651BDSADV_2011_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Advanced 201185652BDSPRM_2011_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Premium 201185653DSSTD_2011_0FAutodesk Design Suite Standard 201185654DSADV_2011_0FAutodesk Design Suite Advanced 201185655DSPRM_2011_0FAutodesk Design Suite Premium 201185656RAVS_2011_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Visualization Suite 201185657ACDDS_2011_0FAutoCAD Visualization Suite 201185658PDSADV_2011_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Advanced 201185659PDSPRM_2011_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Premium 201185660PDSPRM_FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Premium Package85660PDSPRM_T_FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Premium Package Term85662ACDLTC_2011_0FAutoCAD LT Civil Suite 201185663GMCADC_2011_0FAutodesk GM CAD Convertors 201185664GMCADC_FAutodesk GM CAD Convertors Package85664GMCADC_T_FAutodesk GM CAD Convertors Package Term85666ATCIGM_FAutodesk Alias TC Integrator for GM Package85666ATCIGM_T_FAutodesk Alias TC Integrator for GM Package Term85667INVPUB_2011_0FAutodesk Inventor Publisher 201185668INVAS_2011_0FAutodesk Intent Professional 201185669INVAS_FAutodesk Intent Professional Package85670INVAR_2011_0FAutodesk Intent Runtime 201185671INTSER_2011_0FAutodesk Intent Server 201185672ECOA_2011_0FAutodesk Ecotect Analysis 201185673HKMF_2011_0FArchitecture Multi-flex 201185674T1MF_2011_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex 201185675MRSTND_Fmental ray Standalone Package85676INTSER_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Server Package85676INTSER_T_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Server Package Term85677ECSCAD_2012_0FAutoCAD ecscad 201285677FDSADV_FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate Package85677FDSADV_T_FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate Package Term85677FDSPRM_FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Premium Package85677FDSPRM_T_FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Premium Package Term85678ACAD_E_2012_0FAutoCAD Electrical 201285679INVFAD_FAutodesk Inventor Factory Ultimate Package85680INVFPR_FAutodesk Inventor Factory Premium Package85681T1MFPV_2011_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex Prior Version 201185683ARDES_2011_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 201185685MXECSP_2011_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201185686MXECSP_FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Premium Package85687MYECSP_2011_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201185688MYECSP_FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium Package85689DSSTD_FAutodesk Design Suite Standard Package85689DSSTD_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Standard Package Term85690DSPRM_FAutodesk Design Suite Premium Package85690DSPRM_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Premium Package Term85691DSADV_FAutodesk Design Suite Ultimate Package85691DSADV_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate Package Term85692PDSADV_FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate Package85692PDSADV_T_FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate Package Term85693SMKMAC_2011_0FAutodesk Smoke 2011 for Mac OS X85693SMKMAC_2011_0PAutodesk Smoke 2011 for Mac OS X85693SMKMACBRN_2011_0FAutodesk Smoke Burn 201185693SMKMACWG1_2011_0FAutodesk Smoke Wiretap Gateway1 201185693SMKMACWG2_2011_0FAutodesk Smoke Wiretap Gateway2 201185694MAYA_2012_0FAutodesk Maya 201285694MAYAMMR1_2012_0FAutodesk Maya 2012 Mental Ray 185694MAYAMMR1_FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 1 Package85696MBXPRO_2012_0FAutodesk Mudbox 2012856983DSMAX_2012_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 201285700MAXDES_2012_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Design 201285702MOBPRO_2012_0FAutodesk MotionBuilder 201285704SHOWCASE_2012_0FAutodesk Showcase 201285705SFTIM_2012_0FAutodesk Softimage 201285705SFTIMASIB_FAutodesk Softimage 2013 Batch Package85705SFTIMSIB_2012_0FAutodesk Softimage 2012 SIBatch85708MXECS_2012_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201285710MXECSP_2012_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201285712AAA_2012_0FAutodesk Animation Academy 201285713AAA_FAutodesk Animation Academy Package85714ESEC_2012_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite for Education 201285716MYECS_2012_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201285718MYECSP_2012_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201285720SIECS_2012_0FAutodesk Softimage Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201285726ASMES_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation Mechanical 201285728ASPRO_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation Multiphysics 201285730ACD_2012_0FAutoCAD 201285731ARCHDESK_2012_0FAutoCAD Architecture 201285732ACDLT_2012_0FAutoCAD LT 201285733AMECH_PP_2012_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 201285734BLDSYS_2012_0FAutoCAD MEP 201285737SMKMAC_2012_0FAutodesk Smoke 2012 for Mac OS X85737SMKMACBRN_2012_0FAutodesk Smoke Burn 201285737SMKMACBRN_FAutodesk Smoke Burn Package85737SMKMACWG_2012_0FAutodesk Smoke Wiretap Gateway 201285737SMKMACWG_FAutodesk Smoke Wiretap Gateway Package85738SMKMAC_FAutodesk Smoke for Mac OS X Package85738SMKMACWG1_FAutodesk Smoke Wiretap Gateway1 Package85738SMKMACWG2_FAutodesk Smoke Wiretap Gateway2 Package85740AUTOST_2012_0FAutodesk Alias Automotive 201285741DESNST_2012_0FAutodesk Alias Design 201285742SURFST_2012_0FAutodesk Alias Surface 201285744STRDET_2012_0FAutoCAD Structural Detailing 201285747REVIT_2012_0FAutodesk Revit Architecture 201285748RVTMPB_2012_0FAutodesk Revit MEP 201285749REVITST_2012_0FAutodesk Revit Structure 201285750VLTC_2012_0FAutodesk Vault Collaboration 201285752VLTWG_2012_0FAutodesk Vault Workgroup 201285753VLTM_2012_0FAutodesk Vault Professional 201285754DC_JT_2012_0FAutodesk DirectConnect JT 201285755DC_UG_2012_0FAutodesk DirectConnect NX 201285758ATCIGM_2012_0FAutodesk Alias TC Integrator for GM 201285759INVLTS_2012_0FAutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 201285762INVPRORS_2012_0FAutoCAD Inventor Routed Systems Suite 201285765INVLT_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor LT 201285766INVFPR_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor Factory Premium 201285767INVFAD_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor Factory Ultimate 201285768INVNTOR_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor 201285769EMS_2012_0FAutodesk Education Master Suite 201285770ESAE_2012_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite for Education 201285771ESCSE_2012_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite for Education 201285773ESME_2012_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite for Education 201285774DES_ACA_2012_0FAutodesk Design Academy 201285776MAP_2012_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 201285777RSA_2012_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis 201285778RSAPRO_2012_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 201285779PLNT3D_2012_0FAutoCAD Plant 3D 201285780PNID_2012_0FAutoCAD P&ID 201285781INVPUB_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor Publisher 201285782INVPUB_FAutodesk Inventor Publisher Package85783DSSTD_2012_0FAutodesk Design Suite Standard 201285784DSPRM_2012_0FAutodesk Design Suite Premium 201285785PDSPRM_2012_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Premium 201285786PDSADV_2012_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate 201285787BDSPRM_2012_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Premium 201285787BDSPRM_FAutodesk Building Design Suite Premium Package85787BDSPRM_T_FAutodesk Building Design Suite Premium Package Term85788BDSADV_2012_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 201285788BDSADV_FAutodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate Package85788BDSADV_T_FAutodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate Package Term85789FDSPRM_2012_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 201285790FDSADV_2012_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 201285791REVITS_2012_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 201285792REVSU_2012_0FAutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 