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Category › partitionsPartitions ASI Accurate Partitions

Solid Plastic Partitions are highly resistant to common cleaning agents as well as to moisture, mildew and graffiti. An ideal choice for busy public facilities and high humidity applications—never needs painting and will not easily dent, rust or delaminate. Available in a wide variety of colors and mounting styles.

Category › partitionsPartitions ASI Accurate Partitions
Bathroom partitions fully or partially enclose toilets and urinals to provide privacy.Stalls can be created using individual components such as panels to form the sides of the stall, pilasters to support the panels, and a door for opening and closing the stall.Single compartments are kits that include components and hardware for building a single stall.Urinal partitions form barriers along the sides of urinals.Urinal without pilasters attach to walls while urinals with pilasters anchor to the wall and floor for improved stability.

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