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The background environment HDRi texture is the free "Theatre Center" from sIBL Archive ( Source:[/caption] Under that cunning disguise is. The following ZIP files contains a SH3F file you can import in (23.8 MB - 175 models - Public domain). blendswap Archives

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Hi Philip, gosh – quick turnaround, and I didn’t even pay for this software lol.

Question 1, no.
Question 2, no, blendswap Archives, but here is a download link!AsSm2OvH_zG-gYpI2-T5T3eb905txg?e=58Wgec – blendswap Archives file is 127 meg. I don’t believe in compression lol.
Question 3, yes…I just tried to import file back into Blender’s blendswap Archives editor and it seemed to be readable, blendswap Archives. I don’t use Blender as a compositor – this is how you get around the problem of rendering and time spent on rendering complex scenes. In other words, blendswap Archives, I use Blender more like a photographic camera and studio, blendswap Archives. Hence I can only say – Blender seemed to read the EXR file.

I’ve attached the Blend file, blendswap Archives, it’s a Blendswap file – I’m not much of a modeler, blendswap Archives, more of a sculptor using Makehuman to create characters. So, blendswap Archives, it should be set correctly.

I’m terribly sorry if I’ve wasted your time, and this is some stupid thing I haven’t picked up on. I’m also equally sorry if this is a bug and I didn’t report sooner, blendswap Archives. I thought someone must have the same issue somewhere, and would report it, blendswap Archives. Mea Culpa.

Oh, I’m blendswap Archives sure if this is an issue – but the Luts filters and the RRT option is missing in the client version of 2.8 I’m using – I’ve just shifted to HDR processing and color grading, blendswap Archives, there’s a workaround, but it blendswap Archives great to have in Blender, blendswap Archives. They weren’t missing in the earlier version that worked either.

I should also mention, that I Ableton Live 10.1 keygen Archives to uninstall Blender and remove all the components which also includes the registry to try and blendswap Archives the software – I actually couldn’t find the registry entry – maybe I should have tried harder? It seems, that one version of 2.8 – an early version approx. mid Jan – has been corrupted by the client version. This didn’t happen when I unzipped a couple of different beta version…one approx. March, and one in the last few weeks.

Finally, finally…my computer specs, just in case – I have an Acer Helios 500 Predator Laptop with a NVIDIA GTX1070, and no Intel GPU. This has been disabled by the manufacture.

Thanks again, I love Blender – with my work around, the software can create crazy quality animations, blendswap Archives. We’re truly at the beginning of an amazing era for creativity…but first we need to get the Apple fan service to realize – Apple make content consuming machines and not creation machines…unless you want to shell out for the 6,500 dollar Mac and 1,000 dollar monitor stand. Ugh – errant button pushers.

Please keep me informed of the issue, I understand how busy you are blendswap Archives with the new blendswap Archives. I think I just read Blender was awarded 1.3 million or thereabouts – sorry I can’t remember, but well done anyway!

Kind Regards 3D Animated Symphony no.2 – Movement 1 – And All We Need…

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The Blender Bi-Monthly Project: Month 2 (November - December 16)

Hi guys!

Unfortunately, @Morgaine_Christensen has withdrawn her topic for this month. But I think it’s important to remind her that we appreciate her submissions and blendswap Archives to the forum! She has asked me to submit a new theme, so I hope everyone has fun with this new topic, despite the circumstances.

The new topic for November and December (the rest of 2016!) is:


It seems timely with the completion of the human head section that we should be able to expand our usual challenge to a larger, more ambitious scale! This month’s challenge is about characters, be it humanoids, anthropomorphic, or entirely animalistic!

If you’re not sure where to start, let me give you an idea! Maybe you could grab a concept piece from (as I have!). You could grab a reference from google, or you could make a character based on your favourite videogame or movie! Maybe you’re a whizz-bang artist, blendswap Archives, you could draw one up and 3D the HECK out of it, blendswap Archives. As is always the case with Blender, there is no limit!

Remember that if you’re not comfortable in creating the character yourself, you can still participate! You could grab one on Blendswap or similar site, blendswap Archives, and create a set of clothes, props, an animation, blendswap Archives, or a scene involving them. There are a lot of great tutorials on Youtube if you want to create your own character though! (Do make sure to credit the original artist of any Blendswap files or tutorial videos you use to create your submission)

Good luck, everyone! I can’t wait to see your characters come to life.


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Sweet Home 3D Forum

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Problems with categories in BlendSwap-CC-0 furniture library


I have been using SH3D and reading the forum for a while now, but this is my first post. First of all, blendswap Archives, thank you Puybaret for this amazing software!