201285793REVSYP_2012_0FAutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 201285794PDSS_2012_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Standard 201285795PDSP_2012_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Premium 201285796PDSU_2012_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 201285797BDSS_2012_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard 201285797BDSS_FAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard Package85797BDSS_T_FAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard Package Term85798IDSU_2012_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 201285799IDSP_2012_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 201285800IDSS_2012_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Standard 201285801DSADV_2012_0FAutodesk Design Suite Ultimate 201285802PLTDSS_2012_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Standard 201285803PLTDSS_FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Standard Package85803PLTDSS_T_FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Standard Package Term85804FDSS_2012_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Standard 201285805FDSS_FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Standard Package85805FDSS_T_FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Standard Package Term85806ENCSU_2012_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 201285807ENCSU_FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate Package85807ENCSU_T_FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate Package Term85808ACDLTC_2012_0FAutoCAD LT Civil Suite 201285810IDSU_FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate Package85810IDSU_T_FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate Package Term85811IDSS_FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Standard Package85811IDSS_T_FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Standard Package Term85812IDSP_FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium Package85812IDSP_T_FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium Package Term85813PDSS_FAutodesk Product Design Suite Standard Package85814PDSP_FAutodesk Product Design Suite Premium Package85814PDSP_T_FAutodesk Product Design Suite Premium Package Term85815PDSU_FAutodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate  Package85815PDSU_T_FAutodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate Package Term85816MFAA_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Adviser Advanced 201285817MFCD_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow CAD Doctor 201285818MFAD_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Adviser Design 201285819MFAM_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Adviser Manufacturing 201285820MFDLC_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Design Link for CATIA V5 201285821MFDLP_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Design Link for Parasolid 201285822MFDLPE_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Design Link for Pro/ENGINEER 201285823MFIA_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced 201285824MFIP_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Insight Performance 201285825MFIB_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Insight Basic 201285826MFS_2012_0FAutodesk Moldflow Synergy 201285827UTLDESN_2012_0FAutodesk Utility Design 201285828ALSK_2012_0FAutodesk SketchBook Designer 201285829ALSK_FAutodesk SketchBook Designer Package85830CIV3D_2012_0FAutoCAD Civil 3D 201285831MRSTND_2012_0Fmental ray Standalone 201285832MRSTND_Fmental ray Standalone Package85833AQTO_2012_0FAutodesk Quantity Takeoff 201285834AQTO_FAutodesk Quantity Takeoff Package85835SHOWCASE_FAutodesk Showcase Package85835SHOWCASE_T_FAutodesk Showcase Package Term85836AMECH_PP_FAutoCAD Mechanical Package85837NAVSIM_2012_0FAutodesk Navisworks Simulate 201285838NAVSIM_FAutodesk NavisWorks Simulate Package85838NAVSIM_T_FAutodesk Navisworks Simulate Package Term85839NAVMAN_2012_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manage 201285840ECOA_2012_0FAutodesk Ecotect Analysis 201285841ARDES_2012_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 201285842GMCADC_2012_0FAutodesk GM CAD Convertors 201285843PCOFFI_2012_0FAutodesk Vault Office 201285844IMS_2012_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Map Server 201285845IMS_FAutodesk Infrastructure Map Server Package85845IMS_T_FAutodesk Infrastructure Map Server Package Term85846INVPROSA_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor Professional 201285847SHOWPRO_2012_0FAutodesk Showcase Professional 201285849INVOEM_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor OEM 201285850MAP3DE_2012_0FAutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise 201285851MAP3DE_FAutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise Package85852RTRTCL_2012_0FAutodesk Real-Time Ray Tracing Cluster 201285852RTRTCL_FAutodesk Real-Time Ray Tracing Cluster Package85853ACD_2012_0FAutodesk Vault Base Server 201285854OSPRO_2012_0FAutodesk Opticore Studio Professional 201285855OSPRO_FAutodesk Opticore Studio Professional Package85856VTCAEC_2012_0FAutodesk Vault Collaboration AEC 201285857MAYA_2013_0FAutodesk Maya 201385857MAYAMMR1_2013_0FAutodesk Maya 2013 Mental Ray 185859TRTLS_2012_0FTurtle For Maya Standard 201285860TRTLP_2012_0FTurtle For Maya Premium 201285860TRTLPB_2012_0FTurtle For Maya Premium 201285860TRTLPB_FTurtle For Maya Premium Package85862REVIT_2013_0FAutodesk Revit Architecture 201385864RVTMPB_2013_0FAutodesk Revit MEP 201385866REVITST_2013_0FAutodesk Revit Structure 201385868KYNGMS_2012_0FAutodesk Kynapse 201285869MBXPRO_2013_0FAutodesk Mudbox 201385871ACD_2013_0FAutoCAD 201385872ACDLT_2013_0FAutoCAD LT 201385873INVETO_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series 201285874INVETO_2021_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Package85874INVETO_2021_T_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Package Term85874INVETO_2022_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Package85874INVETO_2022_T_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Package Term85874INVETO_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Package85874INVETO_T_FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Package Term85875ACDMAC_2012_0FAutoCAD for Mac 201285876ACDMAC_FAutoCAD for Mac Package85876ACDMAC_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD for Mac Term85877INTSER_2012_0FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Server 201285881AUTOST_2013_0FAutodesk Alias Automotive 201385882INFMDR_2012_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Modeler 201285883ARCHDESK_2013_0FAutoCAD Architecture 201385885AMECH_PP_2013_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 201385887BLDSYS_2013_0FAutoCAD MEP 201385889ECSCAD_2013_0FAutoCAD ecscad 201385890ACAD_E_2013_0FAutoCAD Electrical 2013858923DSMAX_2013_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 201385893MAXDES_2013_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Design 201385895SURFST_2013_0FAutodesk Alias Surface 201385896DESNST_2013_0FAutodesk Alias Design 201385897T1MF_2012_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex 201285899T1MFPV_2012_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex Prior Version 201285902SCFD_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 201285903SCFDA_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Advanced85904SCACIS_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for ACIS85905SCCV5_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for Catia V585906SCCOC_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for CoCreate85907SCFDCD_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for Discrete85908SCFDCI_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for Inventor85909SCFDNX_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for NX85910SCFDP_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for Parasolid85911SCPROE_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for Pro/ENGINEER85912SCFDCR_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for Revit85913SCFDSE_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for SolidEdge85914SCFDSW_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for SolidWorks85915SCFDSC_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Connection for