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The Digital National Security Archive DNSA is an invaluable online collection of more than 100,000 declassified records documenting historic U. S. policy decisions. Read the documents that shaped U. S. responses to the Cold War, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, nuclear weapons proliferation, and beyond.

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The National Security Archive's continually growing collection of Electronic Briefing Books (EBBs) provide timely online access to critical declassified records on issues including U. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, intelligence policy, and much more.Updated frequently, the EBBs represent just a small sample of the documents in our published and unpublished collections.Along with hundreds of EBBs, Archive publications also include the Digital National Security Archive, a digitized library of more than 40 meticulously researched collections compiled by top experts and scholars documenting critical world events from post World War II through the 21st century, and more than 70 books written by Archive staff and fellows. Chernyaev Diary, 1977 Inside the Central Committee during Brezhnev’s stagnation Hungary 1956: Reviving the Debate over US (In)action during the Revolution Eisenhower’s Caution Broadly Justified, Declassified Defense Department Study Finds Eisenhower Concluded Neither U. Military Operations Nor Popular Uprisings Were Feasible in Soviet-Controlled Eastern Europe, Despite “Rollback” Rhetoric CIA’s Dulles Agreed: “You Don’t Revolt in the Face of Tanks, Artillery and Tear Gas; Revolutions Are Now at the Top” CIA Covert Aid to Italy Averaged $5 Million Annually from Late 1940s to Early 1960s, Study Finds Previously Unpublished Draft Defense Department History Explores U. Policy toward Italy, Spotlights Role of Flamboyant Envoy, Clare Boothe Luce U. Government Debated Secret Nuclear Deployments in Iceland U. Nuclear Weapons Policy toward Iceland, 1951-1960 Anatoly S.Chernyaev Diary - 1976 Inside the Central Committee, close-up views of Brezhnev and the Soviet system The Moscow Helsinki Group 40th Anniversary Newly published documents show Soviet reversal of prison sentence against founder Yuri Orlov. Chernyaev Diary, 1975 The Uncertain Future of De'tente Perestroika in the Soviet Union: 30 Years On Documents show extraordinary achievements, Spectacular missed opportunities.The Gorbachev File British and CIA Assessments, Presidential Letters and Summit Conversations Illuminate Perestroika and the End of the Cold War Srebrenica conference documents detail path to genocide from 1993 to 1995. Project Sapphire 20th Anniversary More than a half-ton of weapons-grade uranium removed from Kazakhstan in 1994.The CDC requires all air passengers entering the U. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents) to present a negative COVID-19 test, taken within one day of departure or proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days.Topics this year include the CCP's ambitions and challenges at its centennial, China’s influence in Latin America and the Caribbean, the CCP's economic and technological ambitions, U. national security, China’s nuclear forces, and more.

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