I have recently installed the newest version of SH3D (6.4.2) and all the furniture libraries (1.7.1). I'm using FurnitureLibraryEditor-1.25 to modify the libraries from, which works fine with all of them except for BlendSwap-CC-0.sh3f I have changed a few categories (I'm using an "Electronics" category for "Apple iPhone" for example), but when I import my modified version of the library, it always shows the default categories ("Miscellaneous" for the "Apple iPhone") and renaming an item is not possible either. Is there another solution for this except for downloading all of these models 1-by-1?

I'm using Windows 10 but I could reproduce the problem on Windows 7 with older versions of SH3D & furniture libraries as well.


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blendswap Archives Re: Problems with categories in BlendSwap-CC-0 furniture library

Thanks blendswap Archives, I have tried your blendswap Archives but I still have the same problem. If I remove the file, the models are not visible in SH3D anymore, but if I add the file again, blendswap Archives, the models still show up in the wrong categories, even if I delete all the others.

I believe that the 3DModels-BlendSwap-CC-0-1.7.1 file itself might be corrupted, but I get the same results if I download it again & make my modifications or try on another computer.

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Re: Problems with categories in BlendSwap-CC-0 furniture library

Blendswap Archives for your suggestions harbinger, I didn't think of checking for special characters.

When you mentioned you see the categories correctly, blendswap Archives, did you modify any of them?

Here's what I did:
- removed all furniture files
- with FurnitureLibraryEditor-1.25.jar, opened the original BlendSwap-CC-0.sh3f that I downloaded from the SH3D website
- deleted everything except for "Chicken"
- changed the category of "Chicken" from "Characters" to "Animals"
- saved the file under a different name
- imported the file
- the chicken was in the wrong category, it showed blendswap Archives in "Characters" when The Lord of The Rings - The Battle For Middle-Earth II crack keygen should have been in "Animals"
- as test Blendswap Archives removed it again and tried with another item: changed "Apple iPhone" from category "Miscellaneous" to "iPhone" and category "Electronics", blendswap Archives, but when I imported it, neither the name change nor category change blendswap Archives applied - so it doesn't seem that there are individual items that are corrupted (unless I was unlucky and picked exactly the 2 broken ones ;-)

I should probably mention as well that I'm using Windows & SH3D in English and I double-checked that I wasn't using any special characters for item & category names.

As a comparison, when I change the category of the animals in the BlendSwap-CC-BY.sh3f library, blendswap Archives, they work fine and all the animals are imported into the "Animals" category correctly.


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Combat boots


My quick and dirty adaptation of a CC0 model from blendswap to MakeClothes. Looks decent as is, blendswap Archives, but probably could benefit from additional polish and texturing, maybe even several different textures, blendswap Archives. Corresponding forum thread:


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero





MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional bump texture: 

Optional illustration: 

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3D models import

This page lists some sources of free 3D models that you may import in Sweet Home 3D, blendswap Archives,
either one by one or by group of models, and web sites that propose 3D models.

Free 3D models created by contributors

The free 3D models page proposes 1400 additional 3D models created by contributors and supported in the furniture import wizard of Sweet Home 3D.

Libraries blendswap Archives of 3D models

Sweet Home 3D lets you also import libraries of 3D models stored in SH3F files, blendswap Archives. A SH3F file groups some models with their description, blendswap Archives, and can be easily installed by double-clicking on it or by choosing Furniture > Import furniture library menu item in Sweet Home 3D.
The following ZIP files contains a SH3F file you can import in Sweet Home 3D. These libraries contain the 3D blendswap Archives available at the free models page.

You might also be interested by the blog article Additional contributors librairies which lists other special libraries of 3D models designed by some Sweet Home 3D contributors (2D symbols, plumbing, roof parts,…).

blendswap Archives height="12">Create your 3D models

To create your own models, you may use any software able to generate files in OBJ, DAE / Collada, KMZ or 3DS format, like Art of Illusion or Blender free software. If needed, you may also create your own SH3F files with the downloadable Furniture Library Editor.
If you want to propose your models in the free 3D models page, please post them in 3D Models Contributions Tracking System, blendswap Archives.

Other web sites with 3D models

The following sites offer also some free 3D models in OBJ, DAE, KMZ or 3DS formats supported by the furniture import wizard of Sweet Home 3D:

* Note that downloading models from Trimble 3D Warehouse requires to sign in with a Trimble ID as of the end of 2019. Pay also attention to dowload there 3D models in Collada or KMZ formats, blendswap Archives, available among the list of formats displayed after a click on the Download button on the page showing a 3D model. Models available in SKP/SketchUp format can be edited and converted to DAE/Collada format with SketchUp.

If Sweet Home 3D refuses to import some of the ZIP files proposed on these sites, please unzip them first.

Please respect the blendswap Archives of the models that you may download on these web sites.


Propose other sites or report a dead link

Last update: 01/10/2019

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