SpaceClaim85916SCDSE_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Design Study Environment85917SCFDM_2012_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2012 Motion85918MXECSP_2013_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201385920MXECS_2013_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201385922AAA_2013_0FAutodesk Animation Academy 201385926ENCSU_2013_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 201385928MYECSP_2013_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201385930MYECS_2013_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201385932SIECS_2013_0FAutodesk Softimage Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201385934SFTIM_2013_0FAutodesk Softimage 201385934SFTIMSIB_2013_0FAutodesk Softimage 2013 SIBatch85936MOBPRO_2013_0FAutodesk MotionBuilder 201385937SMKMAC_2013_0FAutodesk Smoke 2013 for Mac OS X85937SMKMACBRN_2013_0FAutodesk Smoke 2013 for Mac OS X Burn85937SMKMACWG_2013_0FAutodesk Smoke 2013 for Mac OS X Wiretap Gateway85940ASMES_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Mechanical 201385942ASPRO_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Multiphysics 201385943STRDET_2013_0FAutoCAD Structural Detailing 201385946BDSPRM_2013_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Premium 201385947BDSS_2013_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard 201385948BDSADV_2013_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 201385949SHOWPRO_2013_0FAutodesk Showcase Professional 201385950RVT_2013_0FAutodesk Revit 201385950RVT_FAutodesk Revit Package85950RVT_T_FAutodesk Revit Package Term85951RVTLT_2013_0FAutodesk Revit LT 201385951RVTLT_FAutodesk Revit LT Package85951RVTLT_T_FAutodesk Revit LT Package Term85952ARDES_2013_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 201385954REVITS_2013_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 201385955REVSYP_2013_0FAutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 201385956SHOWCASE_2013_0FAutodesk Showcase 201385957REVSU_2013_0FAutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 201385958INVLTS_2013_0FAutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 201385959INVETO_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series 201385961ESME_2013_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite for Education 201385962PDSP_2013_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Premium 201385963PDSU_2013_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 201385964PDSS_2013_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Standard 201385965FDSPRM_2013_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 201385966FDSS_2013_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Standard 201385967FDSADV_2013_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 201385969DSPRM_2013_0FAutoCAD Design Suite Premium 201385970DSSTD_2013_0FAutoCAD Design Suite Standard 201385971DSADV_2013_0FAutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 201385972DES_ACA_2013_0FAutodesk Design Academy 201385974ESCSE_2013_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite for Education 201385975RSAPRO_2013_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 201385976CIV3D_2013_0FAutoCAD Civil 3D 201385977PNID_2013_0FAutoCAD P&ID 201385978PLNT3D_2013_0FAutoCAD Plant 3D 201385979INVPUB_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor Publisher 201385981MAP_2013_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 201385982MAP3DE_2013_0FAutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise 201385982MAP3DE_2013_0PAutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise 201385983VLTC_2013_0FAutodesk 360 Vault Collaboration 201385984VTCAEC_2013_0FAutodesk 360 Vault Collaboration AEC 201385986PCOFFI_2013_0FAutodesk 360 Vault Office 201385987VLTM_2013_0FAutodesk 360 Vault Professional 201385988VLTWG_2013_0FAutodesk 360 Vault Workgroup 201385989ACDMAC_2013_0FAutoCAD for Mac 201385990ALSK_2013_0FAutodesk SketchBook Designer 201385991ACDLTC_2013_0FAutoCAD LT Civil Suite 201385992IDSP_2013_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 201385993IDSS_2013_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Standard 201385994IDSU_2013_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 201385995PDSPRM_2013_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Premium 201385996PLTDSS_2013_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Standard 201385997PDSADV_2013_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate 201385998INVNTOR_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor 201385999INVFPR_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor Factory Premium 201386000INVFAD_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor Factory Ultimate 201386001INVPROSA_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor Professional 201386002INVOEM_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor OEM 201386003INVOEM_FAutodesk Inventor OEM Package86003INVOEM_T_FAutodesk Inventor OEM Package Term86004INVLT_2013_0FAutodesk Inventor LT 201386005RSA_2013_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis 201386006MFAM_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Premium 201386007MFAA_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Ultimate 201386008MFAD_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Standard 201386009MFCD_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow CAD Doctor 201386010MFDL_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Design Link 201386011MFDL_FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Design Link Package86012MFS_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Synergy 201386013INFMDR_2013_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Modeler 201386014IMS_2013_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Map Server 201386017RVTLTS_FAutoCAD Revit LT Suite Package86017RVTLTS_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite Package Term86019MRSTND_2013_0Fmental ray Standalone 201386020ACDLTM_FAutoCAD LT for Mac Package86020ACDLTM_T_FAutodesk AutoCAD LT for Mac Package Term86021ACDLTM_2013_0FAutoCAD LT for Mac 201386022NAVMAN_2013_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manage 201386023NAVSIM_2013_0FAutodesk Navisworks Simulate 201386024AQTO_2013_0FAutodesk Quantity Takeoff 201386025SCFD_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 201386026SCFD_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Package86026SCFD_T_FAutodesk CFD Package Term86027UTLDESN_2013_0FAutoCAD Utility Design 201386028SCFDA_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2013 Advanced86029SCFDA_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Advanced Package86029SCFDA_T_FAutodesk CFD Advanced Package Term86030SCFDNX_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2013 Connection for NX86031SCFDNX_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Connection for NX Package86032SCPROE_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2013 Connection for Pro/E86033SCPROE_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Connection for Pro/E Package86034SCDSE_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2013 Design Study Environment86035SCDSE_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Design Study Environment Package86035SCDSE_T_FAutodesk CFD Design Study Environment Package Term86036SCFDM_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2013 Motion86037SCFDM_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Motion Package86037SCFDM_T_FAutodesk CFD Motion Package Term86038MFIP_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Premium 201386040MFIA_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Ultimate 201386042MFIB_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Standard 201386043ECSPE_2013_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 2013 Exclusives86043TRTLPB_2013_0FTurtle For Maya Premium 201386044ECSSE_2013_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2013 Exclusives86045SCACIS_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2013 Connection for ACIS86046SCACIS_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Connection for ACIS Package86047SCFDP_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2013 Connection for Parasolid86048SCFDP_FAutodesk Simulation CFD Connection for Parasolid Package86049CADMEP_2013_0FAutodesk Fabrication CADmep 201386050CAMDCT_2013_0FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct 201386052ESTMEP_2013_0FAutodesk Fabrication ESTmep 201386056SIMDFM_2013_0FAutodesk Simulation DFM 201386058MAYA_2014_0FAutodesk Maya 201486058MAYAMMR1_2014_0FAutodesk Maya Mental Ray 1 201486059T1MF_2013_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex 201386061T1MFPV_2013_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex Prior Version 201386063ACD_2014_0FAutoCAD 201486064ACDLT_2014_0FAutoCAD LT 201486065OSPRO_2013_0FAutodesk Opticore Studio Professional 201386067REVITS_2014_0FAutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 201486068RVTLTS_2014_0FAutoCAD Revit LT Suite 201486069REVSYP_2014_0FAutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 201486070REVSU_2014_0FAutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 201486071BDSPRM_2014_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Premium 201486072BDSS_2014_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard 201486073BDSADV_2014_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 201486074STRDET_2014_0FAutoCAD Structural Detailing 201486075RVT_2014_0FAutodesk Revit 201486076REVIT_2014_0FAutodesk Revit Architecture 201486077RVTLT_2014_0FAutodesk Revit LT 201486078RVTMPB_2014_0FAutodesk Revit MEP 201486079REVITST_2014_0FAutodesk Revit Structure 2014860803DSMAX_2014_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 201486081MAXDES_2014_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Design 201486082AUTOST_2014_0FAutodesk Alias Automotive 201486083DESNST_2014_0FAutodesk Alias Design 201486084SURFST_2014_0FAutodesk Alias Surface 201486085ATCIGM_2014_0FAutodesk Alias TC Integrator for GM 201486086RSAPRO_2014_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 201486087ENCSU_2014_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 201486088ACDMAC_2014_0FAutoCAD for Mac 201486089ACDLTM_2014_0FAutoCAD LT for Mac 201486090MXECSP_2014_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201486090SFTIMSIB_2014_0FAutodesk Softimage 2014 SIBatch86091MXECS_2014_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201486092MYECS_2014_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201486093MYECSP_2014_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201486094SIECS_2014_0FAutodesk Softimage Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201486095ECSPE_2014_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 2014 Exclusives86095TRTLPB_2014_0FTurtle For Maya Premium 201486096ECSPE_FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Premium Exclusives Package86097ECSSE_2014_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2014 Exclusives86098ECSSE_FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Standard Exclusives Package86099MOBPRO_2014_0FAutodesk MotionBuilder 201486100MBXPRO_2014_0FAutodesk Mudbox 201486101MRSTND_2014_0Fmental ray Standalone 201486102SFTIM_2014_0FAutodesk Softimage 201486103AAA_2014_0FAutodesk Animation Academy 201486104DES_ACA_2014_0FAutodesk Design Academy 201486105ESEC_2014_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite For Education 201486106PLTDSS_2014_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Standard 201486107PDSADV_2014_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate 201486108PDSPRM_2014_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Premium 201486109PNID_2014_0FAutoCAD P&ID 201486110PLNT3D_2014_0FAutoCAD Plant 3D 201486111SIMDFM_FAutodesk Simulation DFM Package86111SIMDFM_T_FAutodesk Moldflow Design Package Term86112EMS_2014_0FAutodesk Education Master Suite 201486113ESME_2014_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite for Education 201486114ASPRO_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Multiphysics 201486115ASMES_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Mechanical 201486116ASMES_FAutodesk Simulation Mechanical Package86116ASMES_T_FAutodesk Simulation Mechanical Package Term86117SHOWCASE_2014_0FAutodesk Showcase 201486118SHOWPRO_2014_0FAutodesk Showcase Professional 201486119DSPRM_2014_0FAutoCAD Design Suite Premium 201486120DSSTD_2014_0FAutoCAD Design Suite Standard 201486121DSADV_2014_0FAutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 201486122ALSK_2014_0FAutodesk Alias Sketch 201486123IDSP_2014_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 201486124IDSS_2014_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Standard 201486125IDSU_2014_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 201486126UTLDESN_2014_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Utility Design 201486127INVLTS_2014_0FAutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 201486128FDSPRM_2014_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 201486129FDSS_2014_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Standard 201486130FDSADV_2014_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 201486131PDSP_2014_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Premium 201486132PDSS_2014_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Standard 201486133PDSU_2014_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 201486134ACDLTC_2014_0FAutoCAD LT Civil Suite 201486135INVETO_2014_0FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series 201486136INTSER_2014_0FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Server 201486137ARCHDESK_2014_0FAutoCAD Architecture 201486138AMECH_PP_2014_0FAutoCAD Mechanical 201486139BLDSYS_2014_0FAutoCAD MEP 201486140ARDES_2014_0FAutoCAD Raster Design 201486141SCFD_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 201486142SCFDA_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2014 Advanced86143SCACIS_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2014 Connection for ACIS86144SCFDNX_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2014 Connection for NX86145SCFDP_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2014 Connection for Parasolid86146SCPROE_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2014 Connection for Pro/E86147SCDSE_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2014 Design Study Environment86148SCFDM_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation CFD 2014 Motion86149ECSCAD_2014_0FAutoCAD ecscad 201486150ACAD_E_2014_0FAutoCAD Electrical 201486151SIMDFM_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation DFM 201486152MFAA_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Ultimate 201486153MFAM_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Premium 201486154MFAD_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Standard 201486155MFIP_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Premium 201486156MFIA_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Ultimate 201486157MFIB_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Standard 201486158MFS_2014_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Synergy 201486159INVNTOR_2014_0FAutodesk Inventor 201486161INVLT_2014_0FAutodesk Inventor LT 201486162INVOEM_2014_0FAutodesk Inventor OEM 201486163INVPROSA_2014_0FAutodesk Inventor Professional 201486165GMCADC_2014_0FAutodesk GM CAD Convertors 201486166NAVMAN_2014_0FAutodesk Navisworks Manage 201486167VLTC_2014_0FAutodesk Vault Collaboration 201486168VTCAEC_2014_0FAutodesk Vault Collaboration AEC 201486169PCOFFI_2014_0FAutodesk Vault Office 201486170VLTM_2014_0FAutodesk Vault Professional 201486171VLTWG_2014_0FAutodesk Vault Workgroup 201486172NAVSIM_2014_0FAutodesk Navisworks Simulate 201486173CIV3D_2014_0FAutoCAD Civil 3D 201486174MAP_2014_0FAutoCAD Map 3D 201486175INFMDR_2014_0FAutodesk InfraWorks 201486176IMS_2014_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Map Server 201486177MFCD_2014_0FCADdoctor for Autodesk Simulation 201486178CAMDCT_2014_0FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct 201486179CAMDCT_FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct Package86179CAMDCT_T_FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct Package Term86180INVPUB_2014_0FAutodesk Inventor Publisher 201486181CAMLTE_2014_0FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct Components 201486182CAMLTE_FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct Components Package86184CADMEP_2014_0FAutodesk Fabrication CADmep 201486185ESTMEP_2014_0FAutodesk Fabrication ESTmep 201486186ESTMEP_FAutodesk Fabrication ESTmep Package86186ESTMEP_T_FAutodesk Fabrication ESTmep Package Term86187RMNTRY_2014_0FAutodesk Fabrication RemoteEntry 201486188RMNTRY_FAutodesk Fabrication RemoteEntry Package86189TRCKIT_2014_0FAutodesk Fabrication Tracker 201486190TRCKIT_FAutodesk Fabrication Tracker Package86191T1MF_2014_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex 201486193T1MFPV_2014_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex Prior Version 201486195OSPRO_2014_0FAutodesk Opticore Studio Professional 201486196RTRTCL_2014_0FAutodesk Real-Time Ray Tracing Cluster 201486197IMRH_2014_0FAutodesk InfraWorks Roads & Highways 2014 86198FDU_2014_0FAutodesk Factory Design Utilities 201486199FDU_FAutodesk Factory Design Utilities Package86199FDU_T_FAutodesk Factory Design Utilities Package Term86200SMKMAC_2014_0FAutodesk Smoke 2014 for Mac OS X86200SMKMACBRN_2014_0FAutodesk Smoke 2014 for Mac OS X Burn86200SMKMACWG_2014_0FAutodesk Smoke Wiretap Gateway 201486201INVPUB_2013_1FAutodesk Inventor Publisher 2013 R186202INVPUB_FAutodesk Inventor Publisher Package86203SBPNL_2014_0FAutodesk SketchBook Pro for Enterprise 201486204SBPNL_FAutodesk SketchBook Pro for Enterprise Package86204SBPNL_T_FAutodesk SketchBook for Enterprise Package Term86205IMS5A_2014_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Map Server 5 Activations 201486206ADKVRD_2014_0FAutodesk VRED 201486207VRDDES_2014_0FAutodesk VRED Design 201486208VRDPRO_2014_0FAutodesk VRED Professional 201486209VRDSRV_2014_0FAutodesk VRED Server 201486210VRDPRS_2014_0FAutodesk VRED Presenter 201486211DCMVRD_2014_0FAutodesk Display Cluster Module for Autodesk VRED Design 201486212RCMVRD_2014_0FAutodesk Raytracing Cluster Module for Autodesk VRED 201486213MAYA_2015_0FAutodesk Maya 201586213MAYAMMR1_2015_0FAutodesk Maya 2015 Mental Ray 186214MAYA_FMaya Package86214TRTLPB_2015_0FTurtle for Maya 201586216T1MFSB_2014_0FT1 Enterprise Multi-flex Standard Bundle 201486219ATCIGM_2015_0FAutodesk Alias TC Integrator for GM 201586220GMCADC_2015_0FAutodesk GM CAD Convertors 201586221AUTOST_2015_0FAutodesk Alias Automotive 201586222DESNST_2015_0FAutodesk Alias Design 201586223SURFST_2015_0FAutodesk Alias Surface 201586226FRMITP_2014_0FAutodesk Vasari86227DSPRM_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 201586228DSSTD_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 201586229DSADV_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 201586232ACDLTC_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD LT Civil Suite 201586233INVLTS_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 201586234REVITS_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 201586235RVTLTS_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 201586236REVSYP_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 201586237REVSU_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 201586238BDSPRM_2015_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Premium 201586240T1MFPB_FT1 Enterprise Multi-Flex Standard Prior Version Bundle Package86241MXECSP_2015_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201586242MXECS_2015_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201586243ENCSU_2015_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 201586244BDSS_2015_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard 201586245BDSADV_2015_0FAutodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 201586246DES_ACA_2015_0FAutodesk Design Academy 201586247EMS_2015_0FAutodesk Education Master Suite 201586248ESEC_2015_0FAutodesk Entertainment Creation Suite For Education 201586249FDSPRM_2015_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 201586250FDSS_2015_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Standard 201586251FDSADV_2015_0FAutodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 201586252IDSP_2015_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 201586253IDSS_2015_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Standard 201586254IDSU_2015_0FAutodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 201586255INVETO_2015_0FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series 201586256MYECSP_2015_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 201586257MYECS_2015_0FAutodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201586258PDSPRM_2015_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Premium 201586259PLTDSS_2015_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Standard 201586260PDSADV_2015_0FAutodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate 201586261ESME_2015_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite for Education 2015862623DSMAX_2015_0FAutodesk 3ds Max 201586263MAXDES_2015_0FAutodesk 3ds Max Design 201586264MOBPRO_2015_0FAutodesk MotionBuilder 201586265MBXPRO_2015_0FAutodesk Mudbox 201586266PDSP_2015_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Premium 201586267PDSS_2015_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Standard 201586268PDSU_2015_0FAutodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 201586269SFTIM_2015_0FAutodesk Softimage 201586269SFTIMSIB_2015_0FAutodesk Softimage 2015 SIBatch86270SIECS_2015_0FAutodesk Softimage Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 201586271MRSTND_2015_0Fmental ray Standalone 201586272AAA_2015_0FAutodesk Animation Academy 201586273RVT_2015_0FAutodesk Revit 201586274REVIT_2015_0FAutodesk Revit Architecture 201586275RVTLT_2015_0FAutodesk Revit LT 201586276RVTMPB_2015_0FAutodesk Revit MEP 201586277REVITST_2015_0FAutodesk Revit Structure 201586279AMECH_PP_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 201586280STRDET_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Structural Detailing 201586281CADMEP_2015_0FAutodesk Fabrication CADmep 201586282CADMEP_FAutodesk Fabrication CADmep Package86282CADMEP_T_FAutodesk Fabrication CADmep Package Term86283CAMDCT_2015_0FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct 201586284CAMLTE_2015_0FAutodesk Fabrication CAMduct Components 201586285ESTMEP_2015_0FAutodesk Fabrication ESTmep 201586286RMNTRY_2015_0FAutodesk Fabrication RemoteEntry 201586287TRCKIT_2015_0FAutodesk Fabrication Tracker 201586288ARCHDESK_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Architecture 201586289ECSCAD_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD ecscad 201586290ACAD_E_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Electrical 201586291ACDLTM_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD LT 2015 for Mac86292BLDSYS_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD MEP 201586293ACDLT_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD LT 201586294ARDES_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Raster Design 201586295ACD_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD 201586296PLNT3D_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 201586297RSAPRO_2015_0FAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 201586298PNTLAY_2014_0FAutodesk Point Layout 201486299IW360P_2014_0FAutodesk InfraWorks 360 201486300ECSCAD_2014Autodesk AutoCAD ecscad 201486300ECSCAD_2014_1FAutodesk AutoCAD ecscad 2014 R286301PNID_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD P&ID 201586303ACDMAC_2015_0FAutodesk AutoCAD 2015 for Mac86304PCOFFI_2015_0FAutodesk Vault Office 201586305VLTM_2015_0FAutodesk Vault Professional 201586306VLTWG_2015_0FAutodesk Vault Workgroup 201586307VRDDES_FAutodesk VRED Design Package86307VRDDES_T_FAutodesk VRED Design Package Term86308DCMVRD_FAutodesk Display Cluster Module for Autodesk VRED Design Package86309RCMVRD_FAutodesk Raytracing Cluster Module for Autodesk VRED Package86309RCMVRD_T_FAutodesk VRED Render Node Package Term86310ADKVRD_FAutodesk VRED Package86310ADKVRD_T_FAutodesk VRED Package Term86311VRDPRS_FAutodesk VRED Presenter Package86311VRDPRS_T_FAutodesk VRED Presenter Package Term86312VRDPRO_FAutodesk VRED Professional Package86312VRDPRO_T_FAutodesk VRED Professional Package Term86313VRDSRV_FAutodesk VRED Server Package86313VRDSRV_T_FAutodesk VRED Server Package Term86314INVNTOR_2015_0FAutodesk Inventor 201586315INTSER_2015_0FAutodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Server 201586316INVLT_2015_0FAutodesk Inventor LT 201586317INVOEM_2015_0FAutodesk Inventor OEM 201586318INVPROSA_2015_0FAutodesk Inventor Professional 201586319SIMDFM_2015_0FAutodesk Simulation DFM 201586320MFAM_2015_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Premium 201586321MFAD_2015_0FAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser Standard 2015
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Maya vs Maya LT

Maya vs Maya LT

Difference between Maya and Maya LT

Maya is a 3D computer graphics application that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Maya is originally developed by Alias System Corporation and currently owned and developed by Autodesk. It enables us to do 3D animation, Modelling, simulation, and rendering. Maya Lt is a 3D modeling and animation software built especially for video game developers.  Maya Lt is an easier and user-friendly tool which is suitable for beginners and new users. Maya Lt provides various functions like 3D modeling,3D animation, Toon shader, animation rigging & deformation, Rendering & imaging, etc.

Head To Head Comparison Between Maya and Maya LT (Infographics)

Below are the top 8 differences between Maya vs Maya LT.


Key differences between Maya and Maya LT

Both are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major difference:

  • MAYA is used for various 3D graphics utilities like video games, animated movies, TV series, etc. While Maya LT is developed specifically for video game development.
  • Another important aspect which differs from this software is its price. MAYA LT is very cheaper and affordable as compared to MAYA. Price details are given above.
  • MAYA is available in all operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. But MAYA LT is not available in the Linux Operating system.
  • Also, there are many important features missed in MAYA LT as compared to MAYA. Let us see some of the missing features,
  • Trax non-linear animation editor
  • ATOM animation file save and load
  • Scale constraints
  • Built-in Spline IK, Spring IK
  • Wrap deformer, Sculpt deformer, Cluster deformer
  • Delta Mush deformer
  • Maya muscle deformation system
  • Camera Sequencer tools
  • Arnold renderer, Vector renderer

Maya vs Maya LT Comparison Table

Below are the topmost comparisons:

The basis of comparison



DefinitionMaya is a 3D modeling and graphics application that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Originally developed by Alias System Corporation and currently owned and developed by Autodesk.Maya Lt is 3D modeling and animation software built especially for video game developers.
  • Realistic fluid simulator for special effects
  • cloth simulation toolset for designing real-world garment patterns
  • Open multi projects in the same session at the same time.
  • The UV Editor interface has been improved by adding a UV Toolkit with better tools and functionality.
  • Clump modifier for interactive grooming
  • Create a live link between Maya and Adobe After Effects to make real-time changes and view scenes simultaneously.
  • Improved vector graphics workflow.
  • The effective library allows faster and consistent Boolean operations on polygon geometry.
  • Use Arnold Render View to view scene changes in real-time, including lighting, materials, and camera.
  • Sophisticated 3D modeling tools help you create realistic-looking characters, props, and environments.
  • Built-in sculpting tools
  • Revamped UV editor
  • Create high-quality materials with intuitive tools.
  • Use ShaderFX to create high-quality physically based shader materials within Maya LT.
  • Simulate realistic game lighting.
  • Build a control structure for your characters with automated rigging tools.
  • Bind modeled geometry to skeletons faster, often with just a few clicks.
  • HumanIK-based Quick Rig tool
  • Live animation retargeting
User CommunityBeginners, Professionals, Video game developers, animated movie makersBeginners, Professional video game developers
Supporting PlatformWindows, Mac OS, LinuxWindows and Mac OS
System Requirements
  • CPU: 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with the SSE4.2 instruction set
  • RAM: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • DISK SPACE: 4 GB of free disk space for the install
  • CPU: 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with the SSE4.2 instruction set
  • RAM: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • DISK SPACE: 4 GB of free disk space for the install
PriceMONTHLY: ₹10,874
YEARLY: ₹87,423
MONTHLY: ₹1,305
YEARLY: ₹87,424
Pricing TypeMonthly, Annually and multi-year availableMonthly, Annually and multiyear available
Available Languages English, Japanese, Chinese English, Japanese, Chinese


  • In the end, when we conclude, we have got two professional 3D computer graphics applications. In one end, we have MAYA, an instinctive piece of a package that helps you to do 3D animation, Modelling, simulation, and rendering and can be used for various applications. On the other end, we have MAYA LT, a lighter version of MAYA which focusing more on video game development.
  • MAYA LT has lesser features as compared to the other. But when we compare Maya vs Maya LT according to their usage and value for money, both Maya vs Maya LT software performs well and providing complete satisfaction to its users. MAYA has a higher cost, but at the same time, it provides many features and tools. Even if MAYA has fewer features, its cost was very low, and it has features to satisfy its targeted users. Maya, it provides an integrated and powerful toolset.
  • Maya is an application used to generate 3D models to be used in animations, films, game development, etc. Maya is commonly used in the fields like video games, animated films, TV series, etc. Maya LT tool offers powerful tools and workflows at a cheap price compared to Maya. Maya Lt is a lighter version of Maya, and it lacks many of the advanced features of Maya.
  • But still includes all the tools necessary for independent game developers creating assets for PC, web, and mobile games. Maya LT is designed to create game assets such as props (weapons), environments (lighting, foliage, buildings), and even simple animated objects or humanoid characters.

Since the features and usage differ for each application and user, it is difficult to declare which one is better. When we conclude, it is not about which software is the best, but rather which one is best for you.

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Game design software for indie game makers

Terms and conditions

Autodesk AutoCAD LT bundle promotion:

This promotion offers a 20% discount off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for purchases of 5 new 1-year or 3-year subscriptions to AutoCAD LT, purchased as a bundle, excluding taxes.

Products available through the Autodesk eStore under this promotion include 5 seat bundle of AutoCAD LT. A total of 50 new seats may be purchased at this discounted price.

This offer is available from 11/1/20 through 1/31/22 in the 50 United States and Canada and may not be combined with other rebates or promotions and is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Products must be purchased from Autodesk online store and the applicable discount will automatically appear in your cart.

Educational licenses including new, upgrades and migrations, and education-to-commercial transfers do not qualify. This promotion is not valid for product licenses purchased through the Autodesk Employee Purchase Program. This offer may not be combined with any conditions or discounts offered under the Major Account program.


Autodesk, and AutoCAD are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.

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Autodesk has released Maya 2022, a major update to its 3D modelling and animation software, introducing “full USD integration” and adding support for key pipeline technologies like Python 3 and OCIO 2.

There are also new features throughout Maya’s toolset, including a Sweep Mesh system, new procedural rigging tools, a GPU-accelerated Morph deformer, and a new Ghosting Editor for animation.

Autodesk has also released Create VR, a separate concept design app for roughing out 3D forms in virtual reality, then exporting the results to Maya or other DCC software.

Maya 2022 was released as part of a wider series of updates to Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment software, alongside 3ds Max 2022 and MotionBuilder 2022.

At the time of writing, there seems to have been no update to Maya LT, the old cut-down edition of the software for game artists, which always used to be updated in parallel with Maya itself.

Maya 2022 already? What happened to Maya 2021?
If you’re wondering about the version number, with the release, Autodesk has skipped straight from last December’s Maya 2020.4 to Maya 2022, leapfrogging Maya 2021 entirely.

That brings Maya back into line with 3ds Max, which is numbered one year ahead of the actual calendar year.

Both apps get updated at the same rate – one new release roughly every three months – so there are no ‘missing’ Maya updates, despite the break in numbering in the Maya public product timeline.


Pipeline integration: new USD plugin, support for Python 3 and OCIO 2
The headline change in Maya 2022 is “full integration” of the Pixar-developed Universal Scene Description (USD) system, now widely adopted in visual effects and feature animation pipelines.

USD support has been available to Maya users since 2019 via Maya USD, an open-source plugin developed jointly by Autodesk, Pixar and VFX houses Animal Logic, Blue Sky Studios and Luma Pictures.

The main change in Maya 2022 is that the plugin has now advanced far enough for compiled binaries to be bundled with the software, rather than users having to build it from the GitHub repo.

Autodesk describes it as enabling artists to “load multiple gigabytes of data within seconds”, edit the assets using Maya’s native tools, the export the results in USD format again.

The implementation provides “robust referencing functionality, nondestructive data editing workflows, and support for complex variants on top of USD”, although support for cameras and lights is still “very limited”.

There are also still restrictions to USD stage creation, layer handling and support for Hydra render delegates. You can find a full list of USD limitations here.

The release also introduces support for two other important pipeline standards: Python 3 and OCIO 2 (OpenColorIO 2), both specified by the current CY2021 spec for the VFX Reference Platform.

Although a number of other VFX software developers have introduced support for Python 3 in their products, Maya is the first major app we’re aware of to support version 2 of OpenColorIO.


Modelling: new Create VR app lets concept designers sketch in virtual reality
The biggest change to the modelling tools available in Maya 2022 is Create VR: a separate virtual reality modelling app aimed at concept design work.

It provides alternative to free third-party tools like Adobe’s Medium, Oculus’s Quill or Gravity Sketch, and provides a set of “simple curve and surface tools” for exploring shapes.

The resulting rough 3D sketches can then be exported to Maya or other DCC applications.


Modelling: new Sweep Mesh system and Game Vertex Count plugin
Within the core software, the main new modelling feature is Sweep Mesh, which generates a 3D mesh by sweeping a cross-section along a guide curve, in a similar way to 3ds Max’s Sweep Modifier.

Users can choose a range of readymade cross-sections, including polygons and curve segements, or use a custom profile curve; and there are a standard set of control parameters.

Game artists get a new Game Vertex Count plugin which shows the vertex count an object will generate after being exported to Unity or Unreal Engine, helping to manage in-game vertex budgets more accurately.

There are also a number of smaller workflow improvements to pivot snapping, extrusion and scene transforms, and lasso selection is now faster. You can find a full list in the online changelog.


Rigging: new Component Tags system and changes to deformer falloff
There are also what Autodesk describes as new “procedural topology-independent rigging workflows”.

A new system of Component Tags makes it possible to create named groups of vertices, edges or faces, as shown above, then use expressions to control which deformers act on those parts of a mesh.

The groups are node-independent and tag membership can be modified on the fly.

The update also changes the way in which Maya handles falloff for deformers. The changes are quite difficult to summarise, but should make it quicker to set up and edit falloff effects.


Rigging: new Solidify and Morph deformers
In addition, there are two new deformers: Solidify and Morph.

Solidify, shown in the image above, makes it possible to define areas on a mesh more resistant to deformation, such as rigid parts of clothing like buttons, or the spikes on the monster’s tail.

Morph is described as “like a GPU-accelerated version” of the blend shape deformer, and can be used to apply shape-based deformation to a mesh: for example, for facial animation.


Animation: new Ghosting Editor, plus updates to the Graph Editor and cached playback system
New animation features include the new Ghosting Editor, which makes it possible to control the appearance of motion ghosts on a global basis, rather than having to edit the attributes for each mesh individually.

In the image above, it can be seen in use to set up separate colours for previous and succeeding frames of animation for the bubbles rising up between the octopus’s tentacles.

The Graph Editor gets a new Peak Removal Filter to clean up noisy animation data, removing unwanted spikes from animation curves in the same way as its namesake in MotionBuilder.

A separate Smooth filter (Gaussian) option automatically removes jittering and noise in curve channels.

Workflow improvements new options for preserving curve tangents and for Time Slider bookmarks, and a new Additive blending mode for animation clips in the Time Editor.

In addition, the cached playback system for playing back animations interactively rather than rendering Playblasts can now be used with the Time Editor and combined with GPU deformation.

The option to use cached playback for simulations introduced in Maya 2020 is also now on by default.

Improvements to start-up behaviour and plugin security
Other performance and workflow improvements include changes to start up.

In addition to making start up faster, Maya no longer steals focus from other applications, making it possible to carry on working; and now only displays its UI once it is actually possible to interact with it.

It is also now possible to flag specific commands or plugin locations to be blocked when Maya loads them in the Preferences window, helping to load files received from untested sources more safely.


The Bifrost plugin’s new post_refine_aero node enhances detail in smoke effects after simulation.

Plugins: updates to Bifrost for Maya, MtoA and Substance for Maya
Outside the core software, the Bifrost for Maya multiphysics plugin gets a few important new features, following a major update in Maya 2020.4.

The new version, Bifrost for Maya 2.2.1, makes it possible to resume a simulation from a cached frame on disk, and to enhance detail in Aero smoke and gaseous fluids after simulation.

The Maya to Arnold plugin has also been updated with MtoA 4.2.1, adding support for the new features introduced in Arnold 6.2 earlier this year, including the new post effects nodes like the Light Mixer.

According to the release notes, both the Substance for Maya plugin, and the integration plugin for the Rokoko mocap library added in Maya 2020.1 have also been updated.

At the time of writing, we can’t find any details about what’s changed, but will update if we do.

Updated 31 March 2020: Autodesk told us that a number of features from previous updates, including the Rokoko integration plugin, were “rolled up in the Maya 2022 release notes to get them more visibility”, but that there are no changes to it in Maya 2022.

Pricing and availability
Maya 2022 is available for Windows 10, RHEL/CentOS 7.6-7.9 or 8.2 Linux and macOS 10.13+. Create VR is available for Windows 10 only and requires a compatible Oculus or HTC Vive headset and controllers.

The software is rental-only. Since the previous release, the cost of subscriptions has risen to $215/month, up $10/month; or $1,700/year, up $80/year.

In many countries, artists earning under $100,000/year and working on projects valued at under $100,000/year, qualify for Maya Indie subscriptions, now priced at $280/year.

Read an overview of the new features in Maya 2022 on Autodesk’s blog

Read a full list of new features in Maya 2022 in the online release notes

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Autodesk Maya

3D computer graphics software

Logo of Maya.png
Autodesk Maya Screenshot.jpg
Original author(s)Alias Systems Corporation
Developer(s)Autodesk, Inc.
Initial releaseFebruary 1, 1998; 23 years ago (1998-02-01)
Written inC++,[1]MEL, Python,[2]C#
Operating system
PlatformIA-32, x64
Available inEnglish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Type3D computer graphics

Autodesk Maya, commonly shortened to just Maya (MY-ə[3][4]), is a 3D computer graphics application that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux, originally developed by Alias and currently owned and developed by Autodesk. It is used to create assets for interactive 3D applications (including video games), animated films, TV series, and visual effects.


Maya was originally an animation product based on code from The Advanced Visualizer by Wavefront Technologies, Thomson Digital Image (TDI) Explore, PowerAnimator by Alias, and Alias Sketch!. The IRIX-based projects were combined and animation features were added; the project codename was Maya.[5]Walt Disney Feature Animation collaborated closely with Maya's development during its production of Dinosaur.[6] Disney requested that the user interface of the application be customizable so that a personalized workflow could be created. This was a particular influence in the open architecture of Maya, and partly responsible for it becoming popular in the animation industry.

After Silicon Graphics Inc. acquired both Alias and Wavefront Technologies, Inc., Wavefront's technology (then under development) was merged into Maya. SGI's acquisition was a response to Microsoft Corporation acquiring Softimage 3D. The new wholly owned subsidiary was named "Alias <div><h2>Autodesk LT Family Subscription</h2><div><p><img src=

The Autodesk LT family of products give you access to lighter weight powerful Autodesk software versions but at a fraction of the cost of the full versions making them very inexpensive in comparison whilst offering outstanding value for money.

buy AutoCAD LT Family softwareTypically users do not need the range of functionality delivered with the full blown versions but still want to take advantage of full fidelity in a collaborative environment.

Tailored to specific industries such as architectural and mechanical, you will have an array of advanced tools available to create unique drafting plans and designs for your customers and clients at a very affordable price.

Autodesk are always looking to further improve and enhance these tools too, making sure that you have the best available software to stay ahead of the new emerging market trends that are taking place within industry, such as the FOMT, digital prototyping, additive manufacturing and BIM adoption etc.

How to Purchase

Subscribing to LT Software is one of the most cost effective ways of achieving staggering designs at an affordable cost. Users can choose from a number of subscription terms tailored to best suit you or your company’s requirements both short term and long term. Additionally users get access to an assortment of subscriber benefits such as up to date software, Cloud rendering with Revit LT and flexible licensing.

With Autodesk LT you can have confidence that you will be buying and using world leading software that will allow you to stay ahead of competitors and complete projects on time with efficiency and consistency.

LT family products are available on a 1 month (Online Only), 12 month, or 36 month subscription terms

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If purchasing direct from Graitec as opposed to online we offer a range of flexible payment options to meet most budgeting requirements (dependent on order value) including payment by credit card, direct invoicing on account or leasing options.

Additionally all purchases come with 30 days free installation support to help you get up and running.

If you prefer to have a chat before purchasing simply contact your local office and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Wavefront, Jos Stam shared an Academy Award for Technical Achievement with Edwin Catmull and Tony DeRose for their invention and application of subdivision surfaces.[15]

On February 8, 2008, Duncan Brinsmead, Jos Stam, Julia Pakalns and Martin Werner received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the design and implementation of the Maya Fluid Effects system.[16][17]

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